Nope, nothing at all to worry about.

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    White nationalists are apparently quite happy with the selection of Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions for Attorney General.

    Here’s what David Duke had to Tweet on the matter: “Bannon, Flynn, and Sessions-Great! Senate must demand that Sessions as AG stop the massive institutional race discrimination against whites”!

    That was earlier today.

    Meanwhile, Andrew Anglin, editor of the neo-Nazi site “The Daily Stormer”, wrote that Sessions nomination, along with the appointment of retired General Mike Flynn as National Security Advisor and Steve Bannon as Trump’s chief strategist is “like Christmas”.

    Mr. Anglin went onto acknowledged that the very things that make Sessions an attractive pick to his neo-Nazi supporters might make a Senate confirmation challenging.

    Quoting: “The reason he might face trouble? Because he’s a racist and most of these RINOs (Republican in Name Only) in Congress are filthy cuck traitors to the White race and the GOP,” Anglin wrote.

    Of course Anglin has nothing to worry about. Assuming the Republicans in the Senate have no qualms about any of this, (which they won’t, they’ve let Donald Trump roll over them without real opposition before and will do so again) they can easily confirm him with zero Democratic support.

    The full story:

    A related item:

    A serious question for the Trump supporters: Is there nothing at all that concerns you about this kind of thing? I don’t recall former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke throatily endorsing any of the appointees for President George W Bush, President George H.W. Bush, or Ronald Reagan.

    It’s disgusting. It shouldn’t be a partisan issue to not want these kind of people running the country.

    What, exactly, has to happen for you to begin to question the kinds of decisions that are being made and the potentially very dangerous impact they could have upon tens of millions of your fellow citizens?

    Or does something truly horrific have to happen to you or your family personally before you may finally admit that Donald Trump may have been the Republican nominee for President, but he is not a Republican. I fear he’s something far more dangerous.




    I fear we are entering a period of racial unrest we haven’t seen since the 60’s.


    The problem is not if the KKK likes someone but if someone likes the KKK. If the KKK likes Jesus, what does that say about Christianity? (Maybe here in this crowd the illogical connection would be made, but not among the fair-minded).

    “I fear we are entering a period of racial unrest we haven’t seen since the 60’s.”

    We’ve been through 8 years of that. It’s going to improve once the snowflakes and cupcakes settle down.

    There are no racist policies on the Republican platform.


    “There are no racist policies on the Republican platform.”


    If that was the case, the KKK, neo-Nazis, and White Nationalists wouldn’t be celebrating Trump’s win.

    Remember, not all Trump voters are racist, but if you are a racist, you are a Trump voter.

    Have fun at the KKK rally in support of the guy you voted for.


    I genuinely would like to know what Republican policy or any policy proposed by Trump is racist.

    To say that securing the borders which would prevent “brown people” from coming into our country is racist is not reasonable (besides the fact that many Mexicans are light skinned).

    What Republican or Trump policy targets black people? Trump has reached out to black communities. He wants to rebuild inner cities. He wants them to have school choices.


    >>Remember, not all Trump voters are racist, but if you are a racist, you are a Trump voter.

    Remember, not all Islamic followers are terrorist, but if you are a terrorist, you are an Islamic follower.


    Timothy McVeigh
    Anders Behring Breivik
    Ted Kaczynski
    Bryon Williams
    Daniel Cowart
    Jared Loughner
    Andrew Joseph Stack
    John Patrick Bedell
    James Von Brunn
    Richard Poplawski

    You mean like those guys?


    I was just talking to Jesus and he informed me that he didn’t like the KKK.


    Nazi’s, literally Nazi’s, are holding rallies celebrating Trump and his supporters have nothing at all to say about it.

    Other than attacking those who are pointing it out, of course.


    Nazis will soon be celebrating Thanksgiving and soon after that will be putting up Christmas trees and drinking eggnog.

    Please reread post about the “guilt by association fallacy.”

    Andy Brown

    “Please reread post about the “guilt by association fallacy.”

    Why should anyone do anything you ask when you refuse to answer hard questions asked of you?

    Like Jeff Session’s history of racist behavior which when documented for you resulted in you ignoring the facts and trying to redirect the thread.

    Hypocritical of you wouldn’t you say?


    I read about Jeff Sessions. I read about the accusations which he denies. I also read about his prosecution of a KKK murderer and his insistence upon him receiving the death penalty (though I am not a supporter of the death penalty).

    Apparently he is very tough on illegal immigration and that seems to be the reason behind thwarting his appointment.

    Robert Byrd was a KKK MEMBER. He disavowed it and moved on, to his credit, but he was forgiven of that and was in office forever as a Democrat.


    The allegations date back to his 1986 confirmation hearing after he was nominated to a U.S. District Court judgeship by then-President Ronald Reagan. During those hearings, former colleagues of Sessions testified he referred to the NAACP as “un-American,” and once quipped he thought the Ku Klux Klan was “OK, until he learned that they smoked marijuana.” Other testimony said Sessions had referred to a black assistant U.S. attorney as “boy.”

    Sessions’ nomination failed 10-8.

    He later called the allegations “heartbreaking.”

    “That was not fair, that was not accurate. Those were false charges using distortions of anything that I did. And it really was not. I never had those kinds of views, and I was caricatured in a way that was not me,” Sessions told CNN in 2009.

    Roby said the latest attacks are an example of the same type of smear campaign.

    “I’m reminded of former Senator Arlen Specter, who said that in all is years of service the vote he regretted most was the one he cast not to confirm Jeff Sessions for the bench. He said that because he came to know Jeff Sessions and understand his character. Our country would be very fortunate to have Jeff Sessions in a leadership role, and I believe if that happens his critics will be proven wrong,” she said.

    Supporters for Sessions’ nomination point to his prosecution of a Klansman for the abduction and murder of a black teenager, as well as his 2006 vote to extend the Voting Rights Act and his 2009 vote to confirm Eric Holder as the country’s first African-American Attorney General.

    Rep. Bradley Byrne, another Congressional delegation colleague, said the past and present criticisms against Sessions weren’t “fair or accurate then and it’s not fair or accurate now.”

    “Jeff Sessions has been in the US senate for 20 years. Those people that passed judgement on him in the confirmation hearings they now know him personally. They know he’s a good man. They may disagree with him but deep inside they know he’s a good man,” Byrnes said in a recent interview.

    Andy Brown

    Several days late and a dollar short for you. For Sessions, it will play out in the confirmation hearings. He’s made enemies in the GOP.

    Claiming it is all a smear campaign doesn’t fly, ace, and you know it.


    Post-election reports of racial harassment in Oregon and Southwest Washington.

    In the days since the election of Donald Trump as president of the United States, stories of racism and bullying have surfaced around the country. As of Nov. 18, the Southern Poverty Law Center had received more than 700 reports of “hateful harassment and intimidation.”

    -And this is what’s just been reported. Personally, I have two friends who have children that have been harassed (10 yr old black boy and a 14 year old Mexican girl).


    The fact remains The KKK and a host of white nationalist organizations, including the actual Nazi party, have been celebrating the election of Donald J Trump.

    I don’t recall anything similar occurring when President Obama, President Bush, President Clinton, President G.W. Bush, or President Reagan was elected. (Because it didn’t.)

    Why, exactly, do you think that is? What is it about Donald Trump that has, inarguably, attracted these kinds of hate based, racist organizations to flock to his banner?

    Why, exactly, should no-one be alarmed by this at all? None of this is being made up. It’s real. It’s happening. The fact that Donald Trump supporters generally seem to be either ignoring it entirely or coming up with excuses and rationales why all of this is perfectly normal/nothing to be alarmed about, underscores every dark fear I and approximately 52 million American voters and counting have about the President elect.

    As Vit outlined, there are thousands of documented instances of hate based actions as well as crimes escalating in the aftermath of Donald Trump’s election. This, too, is not being made up. It’s real. It’s happening.

    If I believed in hell, I’d suggest that both the people actively walking this walk and talking this talk are on an express train for that locale, and those who are tacitly supporting such speech and actions, through either their silence or their deflection, will be in the dining car bringing up the rear.

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