Noise in KINK's Audio Chain

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    Gotta ‘nother.
    Why is KWEE-FM still at Stonehenge?

    Andy Brown

    They moved there to eliminate the need for a D.A. They are 73.215 to Olympia KXXO already. Since there were three station changes to get to this point, it probably is just TFE to move anywhere and go back to a D.A. Not to mention they are also short spaced to KZEL. They only have about 3 km wiggle room north and south without going D.A., not enough to move to Sylvan.


    I’m glad that my hf hearing is bad enough that I am not bothered by the garbage, but suspect that the noise/distortion that the op mentions is the PPM watermark.

    I believe that KXJM and KLTH are also on the Sylvan master antenna but KBVM is not on the “Commercial” master antenna, but is on the “NCE” shared antenna with KMHD AND KQAC lower down on the tower (approx 200m agl).


    They only have about 3 km wiggle room north and south without going D.A., not enough to move to Sylvan. – Andy Brown
    Noted. Alpha Media antenna system is + 100 meters AMSL than current KWEE-FM AMSL.


    Isn’t KWEE better off with a little more power from Stonehenge than a few hundred watts at Sylvan?


    I’ll add this intermod or harmonic or whatever distortion is also on the KXL AM audio. Do broadcasters still have to file annual proof of performance measurements?

    Andy Brown

    Proof of performance measurements never, to my knowledge, had to be filed with the FCC. They just had to be kept in the station’s engineering files by the Chief Operator.

    There are 4 rules still on the books that show what performance tests are required and what must be written down and again, kept on file at the station.

    AM/FM/TV: 73.1590

    AM: 73.44

    FM: 73.317

    TV: 73.687

    Technically, only Class D FM’s like KXRY are exempt but clearly LPFM’s and many small operators would be unable to perform these measurements due to the expense of the test equipment or properly equipped engineer needed. Newer transmitters can pretty much generate their own tests and log them if you program them to. I doubt there is much compliance with this anymore except at big corporate clusters with lots of dough and an actual engineer or two on payroll. The FCC certainly doesn’t have the manpower to enforce it.

    Where this comes to bear is when there are interference complaints. The best way to prove you’ve been operating within parameters is to pull out a recent proof. ‘Nuff said. I’m sure many operators don’t do anything until they have to and that usually means hiring someone with a spectrum analyzer and an audio test set.


    I posted this earlier but everybody ignored it so I’ll ask again.

    Andy_Brown, I’m a bit confused by that audio sample on the page you linked to earlier, since I don’t listen to terrestrial radio so I wouldn’t know what the encoding sounds like. Is the PPM encoding the loud shrill buzzing noise or the alternating beeps that sound like extremely low-speed (~0.5 baud?) FSK in the background?


    Andy Brown

    I’m guessing here, but my assumption was that both of those components are the result of the encoding since the sample is labeled “encoding tones only.”


    nosignalallnoise: That’s it! Voltair test mode. Voltair 2.x CBET data bursts four to twelve times a minute. Repetition rate set by user. FSK zero base frequency range is from 100 to 10,000 Hz depending on processor audio content and user. Telos Voltair is also an audio equalizer and compander. Much like the old Orban or current Behringer.
    Major market ‘naked’ talk is now supplemented with silly music beds under the talkers. Psycho-acoustic masking.
    But, that sound is not what I’m hearing. Some of us have been through this before a decade ago with Arbitron. “Dude, why do you still have a pager”
    KXL-AM? KXTG-AM audio quality has always been less than broadcast. Just listen to sister [or is it mother] 102.9 FM. Alpha Media gotta do somethin’ ’bout that antique audio delay box.
    ONE STL link between company studios and Sylvan properties where there are a lot of other RF near 950 mHz.

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