Nobody home at KEX

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    I have not listened to KEX in a while but nobody must be home there anymore.

    First off I was amazed to hear on several of the news updates this morning that a “Freight Train” went down in Hurricane Joaquin and only one body was found. Clearly they meant to say Cargo Ship and not freight train, but this version aired at least six times with apparently nobody at the station noticing…

    On top of that As I was driving up I-5 North this morning news of the double semi truck crash in Woodland on the Lewis River bridge was rather important to me. Could not find out about that because the bumper music was completely drowning out the traffic reporter audio which both played at the same time. This happened at least six times with apparently nobody at the station noticing.

    Nobody home at KEX, Sad.


    Last night on KGW’s TV news at 10:30 on KRCW, the crawler underneath that same story listed the “Navy ship missing and presumed sunk”. Hmmm, Navy, huh?


    I don’t think anybody’s been home at KEX for the last few years. Good thing the transmitter switches patterns automatically. I took them out of my presets awhile back when I discovered that the Trailblazer were switching to 620.


    Depend On Us No More.


    Skep, you just insulted a computer!


    Computers don’t make mistakes. I Heart’s management makes the mistakes.

    Here is Green Day frontman Billie Joe giving them a piece of his mind at the I Heart Music Festival:


    Skep was right! He knew about the demise before it happened.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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