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    Less than 24 hours after the death of Leonard Nimoy, at least one Republican has decided to claim Nimoy’s legacy character, Mr. Spock, as one of their own.

    Oregon Rep. Bill Post (R) says he is Oregon’s biggest Star Trek fan. On the floor of the Oregon Legislature, Post delivered a tribute to Nimoy, but unlike President Obama’s tribute, Post’s was self-serving and politica

    “Today,” Post said, “is a sad day in history. Today, the greatest Republican in the history of the galaxy, passed away. He was a legal alien who believed in prosperity.”

    He went on to presumably speak in Vulcan and give the Vulcan salute.

    Star Trek is pro-science and about a big government in search of a utopian society. Its themes were equality (although the original Star Trek was sexist) and peace. There was no money on the Starship Enterprise. There were no rich or poor. All basic needs were provided for, including health care.

    One of Spock’s most famous quotes was, “the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.”

    More basically, though, Post’s philosophy is the very antithesis of Spock’s. Post said, “that belief is the most important belief I have, and it drives my every thought process.”

    Spock would have a very simple response to that philosophy: “illogical.”

    As for Leonard Nimoy, he was a lifelong Democrat.


    Well, Rep. Post, Nimoy was a Lifelong Democrat. Hopefully you lose your seat in the GOP primary in 2016 when an opponent uses this against you. You should have used his death to align yourself with Ted Nugent somehow. On the upside, after your defeat, you’ll have more time to post in



    That’s funny. I like a legislator with a sense of humor and playfulness.

    But I thought spock was a libertarian.


    Based on what? Vulcan society was highly organized and hierarchical. Wouldn’t that be the antithesis of “Libertarian”?


    “The needs of them many outweigh the needs of the few”.

    ‘Nuff said.

    That ain’t Republican or Libertarian for sure.


    Lets not forget he was half human, so he was a screwed up Vulcan.


    Still not a Libertarian.


    I know. I was joking as was Bill Post.

    Everybody knows he was a commie.


    Then it’s not a very funny joke, is it?


    Ok mine wasn’t. But I think it’s hilarious what Bill Post did. Unless he was serious…


    I’m sure he was serious. There’s one thing Dodger has been incredibly consistent on, and that’s being flat out wrong on whatever he’s talking about.

    Andy Brown

    I saw the video of his time on the Legislature floor, and his delivery was of a serious tone. His characterization of Leonard as “a Republican who believed in prosperity” is clearly contrary on the inference of party affiliation.

    Here is the documentation available that shows Leonard was a Democrat.

    Included in his endorsements were:

    Al Franken for Senate
    Bill Bradley for President
    Dean for America
    Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee
    Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee
    John Kerry for President
    Obama for America

    Sadly, Rep. Post (dodger) is further proof that conservative politicians will knowingly lie through their teeth to get the attention of the media. Apparently conservatives are unable to do anything resembling research on topics that they address whether said conservatives are speaking in front of a state legislature or posting on the internet.

    No conservative would ever say:
    The miracle is this: the more we share the more we have.
    ~Leonard Nimoy

    Dodger: Once and always a lying “Con” job artist.


    Wow, it wasn’t a joke. I think that was a little awkward. But he meant that “spock” was a republican, not nimoy. You can’t blame him for making him a Republican, the same way some make Jesus into a Democrat.

    Worse things have been said from the floor. It’s cool that a member of this board is in the state legislature.


    Spock would be a strong advocate for fact based, data driven policy and would always have a rational basis for his policy statements.

    Republicans do not currently embody those ideas as a party.

    Really, Mr. Post made a shallow connection between the word prosper, his love for the character and show, and slapped together his first word essay test answer at the school of hard knocks.

    Total noob gaffe.

    I’ll bet the Oregon Democrats archived that one. I would. It will be great entertainment next election.

    Andy Brown

    F&B “But he meant that “spock” was a republican”

    Oh, so now you are claiming to know what he meant?

    Wrong again. Spock said “Change is the essential process of all existence.” That alone is in total opposition of the term “conservative” which means resistant to change. Not to mention his more famous “The needs of the many outweight the needs of the few, or the one” which is also contrary to the Republican track record of attempted and successful legislation.

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