No 3rd Bush as President

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    Jeb is out after losing badly in South Carolina.


    Jeb! Jeb?


    From day one I said Jeb! didn’t stand a chance.


    Good riddance! Last thing we need is another Bush in office!


    Looks like my prediction for a GOP establishment breakthough was wrong. On the upside, I still own a farm and the GOP blew $150 million that could have been used to beat Hillary.


    I recall when he was being touted in some quarters as the “smart” Bush.


    The GOP establishment is down to Rubio.

    Holy shit. LOL.


    Hell! I’m glad he’s out! He was just a wolf in sheep’s clothing is all! The bastard! Glad he is finished!


    This is not a new observation, but while the past governmental performance of Governor Bush is largely nauseating (Well, hello there, Terry Schivao!) and his policy positions as a candidate for President were equal horrifying (more or less George W Bush 2.0 featuring the same cast of nimrods that brought you both The Iraq War and the 2008 financial implosion) it’s worth both noting and being alarmed by the fact he was one of the so-called “moderates” running for the GOP nomination. And compared to the people left standing on the field I would have been forced to choose him.

    We’re basically down to Trump, Cruz, and Rubio. I mean, really? This is the best and the brightest the Republican party has to offer?

    Trump is a clown. He’s a narcissist of the first order, a no-knowing who relies upon bullying and bluster to overcome both his lack of intellectual depth or working knowledge of basically anything other than real estate transactions and reality television, and a demagogue of the worst sort whom routinely demonizes anyone who dares point these facts out. Oh, and lest we forget, he’s a racist and a misogynist. So, take his money away and he’s basically like any other older, white, uneducated hill folk that dwell throughout the rural sections of our country.

    Cruz is worse. Calculating, scheming, and oily. While Trump is a chump, in an odd way he’s (more or less) honest about being a horrifying idiot. Ted Cruz on the other hand likely doesn’t believe every third word that comes out of his own mouth. In many ways Ted Cruz has done more damage to the basic operations of governance than an army of Trumps could have. He’s entirely self-serving and deeply hypocritical. Though unlike Donald Trump, he’s also a genuine evangelical who’s policy proposals can basically be distilled down to continuing to reward corporations and the super-rich while simultaneously turning The United States into a Christian theocracy and socially dragging us back to the 1930’s. He’s a preacher/huckster that would have been right at home in a circus test pitched out by the parking lot of your county fair.

    And then there’s boy Rubio. While the media continues to tout him as some sort of “moderate” voice, in truth he’s basically swimming in the same lane of ineffective and ludicrous GOP proposals as the rest of the far, far right field, (I.e. the same toxic swamp of tax cuts for corporations and the extraordinarily wealthy while ignoring the rest of the country) and happens to have the same kind of frightening religiosity as Cruz or Carson. I’m talking borderline insane viewpoints framed via apocalyptic bible speak. On top of that, he’s widely regarded by his peers as not being all that bright. There’s a winning combination.

    One of these three people will be the Republican nominee for President this year.

    Remember when Sarah Palin was revealed to be a dangerously ignorant grifter retard with delusions of grandeur by the same irresponsible people who had previously supported her and thought she’s be just so darn excellent in Washington DC?

    Same thing.

    I never thought I’d see the day when a politician from another party could, literally, make me fear for my own life.

    And here we are.


    It’s amazing!

    Me too. Of the three, I worry about Cruz the most.

    Honestly, with him it is not about belief at all. Pure control. What he believes of his own rhetoric is not important to him.

    Control is, and that is what his rhetoric is for. How that happens doesn’t matter, only that it does happen, and he will say anything to exercise that intent to control.

    This is why he is very deeply disliked.

    Nobody, literally, can ever know where they stand with Cruz. He is a psychopath, in that the only thing he really values is himself and what control he can actualize. No friends for him, because of this. There is no basis for it.

    The others are not of this bent. They are ugly people, dubious in many ways, but honest in many ways too, Trump in particular. Rubio is less so, but only because he’s not too smart and says what his handlers tell him to say.

    Andy Brown

    The angle that is intriguing is that it is hard to know which of the three bozos still with a chance for the GOP nomination will keep people at home come November. Trump may have thirty something percent of the GOP electorate, but will the other 65% (or some fraction thereof) stay home if Trump is the candidate? What about the other two clowns? Will they draw party faithful in or chase them away?


    It won’t matter one bit. Just you watch.

    Everyone in GOP land will fall in line behind whichever one of these alarming morons winds up the Republican nominee. And I mean everyone/all of them; even the ones who privately agree with me that all three of them are terrifying for different reasons.

    Keep in mind: this is the same political party which wrought Sarah Palin. It took the conservative media eight years to admit what everyone else was already aware of about five minutes after she started speaking: She’s a dangerous idiot/hillbilly grifter and shouldn’t have been even contemplated as a serious national political candidate.

    Never underestimate the power of irrational white grievance; or the completely unhinged and deeply factually challenged hyperbolic rhetoric that will continue to fly towards Hillary Clinton in the coming months. They’ll all fall in line against her; even at the reluctant expense of supporting someone they know is a moron and likely shouldn’t be anywhere near the levers of power. (Ah, country first, right guys?)

    The only dynamic of that eventual (Trump or Rubio vs. Clinton) race I find worrisome as someone who would vote for just about anyone who’s not named Trump, Cruz, or Rubio, is that those three characters (and basically the entirety of that political party’s supporters) will shamelessly say anything no matter how utterly insane or untrue. And their statements end up being limply challenged at best as the media has a financial interest in appearing non-partisan. The modern media has time and again spectacularly failed in it’s primary duty of informing the electorate and challenging power and authority.

    It’s the quest for (seeming) objective balance; even when there’s none to be had. I.e. Allowing a panel to “debate” something of which there’s no actual counter point or fact based disagreement.

    That dynamic helps create a very familiar and well-worn pattern:

    • Republican and/or conservative media state something outrageous, offensive, or simply untrue.
    • Target of the statement fights back, decries the untruth, etc.
    • Media covers both “sides” of this conflagration as if there was equal merit to each side.
    • Everyone loses interested after a day or two as it’s a 24 hour news cycle. Then it’s on to the next insane grievance. Rinse/repeat.

    Here’s a very recent example. In the past twenty four hours both Donald Trump and Ted Cruz have told supporters at their respective rallies that President Obama wants to close down the prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Now that part is a true. Then they went on to state that doing so will endanger American lives/lead towards death and destruction for your family and loved ones, (an assertion that at best is deeply hyperbolic, comically alarmist, and only tenuously connected to reality, but whatever. We’re talking about Republican voters here.) and that President Obama’s actual intent is to give the entire base back to Cuba. Now that is a lie. It’s made up out of whole cloth. It’s completely fabricated/completely disconnected from reality.

    But they’ll say it over and over again, and the bulk of their supporters will believe it. President Obama’s statements to the contrary, the media, whomever, etc. will be utterly ignored. (See also, it’s a conspiracy! Otherwise known as the basic mindset of your average Republican.)

    It would take me hours and hours to compile a list of everything the conservative people hereabouts have been utterly, completely, provably, verifiably, inarguably, wrong about over the past several years. And it wouldn’t matter. Because they’re for the most part a bunch of willfully ignorant ideologues of the worst sort. Facts-don’t-matter.

    How can you have a policy disagreement, just a civil conversation over a difference of opinion regarding what the best course of action may be, with someone who doesn’t know what they’re talking about? Or even care that they don’t know what they’re talking about?

    As I’ve told a couple of folks, I don’t dislike you because you’re Republican. I dislike you because you’re not very smart. I.e. You’re seemingly incapable of objectively fact based reasoning and furthermore unwilling to even acknowledge a commonly agreed upon set of facts. I can’t reason with the literally unreasonable. Nor can I cure willful ignorance or abject stupidity. I’m just not that good.

    There’s no law that states that being a Republican and being an misinformed angry idiot have to be so interconnected, but the modern Republican party apparently missed that memo. They’re now one and the same. The few thoughtful, educated, and balanced voices have either been run out or drowned out.


    Yes, they will line up and vote. Think about it, they have to.

    They have to, or they have to face acceptance on a very seriously foul load of bull shit dogma they have been swallowing whole for longer than many of them will be willing to talk about. And we know how that goes. Look at what happened when they woke up to the Black guy being President. They lost their shit and haven’t stopped!

    Some of the smarter bears may cross over, and I would argue those numbers are a small fraction of the bat shit base.

    This will be bolstered by the media, at least old media, who just can’t let the whole “both sides” thing, and the legit race it implies, go. Way too much money at stake, not to mention that serves them nicely as the oligarchs they are.

    If we had any kind of rational dialog right now, all three of those clowns should be laughed right off the stage, and the GOP gets a generation to build back up proper. Not gonna happen.

    And, this is why Republicans lie, cheat, abuse. There literally are almost no consequences for them. The kind of shit they have done, yet no meaningful party impact? Only a few tepid jail terms, followed by book deals and regular FOX gigs?


    LG is spot on here. You just watch as the same idiots get on the same shows and sell it hard, shitting themselves on national TV, not a care in the world. Nobody will dare say a word.

    As one of my very favorite people on “new media” says, “The tribe who rubs shit in their hair” knows no shame, because nobody will ever call them on any of it.

    Dems need to get this right, and they will need to show up. You best your ass the Right will. They are running against Obama minimum. Heck, even on Quora, where the politics are amazingly rational, there is a regular set of questions all centering on Obama and his illegal, third term as that Kenyan usurper tyrant who wants to turn your kids gay and talk all your guns….

    For them, it’s about winners. Don’t care how, or about what, just win. And guess what? Trump is a winner to them. Period.

    Lol, sky is green, debate tonight, hosted by Schucks Todd…

    So it’s not about any meaningful debate. Not really. Not with them. Can’t have one. There is no basis for it.

    This is about us, the people who don’t rub shit in our hair, and what it takes to gets to vote.


    Yep. LG slams another home run! Thanx for the time and effort!

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