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    Andy Brown

    Donald J. Trump’s language on the campaign trail (“silent majority”) and his divisive tactics (describing Mexican immigrants as “criminals”) seems to draw inspiration from the divide-and-conquer style of Richard M. Nixon.

    As it turns out, it was the Nixons who drew inspiration from Mr. Trump – back in 1987, according to a new book.

    On Dec. 21 of that year, Mr. Nixon, the former president, dashed off an admiring letter to the real estate developer, according to a new biography of Mr. Trump, “Never Enough,” by Michael D’Antonio.

    Pat Nixon, the former first lady, had just caught Mr. Trump’s appearance on Donahue, the daytime talk show, in which Mr. Trump spoke of what ailed America and how to fix it.

    “Dear Donald,” Mr. Nixon began, in the previously unpublished correspondence, according to the book. “I did not see the program, but Mrs. Nixon told me you were great.”

    “As you can imagine,” he continued, “she is an expert on politics and she predicts that whenever you decide to run for office, you will be a winner!”

    The letter is signed, simply, “RMN.”

    source: New York Times

    It appears that Donald Trump is running for Richard Nixon’s third term. From the ‘Silent Majority’ slogan to the secret plans to win the war, a prodigious enemies list, and a surreal commitment to ‘bring us together,’ it’s Tricky Dick all over again.
    Conservative candidates usually beg for comparisons with Ronald Reagan, but Donald Trump’s political spirit animal is Dick Nixon.
    And in true Trump fashion, he hasn’t been subtle about wearing his unfashionable influence on his sleeve. The signs are everywhere.
    Travel through the primary states and you’ll see the placards plastered at events and scattered by the roadside: “The Silent Majority Stands With Trump.” That is, of course, a direct lift from Nixon’s oft-resuscitated slogan, which was meant to resonate with the “non-shouters, non-demonstrators” during the Vietnam War.

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