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    And Stephen A. Smith is an asshole who pisses people off for a living if you’re a sports fan. They both have the same confrontational style while on TV.

    Nina Turner couldn’t be more of a turnoff to the average voter out there. 100% piss and vinegar. How she has any place in a campaign to WIN over voters is beyond me.


    Nina Turner is awesome. Love everything about that woman.


    You sporting your “Socialists for Trump 2020” bumper sticker yet?


    I have no stickers at this time. Have been organizing and doing political work where I can though.

    Bet your ass it’s about Democratic Socialism. Totally overdue economic reform is what this election will be all about.

    Bernie would have beat Trump. We have Trump because Clinton did not do the work, remember that, because I will never, ever let it go.

    Bernie is currently the strongest against Trump. Ideally, someone ends up stronger should he not get the nomination. If not?

    Clinton 2.0 and that would be very unfortunate.

    This is on the party. Remember, they were successful arguing in court about it all being their call and the primary process being advisory, public opinion. Theatre essentially.

    At the end of the day, the DNC owns their nominee and is required to make bo assurances as to the overall process. Remember that too. It’s all fact.


    You’re like a broken record man! You’re still litigating 2016. Clinton did the work. Bernie Bros didn’t. Trump won as a result of your pussyfit. You should have a Trump sticker on your car, you earned it!

    It’s 2019 and we have a new election coming up. The fact that you’d be willing to not vote for any of the 24 candidates running on the D side against Trump is just plain asinine. THIS kind of dickheadedness is why we have Trump.


    The issues have not changed. They have only grown.

    Top issues:

    Medicare For All
    Living Wages
    College Debt
    Climate Change

    The top ideas have not been improved on. And since 2016, the discussion has been pulled firmly in line with them too.

    Was pretty awesome to see the opening debate dominated by the progressive/Sanders platform.

    Since 2016, progressives have big wins on the board.

    These are great times!

    When the need changes, I will be happy to expand into new issue advocacy. Until then, yes. Not budging one inch. More of us every day.

    Sanders is absolutely not done, BTW. The numbers are solid.

    And you are right. I absolutely am not going to vote for people unwilling or unable to represent Americans properly. Would rather vote green.

    I am not afraid of Trump. Got plans either way.

    And no, I did cast the vote last time and she did not do the work. Lost to a goddammed carnival Barker, who she and Bill goaded into running, and who was positioned as the easy win! (That’s all fact, published by Wikileaks, by the way)

    Clinton is why we have Trump, nobody else.

    Not again.

    Best think about that. Fear, blame and shame have no place in the discussion.


    Fear blame and Shame. Good one!!


    I think so.

    The reason 2016 matters is corruption, greed and hubris all combined to deny the people moving to better times. That year saw the movement congeal and recognize the party corruption and ineptitude are a problem.

    So here is how that works:

    Progressives are just going to keep doing what has been working very well, and as progress happens, it will be increasingly hard to argue with us.

    All of that is true whether Bernie is elected to POTUS or not. It happens faster if he is though.

    All the good stuff is possible and necessary. Way too damn many people struggling for no reason other than unbridled greed. We have the money. We have the resources too.

    Party leadership is hostile to progressives, yet it runs on our ideas! Enough of that bullshit.

    This does not go away. Some policy is going to happen. It is time.


    I am absolutely appalled that the Supreme Court gave the green light to gerrymandering! This means that democrats can’t win in states controlled by republicans and if they don’t do the same in states where they hold control, they’ll never gain a majority! This is blatantly unfair and borderline immoral! My concern is that the democrats won’t do this because it IS so wrong! It sounds unconstitutional! I don’t understand how the high court can let the states get away with something that’s so unfair to so many people!


    They can win. What they need to do is go knock on all the doors.

    And they need to approach those people with clear policy that will improve their lives.

    Medicare For All currently enjoys broad, majority support. Even the racists, bigots and theocrats need health care.

    Priorities. Hating in the gays will take a back seat to getting to see a doctor, better wages, etc…

    Dems, when they make a class argument, get heard across the class. That is what progressives have been working for, and it works.

    Secondly, in those districts, there are both indie and inactive voters. Both of those are available votes.

    Or… don’t do that, accept the SCOTUS has doomed the left, and what? Wait for Thomas to retire, and? Nothing, that’s what.

    The politics need to change. As they do, the old game changes too. More and better is possible.

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