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    I followed a little saga on Twitter yesterday.

    I suspect that Nick Lane of Walla Walla, WA is having a couple of bad days.

    Yesterday he posted this to Meghan McCain;

    His post was brought to the attention of Twitter and his account was suspended immediately.

    After what must have been a difficult hour or so, he posted on his (now invisible) Facebook page regret for making the post. But made no attempt to apologize to Meghan or her father.

    Before his Facebook page disappeared it was noted that he works for St. Vincent De Paul (who had been made aware of his post), and many of his posts were Christian in nature.

    * the little picture of him reading to his children is a nice touch.

    Will never know the true story. Seems like normal political speech these days. Best twit:

    Nick in the 989 🇺🇸‏ @NickPifer76
    20h20 hours ago
    A quick stroll through his Twitter account prior to him deleting it showed a frequent pattern of harassment. Tough guy behind the keyboard always

    I think over reacted. Let fools be fools. It’s entertainment.
    Words of caution. The same algorithms which identify and track right wing neo-nazis and jihadis works just as well for left wing commie fags.



    Twitter has rules and by-laws, like most any social media platform. If someone bloviates incindeary crap that is against those bylaws, there are consequences.

    Cbaravelli, if some liberal posted something similar to Donald Trump’s father via Twitter, would you still to “let fools be fools”?


    In a way, I feel sorry for this guy.
    I’m not really a big fan of Doxing, even though this case seems pretty egregious to me.

    The right wing hate machine get’s this guy, (a professed Christian no less) all spun up.

    I don’t doubt that in the bubble this guy lives in, this type of behavior is not only acceptable, but encouraged.

    Maybe he found out that when exposed to the light of day and he took a step back, he saw for himself how awful it really was.

    That said, as far as I know, he still has not extended an apology to Ms. McCain. This puts his real contrition in doubt.

    More likely he feared more for how it would affect himself.

    Now, here he is, an unemployed father. His family is now suffering the consequences of his moment of stupidity.

    Having been fired, he is ineligible for unemployment. Will he go on Government assistance?

    Probably going to be a pretty shitty Christmas.

    Hopefully, there will be some lessons learned and some good will come out of it.

    More than likely, I fear, he will see himself as the victim and seethe over it.

    I wonder what the kids will learn from this?

    I recently heard Mark Maron on WTF interviewing Dana Carvey. When the subject of Gloria Jackson came up, Dana just sighed and said;

    “You know, social media is going to be the death of us”

    I suspect he’s right.



    Cbaravelli, if some liberal posted something similar to Donald Trump’s father via Twitter, would you still to “let fools be fools”?

    I would. Secret Service wouldn’t.
    Not to get too deep in the legal brier patch. Public persons can be riled against with almost no reprocussion unless such action causes physical harm or they are gov’ment employees. But you knew that.


    Being an employee of St. Vincent De Paul, there may be a mental issue that caused this man to spew out like that. My wife suggested that possibly he was typing, “terrets”.


    If you were to believe his profile prior to being suspended;

    He graduated from Full Sail University (which is a thing and not just a brewery in Hood River), and was a “Recent Masters Student”.


    Good luck on the next gig, jerk.

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