NFL comes down hard on Patriots, Brady

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    Brady suspended for the first four games, Pats fined 1 million dollars all due to deflated footballs.


    I am surprised it isn’t more, but then again, Roger Goodell is not one to have any sense of consistency. Especially since this isn’t a first offense by the franchise.

    Bountygate in New Orleans resulted in season-long suspensions of head coach Sean Payton and defensive coordinator Gregg Williams, eight games for GM Mickey Loomis, suspensions for several players, plus $500,000 fine and the loss of two draft picks.

    In that case, as well as this one, the issue was more the flat denial and subsequent cover-up than the transgression itself.


    Non comparable. Bountygate was worse because players were paid to injure others.

    I think 4 games is BS. He’ll appeal and there will be no suspension at all.


    I think the decision by the NFL is wrong, there was only a suspicion of wrong doing, but there was no hard evidence. I think the fine was okay, but the suspension of Brady essentually accuses him of wrong doing without any evidence.


    That’s directly contradicted this morning in a statement by Ted Wells. He claims to have “direct evidence” to link Brady to “Deflategate,” and he also says that the Pats didn’t fully cooperate.

    “…”What drove the decision on this report was one thing — the evidence. I could not ignore the import and the relevancy of the text messages and the other evidence,” Wells said.

    Wells said Brady cooperated when interviewed but wasn’t forthcoming in providing digital evidence from his cellphone. Wells said he told Yee and Brady that the quarterback would not need to surrender his phone, nor would investigators look at private information contained on it. He also said he told Yee he would allow the agent to find the relevant information and provide a printout, yet Yee declined.

    “It might have yielded additional insights into what happened,” Wells said.”

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