New York predictions? Let's have 'em!

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    Bernie wins by a point and a half.

    Due to poor caucus turnout, Clinton delegate lead under 200. 198 🙂


    I expect mine to be awesome or regrettable. Let’s find out who is eating crow big.

    Could be me. I like mine lightly seasoned, with a strong mixed drink to get it down. 😀


    Hillary by 10 points and Trump by 35.


    I expect both Hillary and Trump to carry New York rather easily, too.


    Hillary and Trump.

    Keeping in mind the door was already more or less (mathematically) closed, Hillary winning New York slams it shut on any path to the nomination for Bernie.


    Silver sez:

    Hillary by 15 points, Trump in a Nixon 1972-style landslide.


    WBAI will be history before the year is over. Either they will drop Pacifica affiliation and go full indy (yeah good luck with that) or sell out completely and go commercial.


    I’m upping my Hillary win to 13 points. NY is the end of the Bernie campaign.

    With all due respect to you Bernie voters, you still face a choice, you either hop on the Hillary train or face the other choice: Cruz or Trump.

    Don’t be a Nader 2000 idiot.


    The campaign will run all the way through Philly.

    Plan A is the win. Still possible.
    Plan B is party platform and other changes in return for voting support.

    On the Plan A track, focus would be maxi zing Dem party wins.
    On the Plan B track, focus on mover building and specific Dem wins as well as a few challenges.

    I’m in, full party ticket no matter what. Most are. A pretty nice slice of Sanders voters aren’t in, unless they get meaningful inclusion in the party plan.

    Philly will he very interesting!

    The Sanders camp is self funded. Nobody can actually tell them to do anything.

    I very curious to see how that all plays out

    @All: we got our predictions out there. Good. Tomorrow is election geek day. Enjoy! I will either way.


    According to CNN, the latest polls show that Bernie and Hillary are virtually tied in New York.

    Dan Packard

    He’s got momentum, Bernie pulls it out for a win in the home stretch.


    2012 Redux begins tonight for Clinton. Bernie wins going away.


    Today is the day!

    Honestly, I love this election season. We have a cast of characters, tons of energy, and the world is watching.

    I am glad I live in Oregon. We have few election troubles. So many other States are a complete mess! We are spoiled here with a solid VBM.

    Verify your registration info here:

    Get registered here:

    I’ve been getting young people signed up and showing them how to do their friends.


    Today is the day the Bernie campaign has to face the math and the music. As I’ve pointed out earlier. The math is brutal. And the math never lies. That’s the best part of the math. It’s like the sand in the hourglass.

    As of 7:45pm PDT, Hillary is up by 16 points in an absolute blowout. The Democratic nomination is now 100% Hillary’s.

    I appreciate Bernie’s run and he’s run and one hell of a campaign. But after tonight it’s time that rational math comes into play. There is zero path for Bernie at this point. Zero. Let me mention that one last time: ZERO. I’ll accept any bets otherwise. My cash is ready to bet.

    The biggest surprise to me is this: I know NY is a Dem state, but between Bernie and Hillary so far 1.5 million votes have been cast for the blue team vs 690,000 for the red team.

    Sorry KSKD and Duxrule. Don’t be a hater and join the Hillary team. Moving forward Bernie needs to bow out graciously.


    I like MSNBC. But tonight I have to chuckle. A few of the hosts act like they are reporting on their mother’s death.

    They too should have listened to Vitalogy. Honest and correct since before Obama.

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