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    WPLJ-FM 99.5 New York City announced this morning that the station will close all operations at the end of this month. The station, which has been a landmark in NYC for nearly 50 years, is known for its popular morning show and electric pop music playlist.

    WPIX TV 11 reports that WPLJ is being purchased by s Christian broadcaster and will switch to an all Christian format. The announcement of the closure of the present WPLJ format was announced on the station’s Facebook and Twitter pages early this morning.

    What happens to the station’s current on air team and production staff has yet to be announced, but details are to be officially announced later this month, according to their Facebook page. Wouldn’t be surprised if the format switch would include a new set of callsjgns as well.



    I wonder whether WPLJ will be purchased by Educational Media Foundation, as was the case with WLUP in Chicago last year. Is this the beginning of a trend of large market FM stations flipping to religious music formats?


    Andy Brown

    Cumulus did sell it to EMF.

    In short, Cumulus’ bankruptcy as a result of their mismanagement of too many stations creates more layoffs of radio personnel and misery for whatever listeners they had left, although they’ve been top 40 or hot AC for so long it’s not a great loss as those formats have plenty of other players to step up and fill any voids if there are any of merit. PLJ was only a “great” station back in the late 60’s and 70’s when they were progressive.






    From Radio Insight…

    WPLJ Announces Sign-Off Date


    Steve Naganuma

    Here is a CHR aircheck of Hollywood Henderson on WPLJ from 1988.



    Better fact-check that frequency, msndrspdx. Not that the station on 99.5 hasn’t had its share of shutdown threats in recent years though.



    That makes both Los Angeles and New York, in short order for K-Love.



    Just ignore motozak3. He loves being condescending.



    When I think of 99.5 in New York, I think of George Carlin and his seven dirty words.

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