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    At the end of the 1960s, KINK-FM probably didn’t light the stereo light, but it was very listenable in mono 24/7 if you were lucky enough to live on the South slope in Vancouver, Canada. A DX’er friend of mine did just that. And what I heard at his house compared to the best I heard on CKLG-FM Vancouver (Canada’s first full-time Underground station in early 1968) and KOL-FM Seattle. CJOR-AM Vancouver played Underground from 6-10pm weeknights from September-December 1967 with Tim Burge, but I can’t really compare because I hadn’t yet heard KINK by the time Tim was fired and the station drifted back into oblivion.

    Joe Ferguson

    Maybe I missed in Craig’s long post but when I went to KINK in 1989, buy one of the most unusual and popular programming elements was the Sunday morning program called Opus 102. Kink played classical music from 7 or 8 am until 11am or noon. (It’s been a while so forgive the poor memory)

    The music was almost all very familiar classical pieces very nicely programmed by Carl Widing and it went great with the sunday paper and lazy morning coffee. Best of all it got great ratings so it was actually a revenue generator too.

    True to the Music


    I remember just how amazing KINK was in 1969-70. As a teenager I got exposed to Santana, Jethro Tull, Let It Bleed Stones and even Capt.Beefheart. I honestly don’t know how diverse my music tastes would have been without KINK. Thank you Jeff and Bruce F and John Davis !!!


    Anybody remember the “Folksound” program, ca. 1969 Sunday Eve? I think the host went by the name “Jim Taylor”… wonder where he went after that. I first heard some of the English folk groups like Pentangle on that show.


    adiant: “At the end of the 1960s, KINK-FM probably didn’t light the stereo light, but it was very listenable in mono 24/7 if you were lucky enough to live on the South slope in Vancouver, Canada.”

    KINK began operation in full stereo.

    Portland’s first Underground station was KVAN 1480 which began on August 1, 1968. Before that KPFM 97.1 featured “Nite Flight” Portland’s first Underground Rock & Electronic music show with Dan Foley, Saturday nights at midnight, beginning March 13, 1968.


    That was my first thought too. I think he meant that KINK didn’t light up the stereo indicator, while dxing from Canada.

    Waynes World

    I definitely liked the old KINK the best and that was where I learned to love smooth jazz and lights out too. I guess the ocean sets are a thing of the past but they sure were wonderful. I first listened when Jeff Douglas and Mike Baily were a two man team in the early 70s and it was a computer. that was before my days at the post office. later on when I joined the PO and got to work the letter sorting machines the radio channels had KINK as one of the choices. KGON was on there too. then later on the PO let us bring our own radios.

    Charlie Busch

    In the words of Frank Barone….”Holy Crap”! What a great rundown of a legendary station. Brought back a lot of memories for many I’m sure. I will set the record straight by stating that when Les left in 1981, Minckler brought me down from Spokaloo to KINK. Rusty Kimble was doing nights and Lights Out. Alan Lawson middays and MD. I began in PM drive while Jeff Clarke was handling mornings. A short while later Jeff decided he was far more nocturnal, and he and I switched. That was summer of ’81 & lasted until Ron Saito offered an opportunity at Gaylord to be part of what became 101 KRCK in ’83. We all get nostalgic for the “golden days of KINK”, but I have always admired the progressive nature of the station. It evolved with the audience and the times, and even now strives to be that alternative to the norm and the average. I will always be proud to say that I was part of that station, if only for a short time. It was simply the best. I know this information only slightly conflicts with the history posted by Craig, but I remember it so well. Then again, I might have spent too much time in Clarke’s green 240 Z with the magical ashtray. Love to all. CB


    They screwed up when they took “Light Out” off the air. I don’t listen anymore.

    Jay Bozich

    I like the psychedelic B-Roll at the end of the Kinkalodeon video.

    Very “1968”.

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