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    I am going to join the significant and rapidly growing number of people willing to take a swing at a better future.

    Heavy lift?

    Absolutely. Progressives vs everyone else. Literally, that is true!

    Andy, absolute worst case is the DNC picks Biden on a second ballot, Biden loses to Trump, and we tuck into another very ugly 4.

    No matter what any of us say, this effort to turn the ship has broken an important record with more donations by over 1.2 million different people, an that means it is going to happen just like it was going to happen in 2016.

    Those people get to do that by law. Intended that they do it.

    In that worst case, the body of people now pissed off go ahead and seat a bunch more great people in congress and get super active. Just like that did in 2016.

    Some things will change.

    Maybe, just maybe Dem leaders will actually impeach Trump with teeth. Would have been nice for that to happen right now, and many wonder just why is has not too, but that is a digression.

    Best case, Sanders beats Trump and it is a new day in American politics.

    Middle case, most of us support the nominee, and they beat Trump, and the organization remains active, taking seats in Congress and leaning super hard on that nominee to do better by working people.

    In any case, we are likely to see people in the streets. Good. It is time. The incoming voters are not OK with what we left them at all.

    One year on, the French continue to break Macron. Many other examples are easy to find right now.

    Break it down, and two out of three being super positive outcomes means 66 percent chance. Great wager in politics. I will take it.

    Whether I vote for the nominee depends on the nominee. Who and what they do.


    Munched post.

    I have had a few. I put the gist into another one.




    Okie Dokie

    The politics are going to change. I can wait easily.

    “Mania” can be revisited later.

    And they are not just changing here.

Viewing 4 posts - 31 through 34 (of 34 total)
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