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    Andy Brown

    More and more medical studies and articles are being released about an issue that should be taken off the table completely. The right for a woman to make her own reproductive choices should be a given. That right is continuously challenged by misogynistic, anti-choice, Republican lawmakers. They seem to have nothing better to do with our tax money. Those same rights are also continuously challenged by religious extremists, who wish to subjugate and control the bodies, minds, and lives of women.


    You disqualify yourself from knowing the meaning of the word when half all abortions are of the female gender…killing a female…beyond misogynistic…


    No, actually he doesn’t.

    Little, trite bull shit like that is just about as effective as “potty mouth” when you end up confronted by somebody willing to use a little profanity.

    Sure, it makes you feel better, and it’s a nice excuse to ignore the substance of the point at hand, but all of that is just some illusion. A comfy. Nothing more.


    I don’t respond to profanities, they are not necessary and don’t ad to the conversation. THE REAL ISSUE…what’s truly happening here is…

    noun: infanticide;
    1.the crime of killing a child within a year of birth.
    the practice in some societies of killing unwanted children soon after birth.
    2.a person who kills an infant, especially their own child.

    My Brother’s FB post tonight… Abortion is murder. That’s all you need to know from a moral standpoint. There is no argument to win or lose.


    Oh, fuck off then. That way I can dominate. Perfect. Thanks. 🙂

    They are necessary, and are a valid, legal, and useful part of speech. Ignoring that goes with a long list of garbage you are wrong about, and have been consistently wrong about on these pages FOREVER.

    As for the argument, you lost. A woman has the right to choose, and while you don’t agree with that, you will note:

    1. You aren’t a woman
    2. My Jesus would kick the shit out of your asshole Jesus any day of the week
    3. Telling me what I need to know isn’t very productive.
    4. Killing infants is illegal in the United States
    5. Abortions are legal in the United States
    6. Your sex education and overall approach to advocacy on this matter is responsible for way more abortions than there would be otherwise.
    7. You never did answer the question:

    So, Broadway. We’ve got a 9 year old who is pregnant due to the abuse and rape of her father.

    She doesn’t want to continue the pregnancy.

    What exactly do you tell her?

    If you’ve got it right, and your claim of moral purity makes sense, you’ve got a great answer for this.

    So what is it?

    Andy Brown

    Actually, the only disqualification that has occurred, and it didn’t just happen in this thread, is you, Broadway. You have disqualified yourself many times as a fair person who is informed on current affairs. You are not qualified to opine even on your own religion because as it has been shown many times, your deity, Jesus of Nazareth, would never support the kinds of behavior the Christian bible bangers like you exhibit daily on matters of choice and freedom of religion. You are an insult to the intelligence of any one on this board. You have no respect for the rights of others. None. So say what you will, you are out of step with reality. You live in a bubble of your own making which is shared by a small but vocal group of right wing proselytizers that offer nothing and wish to take away freedoms that have taken centuries to obtain. Your kind wants to take the country back 150 years (or more) and wish to control the reproductive choices of females. You wish to decide if and when a woman can and can not do with her own body. I suggest you are not only out of time and out of your mind, but also a hypocrite. You are just another sinner according to your own gospel, yet you play fast and loose with words like “murderer” and “infanticide.” To me personally, you are very low on the intellect scale. You barely have enough intelligence to carry on a conversation on this board without resorting to bible quotes (often totally misapplied) and proselytizing. I don’t need profanity to underscore how worthless you are as a human being when you get right down to the basics. Nothing you do redeems you from an attitude that is despicable to the larger majority of humans on this planet. You are no better than the terrorists in the Middle East that push their religious views on others and you are exactly like them because your beliefs are but a twisted distortion of the true meaning of God’s word. You are one evil person who will probably never wake up to the real meaning of integrity or honor. Shame on you and all whom think like you. You contribute nothing to the problems of this world. Serving up some meals to some unfortunate people once in a while does not redeem the damage you have done. You are a blithering idiot and a baby.


    Note to self: Don’t piss off Andy.





    As was noted on other forums this morning, PEOPLE NEED TO GO TO JAIL over this, and it’s NOT the folks from PP. It’s ILLEGAL to fabricate “evidence,” and then repeatedly present said material as fact.


    Yes they do. Agreed.

    We’ve actually got a significant, “needs jail now” list and not much in the way of progress on it.

    Unless, of course, you are brown. Then it’s the opposite. “needs out of jail now”


    Today the country continues to send twelve women on average every day to the UK for abortions.

    The reality is that if you are pregnant here, your body is not your own. The state owns it. A religious doctor owns it.

    Beyond the illegality of the process in Ireland, it also remains technically illegal to explain to someone how to have an abortion, or to even share the name of a clinic abroad. Irish abortion-seekers are condemned to silence from the start. And yet these laws are rarely enforced, with Women on Web posting abortion pills to Irish women from the Netherlands, where it is legal (a reported 200 to 250 Irish women contact the organization every month). This continues partly because politicians understand that, if they were to cut off all access, it would result in enough suicides and botched abortion attempts among Irish women to create a national emergency.

    A poll conducted this year in Ireland by Amnesty International found that 81 percent wanted to expand the grounds for legal abortion.

    It’s here, in this battle going on in Ireland, that the culture of fear and shame, coupled to policy enforcing the same, has had little positive impact.

    Recently, Ireland legalized gay marriage. Progress, even in what is rapidly becoming a lost Catholic stronghold…

    Most of my wife’s family is Irish. Some are first generation immigrants who came here to be free of oppression, war, famine and the idea that fear and shame are an appropriate way to live our lives.


    Broadway: “I don’t respond to profanities”

    KSKD: Oh, fuck off then.


    There is a Christian on this board (whose name start with “C”) and there is another Christian who happens to be very well-known (Billy Graham). I don’t agree with most of what both of these people believe in or say, but I have never felt a hint of urge to tell them to fuck off.

    On the other hand, there is another Christian in this board whose name is Broadway and well-known Christian named Tony Perkins. Before the first grunt leaves their mouth, FUCK OFF! is already its way in reply without the slightest bit of hestitation.

    Are you mighty proud of being in the FUCK OFF group, Broadway? Exactly what did “C” and Rev. Graham fail to do that caused them to be excluded from the FUCK OFF! group?


    Well, it’s one thing to claim high ground and have some merit. Quite another to attempt it while also demonstrating some pretty damn ugly.

    And here is how that works:

    First, it’s self selecting. Those people who claim higher ground, and who have merit might actually get somewhere with a call to ignore profanity. Heck, I would consider it seriously. Where there is some merit, I definitely see cause to grant consideration.

    But where that is lacking?

    Laughable. So it’s just fine. I get to use the profanity with relative impunity and they are left frustrated, high and dry.

    Fine by me.


    In the 1990s, Ben Folds Five had a hit, “Brick” and The Verve Pipe had a hit, “The Freshmen.” Both of these songs were ballads about young men who impregnated their girlfriends, and in both songs the unwanted children were aborted. Both songs are extremely melancholy. In “The Freshmen,” the young woman becomes so depressed over having to terminate her pregnancy that she commits suicide. I am a bit surprised that I never heard the Evangelical Christian community celebrate these songs as warnings of “this is what can happen to you if you choose to abort.”

    Andy Brown

    That’s because the agenda of the Christian bible thumping hypocrites does not now nor has it ever included the health nor well being of the living female either before making the decision to have the procedure nor after.

    The bible thumping right are gutless vermin, not fit to inhabit the planet let alone raise children of their own. They are manipulative, self serving parasites that live off of the ignorance and fear of the less fortunate, lesser educated and most vulnerable among us. Earl Paulk, Jerry Pittman, Phil Kline, Vance McAllister, Mark Driscoll, Eddie Long, Jonathan Saenz, Roy Ashburn, Jim Bakker and Bob McDonnell are but a few of the examples that have shown how decrepit and deceitful these right wing bible thumpers can be. They are proof positive that the real agenda of the right wing Christian cult is money, fame and power. The evangelical Christian can not be trusted ever, and they do not know the meaning of the word truth. No, Alfredo, they don’t care about the psychological stresses that they place on others whose will and stamina can be lowered by the situations that many encounter. They do nothing but disgrace the very man they worship time after time after time. They twist and distort the writings about Jesus to suit their pathetic agenda. It is one of the great sadnesses of this planet and especially of this country.

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