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    Don’t wait, Watch TV. Flash cut to digital and get something on the air and wait for the post-repack dust to settle. And get an online presence going, even if it’s a Facebook page. That would make it easier to see where you srand.


    After being off the air for awhile in Boise, ID, Get TV has announced that they’re moving to KBSE 33.2 in Boise as of today. Announcement was made on Get TV’s Facebook page this morning.


    Wireless carrier T-Mobile has been aggressive in rolling out service in the 600 MHz spectrum that it purchased, and has already given 120-day notice of intent to commence operations to LPTV licensees in several states, including Oregon and Washington. LPTV’s in Seattle, Portland and Spokane will come later.

    That poses a problem because stations (dubbed “Phase 0 stations”) are forced to move before the FCC opens its displacement filing window, meaning that some stations could have to relocate before the FCC has identified replacement channels for their area.

    T-Mobile has pledged funding to help public TV translator stations that are forced to move, and now has also volunteered to pay the costs of the move to a temporary channel if a station is required to move again in the FCC displacement window.

    The LPTV Spectrum Rights Coalition and the National Association of Broadcasters are applauding T-Mobile’s gesture, which is not required under the law.


    I wish Cocola broadcasting buys Watch TV inc. I wish Portland Oregon have these digital networks.

    -the light
    -AMG TV
    -Family Channel
    -France 24
    -The Country Network
    -Rev’N Network


    That would be cool as Watch TV has a CP for ch 28 for Astoria. They tested in analog back in the 90s with shopping. But I have not seen anything since.


    Cocola would be a good fit for the Watch TV stations since they own several LPTV’s in CA which carry several networks. LATV usually plays as a subchannel on most Telemundo stations, but Telemundo landed on Ch. 22 in the Salem/Portland area and it looks like they don’t have the bandwidth to show LATV there. If TM moved to KGWZ, having LATV as a subchannel there would make sense.

    Other possibilities might include WeatherNation, Heartland (formerly TNN/Heartland), Movies, NHK World (English news and features station from Japan), France 24 (English, Spanish and French news feeds available) and Classic Arts Showcase, which runs on a few PBS stations.

Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)
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