Nepal remains secular

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    This is interesting in the context of the near constant, “Christian Nation” garbage we experience in the USA every day.

    The people of Nepal were posed a question: Does the Hindu religion trump law as a high authority for everyone living in Nepal?

    They answered “no” just as our founders did when contemplating this possibility for America.

    Maybe this is a bit easier to see when it’s not your religion at issue. Of course, a believer who has accepted God as their higher authority suffers a reality clash when confronted with a society and or others who do not.

    This is normal and expected. It’s not a wrong, or some sign of immoral behavior run amok. When one makes the commitment to religion, it’s life changing for most. No doubt.

    But people need to get there, if and or when they feel they need to or want to get there.

    What would the Christians do in Nepal? What do they do in Islamic nations where the penalty for conversion can be death?

    Why is a secular society where freedom of and from religion so difficult to understand?


    I say, “good.” The idea of creating a “homeland” for any religious or ideological group is barbaric. By definition, the people whose religious convictions don’t match those of the “homeland” are relegated to second-class citizen status, if they are allowed to live there at all.

    [No, a country with a secular government is NOT a “homeland” for atheists and agnostics. It is a place where the government attempts to maintain as neutral a stance as possible on religious matters.]

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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