Nelson out at The Fish

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    Per his Facebook page.


    Doesn’t seem to be to shaken about it…a learning experience…much like I had at Salem Communications although I took a bow in 2008.


    The really sad thing here is The Fish replaced a local show with a show from Atlanta…and they don’t even hide it! From The Fish website:

    Holding down mornings with Taylor since The Fish started in 2000. I love Atlanta, the music that we play and that I get to be a part of a radio station that touches so many people in a deep and personal way. Life is good!

    What a gift to hang out with the “best listeners in the world every morning”. The goal of the show is to mirror the “welcoming heart of God”. We try to offer you a good laugh on your way to work too because life brings so many challenges and laughter is the best medicine. I’ve been doing mornings at the Fish since October, 2000. Kevin is the brother I thought I always wanted. LOL.

    Guess the budget cut also affected the website editor who should have caught that…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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