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    in government buildings.

    Governor Ricketts apparently controls which counties can get federal Covid 19 emergency funds and doesn’t like the idea of requiring face masks to enter courthouses and government buildings. So…he’ll make counties choose between trying to reduce the spread of the virus or being starved of federal funds.

    Some Nebraska counties are seeing sizable outbreaks of Covid e.g. from meat packing plants.


    Let them all get infected and die.

    So done with this ridiculous debate. The US doesn’t have what it takes to fight this, so all we can hope for is that it ravages the communities that deserve it.


    I wouldn’t take it to that extreme, but yes those who refuse to mask-up are helping to make sure this pandemic continues for another year or two, depending on if and when a vaccine will be availble for the masses. I am horrified that some think this whole thing is a hoax. How stupid can some be?

    The science is real, the virus is real, the deaths are real. Yet some just ignore the facts. Really quite a sad view of some Americans on this. I don’t get it.


    Even if a vaccine is available there will be enough assholes to ruin herd immunity.

    So, let it rage. I just hope my parents stay safe. And assholes make that harder for my parents.


    Listen to the SCIENCE first and argue the POLITICS later. Doesn’t always work the other way around.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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