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    Nearly half of all young people say they plan to vote for a third party in November

    Hillary clinton is not resonating with Millennials, they don’t like her. Her followers have no enthusiasm for her and the past few days they had to bring Michelle Obama out on the campaign.
    Here is the crowd at a Hillary Clinton rally chanting “4 more years” at Michelle Obama while she says “No No”.

    Looks like Obama fans are NOT ready for Hillary.


    And yet Trump is still losing to Clinton – that tells you how deeply embedded her support is.

    Face the hard truth dorky-boy, Clinton will be in the White House next year. I know that will make it harder for you to stalk her, but that’s the way it goes.

    P.S. – We haven’t even started with the debates yet. Watch the scales swing heavily in Clinton’s favor once they go head-to-head. Think Romney v. Obama, just more so.


    It depends how you define “losing.”

    Trump is slightly behind Hillary on the way to the finish line, so a still photo would make it appear that Trump is “losing” but in a video it would be obvious that he is speeding up, she is slowing down, and he’s on his way to passing her (if he hasn’t already).

    It was just over a month ago that Hillary had almost an 8 point lead over trump in the RCP average. Now it’s down to .9 in the 2-way poll and .7 in the 4-way poll. Trump has been steadily gaining on her.


    If the game is almost over, the team with more points is considered to be winning. This is not a complicated concept Bacon.

    Hillary has been in the lead for awhile, both in popular polling overall and in the EV count. At the moment has Clinton with a 61% chance of winning. Trump gaining on her doesn’t mean she is losing, just that she’s not winning by as much. And Trump has a ceiling of support, which I think he has just about hit.

    Libertarian Gary Johnson has been making major mistakes this week (“What is Aleppo?” and claiming “no one was hurt” in the recent NY bombing) so many of his supporters may turn away from him. If they are young people, I think they are more likely to turn to Stein or Clinton than to turn to Trump.

    Yes, at this moment Clinton is winning. I’ll keep saying it until it’s not true.


    I’m not too worried about the millennial vote. They are unreliable and aren’t willing to wait in line to vote in many of the states that make it really inconvenient to vote.

    But, I will say this: Gary Johnson and Jill Stein combined with get about 4% of the vote.


    Interesting logic at work.

    My candidate (in this case, Trump) is so deeply unpopular that the only way he could win is if my opponents supports is fractured by third party candidates.

    Ergo, Hillary is unpopular.

    Eh, what?

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