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    In one of the biggest economic consequences to come out of North Carolina’s controversial law that bans transgender people from using bathrooms in accordance with their gender identities, the National Basketball Association has decided to pull the 2017 All-Star game out of Charlotte.

    “Our week-long schedule of All-Star events and activities is intended to be a global celebration of basketball, our league, and the values for which we stand, and to bring together all members of the NBA community — current and former players, league and team officials, business partners, and fans,” said the NBA in a statement. “While we recognize that the NBA cannot choose the law in every city, state, and country in which we do business, we do not believe we can successfully host our All-Star festivities in Charlotte in the climate created by HB2.”

    Hey NBA! Bring the All Star Game to Portland!

    Andy Brown

    NBA has slam dunked the conservatives with the power of the almighty dollar. These games generate somewhere between 90 and 100 million dollars depending on what year and what city. Some articles claim impacts upwards of 250 million.

    Economic Impact of All-Star Games

    Andy Brown

    “Hey NBA! Bring the All Star Game to Portland!”

    I hope so.

    I wonder if we have enough hotel rooms (and hookers) though.


    What determines “gender identity”?

    Gender is now a matter of choice and is no longer a biological fact?

    Why SHOULDN’T parents be concerned about a man who thinks he’s a woman (or pretending to be one) using a restroom with their little girl?

    At least in NC common sense prevails. Who wants an all-star game at the expense of kowtowing to the PC nazis?


    Allow me to retort:

    Go fuck yourself.

    Andy Brown

    As usual you are all wet on this topic, F&Bacon.

    First, gender identity is determined by experience and is usually set by age 3. You, as usual, are confusing gender identity with biological assignment at birth.

    You sound paranoid in your post. Really.

    Second, you have jumped on a bandwagon about a problem that does not exist. Nothing has ever prevented a cross dresser from accessing a rest room assigned to the opposite sex. Or a sex criminal in costume. Now all of a sudden it’s an issue to you conservatives. Hogwash.

    Third, North Carolina succumbed to the malfeasance of its elected politicians. That is not ‘common sense.’


    Coming from someone who belongs to a church that for close to 5 decades supported pedophile priests institutionally, allow me to say, go fuck yourself.

    North Carolina’s wounds are their own doing. They deserve 100% of the flack they are getting (and business they are losing).


    >> kowtowing to the PC nazis
    That’s exactly what’s going on here.
    oh, and please explain…just exactly what “go F-yourself” means? Interested.
    Coming from the intellectuals here, the phrase/act is impossible to do?


    Fuck you too.


    As for the NBA all-star weekend, it has become a huge revenue producer for cities that host. So if Charlotte doesn’t care, (which BTW seems to be the commentary among Charlotte media), then so be it. They lose.

    New Orleans is the alternate. Portland not in the thinking right now.

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