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    Apparently, on the day Obama imposed new sanctions on Russia in December in the wake of Russian hacking into our elections, Flynn – not yet National Security Adviser, of course – spoke by phone with the Russian ambassador and promised him those sanctions would be rolled back under Trump.

    This is probably a violation of the Logan Act (private citizens are not allowed to influence official foreign policy) – probably not a big deal, because no one is ever prosecuted for violating it. More of a public relations problem for the new administration than a serious offense.

    But the bigger problem is that Flynn flat-out denied the allegations that he had said such things – up until recently. Lots of people have also leaked (anonymously) specific details contradicting Flynn’s denials.

    But then it turns out, US intelligence recorded the phone call. Oops!

    And Flynn was also interviewed by the FBI. The question is – what did he say to them?

    Lying to the FBI generally doesn’t end well – ask Martha Stewart and Scooter Libby.


    Trump has a full slate of fireable folks in the west wing already.

    He ought to let them all go with one swing of the blade.


    That might require admitting error.


    And, I was right.

    Trump and Co. have admitted no error of any kind. The official line from Trump Land is to attack those who brought these revelations to light; not deal with the situation itself.

    Flynn himself is still deflecting. I.e. Lie? Who me? What? It was just a mistake! I failed to recall the specifics of the conversation I was pointedly asked about more than once. I mean, I did specifically say I had *not* talked about the Russian sanctions with the ambassador…it’s certainly, believably, just an honest mistake now that everyone has learned it was exactly the *opposite* of that. I mean, right? Go-Trump! Flynn-out!

    Never mind all of the lying about these issues and the fact The White House was warned about this weeks ago and did nothing at all about it.

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