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    Today at 11:20 AM should be the National Periodic Test (NPT) of the Emergency Alert System.

    I doubt anything as humorous will occur as with the November 9, 2011 test, but we’ll see!



    I just hope that it works successfully and that I can navigate the FCC’s new ETRS reporting system to their satisfaction. Listening for the test right now.


    Andy Brown

    Hey, it’s only a test.



    Oregon Public Broadcasting did NOT forward today’s NPT on to their FM audio chain. Apparently they are looking into the matter. That is a little embarrassing since OPB also failed to forward the last test 4 years ago.



    I was expecting to receive the test over OPB-FM, but instead we got it through iPAWS. Worked surprisingly well…at our end, anyway…and it is only a test.



    Andy- THAT was funny!



    I saw the text scroll on channel 10. First thing outta my mouth: “hey, looks like they actually got it working this time!”

    Disclosure: I was not monitoring 91.5 or 166.250.

    Maybe if OPB actually removed its head from its ass, realized that you can not always put “local pride” over all else and went with the kind of software that the rest of the country uses, it might have actually halfway worked the first time around, years ago. Yeah I know fat chance, right?



    Just a few months ago OPB laid off ALL their field engineering staff in the Portland area in favor of having studio engineers handle any field problems that come up.



    If you got the CAP first you were OK.
    The Public stations that monitored and got the NPT from the satellite had no audio on the air for the test.
    All Gorman-Redlich EAS boxes failed.
    Trilithic for the most part failed.
    Sage’s worked if you DIDN’T F- with the factory settings!

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    Speaking of OPB, KMHD was off the air during my entire commute this morning. Sometimes a carrier, sometimes static. I wonder what’s up?



    We did get the CAP first, but no over-the-air alert.(We monitor OPB radio and have a waiver to monitor KPXG instead of KWVT.) Both our EAS decoder and CAP/iPAWS machines are from Gorman-Redlich, the only failure with them was an incorrect timecode, otherwise they passed along the alert just fine. (One thing I don’t like about the G-R boxes, though, is sometimes they are finicky at the end of an alert and don’t switch back to studio audio. More than once, I have had to make a run to the studio to reset the EAS because we were inadvertently rebroadcasting OPB radio or the audio of one of Ion-TV’s crime shows! Also, some of their earlier units shipped with severly underengineered power supplies.)

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