Natalie Cole Dies at 65

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    Matt Jones

    I just read this. Sad news. I’m sure that many of us who worked in radio in the 70’s and 80’s (and even 90’s to an extent) have fond memories of playing her music.

    darth talon

    Look I’m not trying to knock down the dead. But her biggest hits where her father’s songs that she remade. She won a Grammy for “Unforgettable” and everyone acted like she wrote it. No She took his classic song and tried to pass it off as hers.

    Rest in peace. I’m sure her using and abusing crack cocaine and heroin didn’t have anything to do with her death.


    Millions heard/enjoyed/were blessed by a most incredible song in an updated form because her…she went to soon like her Dad…sad news to start the NY…but a beautiful legacy.


    This is indeed sad. A great singer. She had several hits on her own like This Will Be.


    Will always remember my encounter with her when I was a manager for a hotel in Salem. A number of entertainers stayed there while performing at the Oregon State Fair. (met Rod Stewart, Sting & Richard Marx among others).. Richard Marx (who had some hit tunes out at the time) surprised me by traveling alone at the time and when I was making my rounds in the hotel restaurant later that night saw him dining alone and he invited me to join him. Guess it helped I had comped his meal – (ah, the power of management)…anyway, thing that struck me about Natalie was that she appeared smaller than I would have thought and wanted to rent a couple of slasher movies for her and her group to relax by. Guess you never know! Very nice though.



    Looking at the video, it doesn’t seem that there was any attempt to disguise the origin of of the song or “pass it off as hers”

    RIP, Natalie


    Five top 10 hits in the 70’s and 80’s before “Unforgettable”, which was not a top 10 hit.

    They are: “This Will Be”, “I’ve Got Love On My Mind”, “Our Love”, “Pink Cadillac”, and “Miss You Like Crazy”.


    I always did like Natalie Cole! Liked her music from Party Lights to Someone That I Used To Love. Her comeback music from 87 on, was enjoyable too! Yep, Always liked Natalie. Bought This Will Be as a 45 single in 75.She was like breath of fresh air musically speaking.


    I “miss her like crazy”!


    Darth_Talon said: “Look I’m not trying to knock down the dead”

    But that’s exactly what you did. What a horrible thing to say.

    Unless you are someone who has personal experience with addiction, you can never know what she went through, or what her family went through for that matter. At the end of the day…she beat her addiction. She left this earth clean and sober…!!!!


    Yeah. She was good! Had 2 careers actually. From 75 to 80. And from 87 on. Like both. Sorry that she is no longer with us.

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