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    Interviewer: What’s your prediction for the fight?
    Clubber Lang: My prediction?
    Interviewer: Yes, your prediction.
    [Clubber looks into camera]
    Clubber Lang: Pain!

    One of many interesting trend lines developing on this fine Tuesday.


    Does it get any better than Rocky III?


    It really doesn’t.

    It’s so horrible, and yet it’s so great. I’ve watched that silly film I don’t know how many times.

    I have a similar love/hate relationship with Rocky IV. It too features pithy dialogue, such as:

    “I must break you”.


    As a rabid film fan I could easily (and have before) put together any number of top 10/best of lists broken up into a wide array of genres. Best by decade, best westerns, thrillers, dramas, science fiction, classic films, and so on. I really love movies.

    Yet for every The Godfather there’s a Roadhouse. For every The Bridge on the River Kwai there’s a Flash Gordon. For every The Maltese Falcon there’s a Hudson Hawk.

    The best of the worst, if you will. Dependent on my mood, I sometimes love those films more than “good” ones. LOL.


    I’ve seen Rocky III so many times I can more or less recite the entire manuscript.

    I’m also a big fan of Roadhouse, Point Break, and Parenthood. Classics!


    Herb calls it for Donald Trump.



    Epic upset in the making.


    LOVE IT!

    How does it feel democrats that you tried electing the worst president ever?


    It’s over. How Clinton could lose this is beyond belief.


    STFU Herb and Dork. Yea, your guy is winning – congrats. But you never provided any real thoughtful input as to WHY this might happen except for complaining how Hillary sucked. The polls, the general public perception…pretty much everything was pointing Hillary’s way, so no one making the call for Hillary here was an idiot; we worked with the info we had. I am curious what info (if any) you had, despite your visceral, InfoWars-fueled hatred for Hillary.


    This result goes against almost all of the polls. I now wish that I had stuck to my skepticism of them.


    Wouldn’t have changed the outcome, Alfredo.

    The two immediate questions I have are:

    How did the polls consistently get it so fucking wrong?

    What the hell kind of America are we living in that would elect a guy like this and think that’s okay?


    How could Clinton lose? Well, she did not speak to the middle American that is trying to feed his/her family as their jobs went overseas. I voted for Clinton, as I do not trust Trump. I have been watching news Worldwide and many countries are nervous about the results. I am not happy, but thinking back, I live in a very progressive state, Oregon, out on the coast in a rural area. Will Trump or Clinton affect my life, I doubt it. I have been voting since 1968, the Nixon era, and I cannot think of one president that has an affect on my life. I own a Locksmith Business, have for nearly 38 years. In that time has any President affected my business. Nope, none. I have a tendency to get caught up in the moment like many of us do. As I am disappointed in the results, I’ll get by just fine as most of us will. There is always next time.

    Dan Packard

    Tweet from @NormGregory

    “Let’s see what happens. Trump and his followers have one chance … one last chance to Make America White Again.”

    11:40pm 08-Nov-2016


    That is true, all of the polls were wrong. But of course knowing the past, something could have been rigged. We will never know, but we are stuck with the results. In four years we can do this again. By the way, with so many legal actions facing Trump, he may not take office. We will have Pence. Too conservative, but more stable. At least we know where he is on things. Obama care may be a thing of the past. Hopefully they can come up with something better, but I doubt it, not with the GOP.



    The American people did not like our country’s direction. And they turned out in droves.

    They did not like delivering billions in cash to sworn enemies like Iran. They did not like bullying our allies like Israel. They did not like immigration virtually unvetted for individuals who hate us. They did not want to continue support of slaughtering millions of innocent unborn children.

    I look forward to Mr. Trump opening up opportunity for all Americans. For example, I look forward to African-Americans receiving far more employment opportunities with needed projects to rebuild our infrastructure.

    As for so many who dislike Mr. Trump, he was not my first choice. That said, he has signed the front side of more paychecks to minorities and women than Hillary ever did, or will.

    For many on the left, this is a Pauline Kael moment.

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