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    Actually, F&B –

    Andy, Lurking, Andrew and a few others, predicted the mid-term elections quite well. They all shared how the Dems had more seats to cover than the GOP, and historically Dems don’t show up in droves for mid-terms, which happened as it had before. They all said that the GOP would probably get the wins they got. It wasn’t anything you actually knew.

    I wonder if you’ll be as smug come the morning of Nov 9.

    Andy Brown

    He’ll be claiming the election is rigged, don’t you know?


    OF course it’s rigged! And you know why? Because Trump is a WHINER WINNER! He was born a WHINER WINNER and he’ll always be a WHINER WINNER!



    I would encourage a certain person on this board to move to a country whose culture and policies are more in line with his Catholic values on abortion. America won’t be “great again” by his definition. There are a number of countries in Latin America where Catholic beliefs are still dominant in the culture and where abortion is either illegal or limited. There is no need to go through life feeling like a martyr.


    Hopefully some country without the internet.


    I have to say my predictions are looking to be spot on.

    There’s no question Hillary wins. It’s all about the Senate.


    Three MONTHS before the midterms in 2014 I predicted that the Republicans would end up with 55 Senators and 245 in the House. I missed it by 1 in the Senate and a handful in the House.

    NOBODY on this board came close to that prediction. No brag and no smugness. Just fact.

    Missing’s name was appropriate. He predicted the Dems would lose 1 Senate seat and pick up 5 in the House. He was WAY off. Vitalogy predicted the Dems would hold the Senate. A few DAYS before the election Lurking made a brave prediction the Republicans would win the Senate, so he was right about that, but didn’t make a prescient prediction.

    There were probably some other prediction threads but this is the one where I predicted the Senate and House:

    Go ahead and link to the threads where the others predicted it “quite well.” I would like to see that.

    I still predict a Trump victory but I am very nervous about it. I think Hillary’s turnout will be depressed and I think momentum and enthusiasm are on Trump’s side.

    BTW, I totally blew it in 2012. I can admit when I’m wrong, unlike the 2014 losers here who did not man up and eat their crow.

    If I’m wrong about Trump, I’ll eat my crow like a good boy.


    I also admit I made a very poor and thoughtless prediction two or three months ago regarding the Senate. I hadn’t looked into the races and didn’t realize how many Republicans were up for reelection and predicted there would be a Republican gain. I take that one back and predict they will lose two seats,holding their majority at 52. This late in the day, I don’t consider that much of a “prediction,” mainly an admission that my real previous prediction was way off.


    Safest prediction – there will be problems with vote counting in Clackamas County.


    I never make predictions. But I do make an awesome smoothie.


    I wonder where’s our favorite crow chef?

    I dare him to show his face in here and make an argument for Turnip.

    Andy Brown

    My revised electoral projection for drumpf (originally 156) is 187. Popular vote final tally Clinton 48% drumpf 42%. Senate 50 seats each, Kaine gives the Democrats the majority. House, still GOP but by 12 seats or less.

    Measure 97 will fail (I voted for it, but it just doesn’t seem to have majority support).

    Also, I expect drumpf to wine and cry foul. I expect the Senate not to be decided on election day due to some tight vote counts and the recounts that would incur. I expect Paul Ryan to be happy drumpf lost (not that he would say that) but he will make a case for blocking everything the Democrats propose.

    I do not believe that that the GOP will really want to (they still might) nor be successful at blocking the appointment of the SCOTUS judge of Clinton’s choice although that’s more about her choice then the total number of assholes in the GOP. One Senator can bring down the processes of the Congress as Cruz has already demonstrated.

    Last prediction: dork will disappear. Bacon will continue to troll and display his under educated under equipped unsubstantiated misinformed erroneous racist homophobic xenophobic misogynistic pig headed close minded fear driven opinions on this side of the board.


    I’ve got Clinton 293 trump 244 here and that is my conservative prediction because I give trump Florida with this. If Clinton can pull out Florida then it will be a landslide.


    I don’t think Clinton will have a blowout in the EC or the popular vote, but I think we will see some positive surprises on election night in her returns.

    Agree Andy on 97 – the corporate propaganda machine will win this one. I spent some time phone banking and talking to people, and pretty much every time I shared the simple flawed logic of the No on 97 campaign, they admitted that their scare tactics didn’t make sense.

    Still, it’s pretty close, and I hold out a glimmer of hope.


    I stick to my predictions.

    As for 97, it won’t pass. Too many ads out there making the false claim it would raise the cost of goods. Which is 100% false. The increased taxes on these mega-corporations get baked into the pie nationwide and they eat it. Home Depot won’t charge you extra for your duct tape if you buy it in OR vs WA.

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