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    President: Clinton
    Senator: Wyden
    Representative Dist 5: Schrader
    Governor: Brown
    Sec of State: Avakian
    Treasurer: Read
    Attorney General: Rosenblum
    State Rep 37: Southwick
    Clackamas County Commissioner: Bernard and Humberston

    M94: Yes
    M95: Yes
    M96: Yes
    M97: Yes
    M98: Yes
    M99: Yes
    M100: Yes


    Agreed. A straight Democratic ticket this time. The GOP must be punished.


    I normally am all over the board but I voted a striaght D ticket last night up here in WA. And a little was indeed due to putting us through this crap. Only by the downtickets being shellacked will they finally get the message that the loudest 5% does not represent the rest of us.

    Especially when that 5% is so woefully misinformed as they seem to be, as witness the folks on this board.


    Chico same here I voted almost totally democratic due to trump in Washington state this time. They deserve this loss and they deserve it big time.


    I still haven’t got my ballot. Darn Pony Express in Columbia County is MIA.


    Straight D here too.
    While that would probably surprise no one here, there was in fact a bit of hesitation for Governor.

    Dr. Pierce was my Mom’s oncologist as well as for my cousin.

    I know him as a compassionate advocate for his patients.

    However his tone deaf remarks about domestic abuse reinforced him as uniquely Republican.
    (despite is subsequent apologies)

    Like Dr. Ben Carson, you can be a perfectly competent physician and still be quite ignorant.


    Need to be carful voting “yes” on Measure 98. Though a laudable goal to increase STEM teaching, it’s an unfunded mandate and there is no funding available for it – unless Measure 97 also passes.


    I had what seemed like a marathon ballot. I took it upon myself to read through the candidate statements and to skim through most of the ballot measure arguments (primarily to see who favored or opposed specific ones). I have some comments at the end of this post.

    94 – YES
    95 – YES
    96 – NO
    97 – YES
    98 – YES
    99 – NO
    100 – YES
    Hillsboro 34-252 (3% cannabis tax) – YES
    Metro 26-178 (option levy renewal) – YES
    Tualatin SWCD 34-269 (authorizes levy not to exceed $0.09/$1000) – YES

    President – Hillary Clinton (D)
    US Senator – Ron Wyden (D)
    US Representative, 1st District – Suzanne Bonamici (D/I)
    Governor – Kate Brown (D/WF)
    Secretary of State – Brad Avakian (D/WF/P)
    Treasurer – Jeff Gudman (R)
    Attorney General – Ellen Rosenblum (D/I/WF)
    State Representative, 29th District – Susan McLain (D/WF/I)
    Judge of the Supreme Court, Position 6 – (Unopposed) Lynn Nakamoto
    Judge of the Court of Appeals, Position 5 – (Unopposed) Scott Shorr
    Judge of the Court of Appeals, Position 8 – (Unopposed) Roger DeHoog
    Judge of the Circuit Court, 20th District, Position 14 – (Unopposed) Ramon Pagan
    City of Hillsboro Mayor – Aron Carleson
    City of Hillsboro Council Ward 1 Pos B – Abdi Muse
    City of Hillsboro Council Ward 2 Pos B – Brenda McCoy
    City of Hillsboro Council Ward 3 Pos B – Sandra Jafarzadeh
    Tualatin SWCD Dir At Large 1 – (Unopposed) Steven Vangrunsven
    Tualatin SWCD Dir Zone 1 (Unopposed) Jerry Ward
    Tualatin SWCD Dir Zone 2 (Unopposed) Eldon Jossi

    I was undecided on President, and I really wanted to vote for Gary Johnson. If the Johnson/Weld ticket were to exceed 5% of the popular vote, the Libertarian Party would receive federal funding for its presidential campaign during the next election cycle (checking the “Presidential Election Campaign” box on your federal tax return contributes $3 to this fund). The main reasons that I did not go with Johnson/Weld were that they have opposed Citizens United, claiming that corporate political contributions, regardless of size, should be considered free speech, they support continued research into hydraulic fracking, they support the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and they sometimes show an out-of-touch quality with regards to international affairs that makes me wonder if they are up to the task.

    I was not terribly thrilled with the choices for US Senator. Steven Reynolds’s statement, though well-intended, I felt was too idealistic. I thus defaulted to Wyden.

    The campaign for Secretary of State sent me some mail (from Richardson) that criticized Avakian for interfering with the operation of a private business. This mailer did not mention that said business was Sweet Cakes by Melissa, which refused to bake a cake for a lesbian couple. This incident happened while Avakian served as Labor Commisioner; part of this office’s job is the prevention of discrimination.


    I think we can do better than Avakian, but Dennis Richardson is full bat-shit nuts, and he seems to have a bit of the bigotry streak in him.

    Again, deal breaker.


    Alfredo, if you haven’t sealed your ballot yet I hope you will reconsider Measure 99. Outdoor School is a legacy program for Oregon students that has been dying on the vine due to lack of funding over the last couple decades. It impacts all participating students very positively, both the sixth graders that attend and the high school students that act as counselors. In a world where we need to be more ecologically knowledgeable than ever before – and especially in Oregon, a state identified with its natural environment – this is a program that deserves to get back on its feet.


    Wife and I filled out our ballots last night and sent them in the mail today. Thank Gawwwwd, that is over.

    It seems all kinds of Trump wannabe’s were in the voters guide this year.

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