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    To put it mildly, Donald Trump is not well liked.

    There’s this:

    “More Americans disapprove of Trump’s transition than approve, a stark break from past presidents. 44 percent approve of the transition while 51 percent disapprove, Gallup found. By comparison, around the same time in Barack Obama’s 2009 transition, 83 percent of Americans approved of the effort while only 12 percent disapproved.
    In 2001, George W. Bush — who, like Trump, lost the popular vote — enjoyed a 61 percent approval rating for his transition, while only 25 percent of Americans disapproved. Bill Clinton saw similar numbers in 1993, with 68 percent approval and 18 percent disapproval”.

    Then, there’s this:

    “Taken together, the polls paint a picture of a historically unpopular incoming administration. While Trump often touts his election win as a historic landslide, his Electoral College victory was actually one of the thinner wins. And he lost the popular vote by two percentage points, nearly three million votes.
    Perhaps reflecting the discontent with the incoming administration, Washington is girding for large protests on inauguration weekend”.

    The full story:

    The most rabid supporters of Donald Trump, who have more in common with cult members at this point anything else, will continue to cheerfully deny both fact and objective reality. For the rest of the nation this portends significant troubles ahead for Herr Drumpf and his merry band of know-nothing nihilists.

    We did not elect an Emperor. And no, you cannot shout down or bully your critics into silence. When Fox News is defending CNN, you have a pretty good sign that the media is not going to roll over for this buffoon.

    There’s every indication Trump’s support among many members of the House and Senate is a lot thinner than he’s likely expecting as well. I have no doubt there are more than a few who would be quite happy to let Drumpf implode, join The Democratic minority in impeachment proceedings, and have the far more reasonable Mike Pence in the Oval to rubber-stamp their right wing agenda. While that’s still an unlikely outcome at this point, it’s worth noting that Trump has had more current and impending scandal swirling around him in the last two weeks than President Obama has had in the last two terms.

    Andy Brown

    ETCB (estimated time of crash and burn) for the drumpf administration is about 1 year. Impeachment or resignation will take longer, probably 24 months to the beginning of the end and 30 months until President Pence. The big question is whether the advance rumblings of impeachment or resignation occur at what point in the midterm election run up.

    drumpf’s cabinet nominees have so far broken with him on almost every major policy proposal, including his pro-Russia stance, leading some to question as to how this shift will affect congress support of the leader.

    Incoming Defence Secretary General James Mattis claimed President Vladimir Putin was trying to “break the Northern Atlantic alliance” and that the US needed to take steps to defend itself at his Senate confirmation hearing.


    I agree with much of what you said, Lurking. I think there’s a reasonable chance of a Trump impeachment (less so of a conviction in the Senate) because this buffoon will reach of level of pomposity or incompetence that will become unbearable. All it takes is 10% of the GOP delegation in the House (24) to flip and impeachment can happen.

    I also believe that Trump might very well leave on his own, if he’s not allowed to keep playing Monopoly with his properties *and* remain President.

    Then we’ll have President Pence, someone that neither the Trumpites or Hillary voters wanted to be the POTUS, so he’ll try to govern without any real popular support. I feel he’ll be a more responsible steward of the office than Trump, so that’s a plus I guess, but he’ll struggle with the same challenges Ford did from 74-76.


    Mike Pence, while holding many retrograde viewpoints out of step with the mainstream and contemporary society as a whole, is not a dangerous, ignorant, bullying, vindictive, idiot.

    I would welcome him at this point.


    From reading this message board, I get the impression, with no uncertainty, that Donald Trump is the most hated man in America. One thread after another, it’s Trump, Trump, Trump!


    And you are just noticing this now, Alfredo? 🙂

    This board is made up of mostly smart, politically-aware people. Also made up of people who can recognize a despot when they see one.


    In contrast, I would not welcome a Pence Presidency. Yes, he may have a bit more political tactfulness, but that is only benign when you see what he supports politically. As my wife has said to me, Ryan and Pence are evil.

    If we find ourselves with Pence as President, I would hope that he is horribly weakened by the mid-terms (if Trump is ousted before they happen), and by the fall-out and mistrust of the GOPs own constituency.

    In a more positive contrast, watching the outgoing administration make its final speeches, remarks and events, we are being shown, IHMO, the class and resilience that Obama has shown throughout his presidency. I didn’t always agree with some of his policies and decisions, but I never felt once that he was belittling others for personal gain and control. Which is a complete contrast to Trump.


    I remember well how smart and politically aware everyone on this board was in the months before the election. So I take the characterizations and predictions about Trump with a huge grain of salt.

    I know of many smart and politically aware people who are just as thrilled as I am that Trump won, and who think he will be a good or great president, in spite of all the doom-saying by the TDS-stricken.

    He’s not going to be impeached and he’s not going to quit or be ousted. Face reality. He won. He’s the president.


    Popularity polls mean very little this far from the next election (2018, anyway). The public has an extremely short memory. Republicans in Congress have been horribly unpopular for recent stunts like shutting down the government in the fall of 2013 over Obamacare. Remember how incredibly unpopular that was? A year later, they were punished by voters by being given the control of the Senate and a bigger majority in the House.

    91% of Americans approved of stricter gun control measures after Sandy Hook – and yet, look what happened? Nothing – probably in large part because Sandy Hook happened right after the 2012 election.

    I wish Trump’s unpopularity meant anything now – but unfortunately, I think it means about zero at this point. If his low popularity numbers persist into October 2018? We’ll see.


    Hi, I’m Bacon. I hear no evil, see no evil, am a childishly taunting boob, a proven liar and hypocrite and contribute nothing of import.

    On a differing note.

    It’s called vocal (or in this case, written) dissent, Alfredo. You’re likely going to be inundated with it for the foreseeable future; here and elsewhere.

    I consider Donald Trump the most dangerous man ever elected to that office. He’s not a conservative. He’s not a Republican. By literal definition and consistently illustrated by his own words and actions, he’s an authoritarian leaning demagogue who’s clearly disinterested in anything other than himself and his own aggrandizement.

    This state of affairs far transcends partisan politics. I labeled this self-serving buffoon for what he was many months ago. I would have happily voted for any number of Republican adults over this ridiculously vapid man-child.

    He’s a liar of simply unbelievable, unprecedented, confounding proportions. The news media has had an incredibly difficult time covering him as the sheer volume of falsehoods, coupled with reluctance to simply label a self-serving untruth, have put them in a semi-permanent mode of catch up and reactivity. The media is not helped by having a PEOUS, soon to be Commander in Chief who denigrates and attacks any whom dare offer critique; even conflating honest reporting to fabrication. Those actions in of themselves are the very definition of un-American and hostile to our Constitution. Trump’s words have more in common with third world, tin pot dictators than they do resemblance to accepted and normative behavior.

    He speaks like a petulant child with a middle school vocabulary to match. It’s a level of word salad that in comparison makes Sarah Palin sound somewhat normal and George W Bush appear positively erudite. His inability or unwillingness to act or communicate like an adult notwithstanding, he commonly sounds like he has no idea what he’s talking about. He’s an arrogant ignoramus who believes he can manage the presidency via bulletin points and delegation.

    He routinely spouts off on topics he clearly has no understanding of. He commonly contradicts himself. He contradicts his own staff and supporters. He, with willful intent or not, creates a level of miscommunication born chaos that could (and likely will) create catastrophe He’s flippantly spoken about utilizing nuclear weapons, about creating unconstitutional registries and adhering religious tests, about reinstituting outlawed torture practices, about reneging on treaty obligations, and any number of very complex issues he treats with alarming casualness borne of willful ignorance.

    He’s thin skinned. He’s a bully. He has history of racist, misogynist, xenophobic speech. His election emboldened and encouraged the worst elements of our society; which manifested itself in a number of unpleasant ways including a dramatic spike in reported hate crimes. He taunts. He threatens. He demands respect while offering none. He’s the beneficiary of a foreign government plotting to throw the presidency his direction, and is practically at war with our own intelligence agencies as they refuse to conform to his untruthful version of events.

    He has no cohesive policy about anything. No, Mexico will not pay for a wall. And, whatever form of wall is built at the expense of the American taxpayer, will have no impact at all on illegal immigration or drug enforcement. No, manufacturing jobs are not coming back to Middle America. No, granting exorbitant and non-budgetary offset tax cuts to the already wealthy will not result in middle class prosperity. No, you cannot provide low cost healthcare to all Americans without some form of insurance mandate.

    And on. And on. And on. The fact remains the majority of American citizens did not vote for this man. Yet rather than show an ounce of humility, class, or regard for others and their competing points of view, he’s behaving like a sore winner whom cannot whom conflates legitimate dissent with being an enemy. He’s managed to alienate most of the country into deeply polarized factions before he’s even been inaugurated, and enters office with the lowest approval ratings for any incoming administration in the history of the United States of America.

    A failure to challenge this state of affairs is tantamount to acceptance. Speaking for me, no, not going to happen.

    Though the actions that any one citizen can take are limited, and perhaps even very small in scale, those actions add up into larger movements. There’s already a very strong, very committed, anti-Donald Trump movement that by virtue of The Donald’s own words and actions will do nothing but continue to grow.

    He could begin to defuse by beginning to act like a fucking adult and treating both the office he’s about to ascend to, not to mention other people whom may not agree with him, with a modicum of respect. I suspect that’s beyond him. We shall see.

    Andy Brown

    Don’t hold your breath.

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