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    More changes at 1080 The Fan. SVP and Russillo aired its last program (for now) on the station today. In its place will be the following changes:

    10AM-Noon: Hardline with Dirt and Sprague. Basically the same program that was on at Noon, but an hour shorter and starting two hours earlier. As noted on the board earlier, Taylor Danforth left the station a few weeks ago and is now hosting the local morning program on 620AM. He was the main anchor on the older program, so it’ll be interesting to see how Andy “Dirt” Johnson and Brandon Sprague can do without him. So far, in their soon to be old slot, it seems like a rudderless ship.

    Noon-3PM: Dusty and Cam. Long time producer of Primetime with Isaac and Suke Dusty Hara is getting his own program with former Washington Husky and former NFL player Cam Cleeland. Hara has been on the rise within the local market, both at the radio station and on Comcast Sports Net.

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