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    Both conventions are in the rearview. So, how did each party’s nominee fare? Spoiler: It wasn’t great for Donald Trump.

    An excerpt: Trump thanked “everyone for the wonderful reviews” of his speech and slammed Clinton’s “very long and very boring speech.” But Gallup’s results suggest the billionaire’s remarks were the worst-received in the past 20 years.
    The response to Trump’s acceptance speech yielded similar results on opposite ends of the spectrum. While 18 percent said his speech was just OK, 35 percent thought it was excellent or good — the lowest percentage since ’96 — and 36 percent thought it was poor or terrible — the highest percentage since ’96.

    How’s that polling look there, Herr Trump? What’s that? Hillary is plus nine post the DNC convention?

    The polling must be rigged! (Yes, he’s already floated that. LOL)

    And the call of the lunatic conspiracy bird continues. On Monday The Donald started actively suggesting the general election will be “rigged”. Presumably he’s getting his excuses in order:

    And, the authoritarian loving demagogue has threatened to revoke the press credentials of yet another news organization who has dared to cover him in a manner he does not approve of.

    Why, that’s not fascist of him at all! Except, of course, banning news organizations from access and coverage is the very thing despotic, gold leafed tin pot dictators and despots do all over the world.

    Cue Donald doubling down on lies, anger, hatred, bigotry, and conspiracy theory peddling. The only hope in hell he has is to drive down Hillary by whatever manner possible and entreat a metaphorical avalanche of older, white, uneducated, bigots to swarm the polls across the rust belt out of fear and misinformation.

    It’s not likely to work, but I guess that’s a strategy?

    Andy Brown

    trump is a laugh riot.

    Clinton has moved ahead in Pennsylvania. donald can not win without Pa. The other swing states of importance have yet to have new polls post DNC.

    Nationally she’s picked up points and now leads trump by 5 points or more in several national polls.


    He, more or less, needs to sweep the rust belt. Doing so is not impossible, but it’s very (very) difficult. The key to unlocking that door is the GOP/Donald base.

    See also, angry, older, white, ignorant and/or misinformed and/or uneducated voters in record breaking, precedent bursting, numbers.

    He (Trump) will have to ring up incredible numbers and turnout in rural areas, and peel off some independent and Democratic support, to offset the advantages Clinton will have in the major, metropolitan areas. Re: PA, that means running up absurd margins in the western half of the state to nullify Philadelphia and it’s suburbs. Or re: OH, running up big numbers in Youngstown and Akron to offset Cleveland and Cincinnati.

    Trump needs Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. If he doesn’t run that table, is electoral path to victory is basically negated.

    Or, to hear Trump tell is, he’s going to compete in California and New York.

    Right. At the rate he’s going there’s a chance he’s going to lose states like North Carolina. Forget about flipping something blue, red.

    Andy Brown

    dorque? Bacon? Too busy trying to find something to start a new post with a link that avoids the obvious hole donald is in? Keep looking, you’ll find something.


    He can’t win plain and simple.


    He and his son (and some surrogates) are *still* fanning the flames of the Captain Khan controversy. Just wait a few days when the polling on Herr Drumpf takes this flap into account.

    And in today’s further adventures of Trump being an idiot:

    After receiving a Purple Heart medal from one of his supporters during a campaign rally in Ashburn, Virginia, GOP candidate Donald Trump remarked: “I always wanted to get the Purple Heart. This was much easier.”

    The Purple Heart is the decoration awarded to those killed or wounded while serving in the U.S. military. Donald Trump never served in the military—he received student and medical deferments during the Vietnam War, only to later remark that sleeping around was his own “personal Vietnam.”

    “Trump did not get the Purple Heart, and there’s no ‘easy way’ to get it,” a spokesman for the Military Order of the Purple Heart told CBS News.

    And…he kicked a crying baby and the mother out of a rally today.

    No, that’s not an Onion headline. It actually happened.


    Poor Donald.

    Sinking fast in cement shoes he made himself word by word.

    Seriously, half the time I think he’s trying desperately to sabotage himself and can’t believe his supporters could possibly be that stupid.

    And yet they are.

    Their takeaway from the drubbing of 2012?
    We weren’t crazy enough!


    Honestly, I’m beginning to wonder if he’ll make it to election day the way things are going. He’s already telegraphing blame for his loss on a “rigged system”.


    So today he kicks a mother and her crying baby from a rally?

    What’s next, drowning puppies?


    Suppose he sees the writing on the wall, how does one gracefully exit the race? Is Pence automatically elevated?


    No, not the way I understand it. If this were to happen, the GOP could reconvene their convention. Then they would vote on a new nominee which could be Pence, but more likely Ryan. Either way, it will continue to pave the way for Clinton.


    Are you fucking kidding me?!

    Trump asks why US can’t use nukes

    I ask F&B bluntly and point blank;

    Just how much are you willing to give up for the opportunity to use the government to impose your religious proclivities on those of us that don’t share them?


    Trump is a dangerous buffoon. By his own words, by his own actions.

    I mean, seriously, what has to happen for some people to admit the obvious and put country before party?

    It’s nice to see the line of those who are starting to get longer. There’s been several prominent defections over the past few days and the calls are getting louder.

    News reports state the RNC is in a full blown panic as the wheels are coming off the Donald’s limo.


    There ain’t nothing on cable that is better than this. The GOP is burning down and nary a fire truck in sight. And Trump, he set, what now, 3 or 4 supertankers ablaze, since the weekend.


    At a really in Florida today he claimed that he could have stopped the 9/11 attacks if he’d been the president at the time.

    The man is fucking insane.

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