Miss Pretentious gets hers served fresh from Internet

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    Ive been on an ugly contract. Almost done.

    More when I catch up here…

    Enjoy. Honestly, I would totally have funded this woman, just to see the entertainment.

    That is if I had sufficient wealth.

    Can you imagine?

    “You want to do that?”

    “Have you thought it through?”

    “Ok, here is your funding. Please go big and let’s be sure and meet up next year so you can tell me all about it…”

    She calls it a gift. Indeed it is.


    I wonder what information besides name is used to make the different personal records unique. For instance, there would probably be many people named “John Smith.” Some additional information would be needed to distinguish between the different John Smiths. If starting a record required a lot of relatively obscure information (date of birth, birthplace, parents’ names, mother’s maiden name, etc.), then it would be difficult for anyone other than you and people very close to you to create an entry in the system for you.

    I can see two scary scenarios:

    1) The app becomes a success, and this sets the expectation that one should be listed there. People not found on the app are considered non-trustworthy by potential employers, dates, etc.

    2) Immature people use the app to spread rumors about and play pranks on others (think of junior high students writing snarky negative reviews of their teachers and fellow classmates).

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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