Minneapolis Riots

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    All hell breaking loose tonight in Minneapolis tonight for the 3rd night in a row, due to the killing of George Floyd by police there. Fire station and other businesses on fire.

    I really believe the Floyd killing is just part of this. I think the pandemic frustrations have also fueled this. We are in for a long haul in this country. It ain’t going to be easy for the next 12-24 months.


    It’s crazy!

    Been following reports on Twitter for a little while now.

    One precinct completely trashed. People basically took it over, drove the police out, and all but torched it. Might be torched now, who knows?

    Here’s what I think:

    I think all the talk about riots, the damage being done, and so forth, are distractions from two things:

    1) Nobody should die in police custody. Too many do.

    2) Why are people acting out?

    You will see a ton of talk about the what, and the who.

    Almost nothing about why.

    And that’s precisely why we are going to have that rough 12-14 months.


    No. Cops lack of respect for black people is the issue. I’ve seen the video. I watched a cop hold his knee down on his neck while he was begging for his life and also pissing himself. Everyone should be charged with murder as none of them did anything but look away. Disgusting in all respects.


    Of course the initial issue is the catalyst. But my point is people were already angry due to the pandemic, and this just made this worse.

    Now we are seeing riots developing across the country, in Louisville, Denver, Phoenix, and others. There is a deep anger in the country right now, and I am not convinced it was about this one death.

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    Totally. They actually did fire the police, and there is an investigation.

    They are angry about the pandemic, and the increasingly brutal scenario it presents, not to mention Trillions going into markets, while ordinary people get a one time scrap.

    Lots of tinder here, some building for years.

    This is what happens when the nation gets run like some banana republic.

    People don’t really believe they’ve got legit channels, and once that happens, this kind of thing happens.

    Trump: When the looting starts, the shooting starts, thank you.

    LOL, like that’s going to end well.

    Andy Brown

    It’s all a result of drumpf’s reign of terror as POTUS. drumpf is killing over a thousand people a day (1200) due to his negligence and malfeasance. Now white racists feel emboldened. drumpf continues to foment violence like he has been doing since his tenure began.

    The bottom line is that riots in the streets of Minnesota do not help drumpf going forward. It helps no one in fact.

    Some good news though. There aren’t enough voters like Deane and missing to get drumpf elected. That’s why they’re resorting to the GOP playbook right before our eyes. They can’t defend the miserable failures of drumpf so Deane jumps on the Old Joe train and missing . . . derailed several stops ago. If all the GOP and the looniest lefties can do is go negative against the leading candidate, a candidate whom I might add has led in the polls almost from the beginning, drumpf will continue to slide in the polls and fade into a ball of legal goo after the election. Oh, one more thing and I mentioned it before when missing posted about people refusing to vote and trying to tie it to Biden the first time. It’s normal for that many eligible voters to no show. missing, quit slinging that particular piece of pathetic crap. About 40% of eligible voters (in the last 20 years) don’t show. Bernie’s dismal defeat underscores that the far left is all noise and no signal.


    The history on this conflict runs much farther back than 2016.


    Situation getting worse. Spreading violence in Atlanta and other cities. This seems worse than 92 LA. Speaking of LA tonight police being attacked by civilians. Our society appears to be falling apart. Again I don’t think this can be separated from the pandemic. Take a bad situation (covid) and add a flame and this is what happens.


    Protests in London: NO JUSTICE NO PEACE

    Last night Minnesota Governor flat out admitted there were too many people.

    Portland saw escalation last night. Two banks, the Justice Center trashed hard, Apple, Nike other glass window shops looted.

    Curfew in place as of last night.

    Buckle up! This is not winding down.

    People are pissed, and agitator groups of all kinds see the moment.

    Finally, police are showing the lack of effective doctrine.

    Pre 80’s (ish) that was protect and serve. As imperfect as police were, deescalation was part of the training and leadership.

    Today the doctrine is escalation of force to compliance. I know first hand and put it here.

    Aggressive Verbal
    Physical Force
    Aggressive Force
    Deadly Force.

    There is no ability to escalate wired into most police and their leaders.





    Several retail stores in Eugene near 7th and Washington were partially or totally destroyed. Starbucks, Five Guys, Jimmy Johns, and a Sprint store. The protestors tried to torch Starbucks, causing the sprinklers to come on. Starbucks has closed that store, possibly (probably) permanently.

    Way to go level-headed “protestors”. Another batch of normal working folks back on unemployment. Small business franchises decimated. Rounding error on corporate balance sheets.


    Local barber shop Tim’s Trims at 5th & Willamette is being boarded up due to overnight vandalism, less than two weeks after they reopened after the shutdown. Way to stick it to Tim!

    A barber shop called Tim’s Trims is clearly the problem.

    Edit: I guess they’re protesters, not protestors. I’m so embarrassed.


    We have already lost so many liberty’s due to the pandemic and if this does not settle down anytime soon Trump will likely declare national martial law and roll out the military to enforce it. There go even more freedom’s. I will bet you that over 50% of those out there rioting do not even know why they are there. They are just along for the thrill of it and a chance to destroy something.

    People are prepping for Armageddon. First toilet paper and sanitizing products, rice, flour, potato’s, and now meat. Try and get a chest freezer….on back-order until October. Something else being stockpiled right now is ammunition. There is a national shortage on all popular ammunition. I was at Sportsman’s Warehouse today and 99% of popular ammo was gone. Only a little of really expensive ammo was to be had.


    Emergency curfew declared tonight in Eugene.


    Twitter #protests2020 and the like, take a city #portland and tack riot or protest onto it gets you a lot of citizen reporting.

    I wish the MSM would show more.

    The people cleaning up, others assisting with food, provisions, shelter.

    Some police walked with people.

    Lots of people talking in the aftermath.


    I will bet you that over 50% of those out there rioting do not even know why they are there. They are just along for the thrill of it and a chance to destroy something.

    Maybe more like 75%. If it’s a Portland or Eugene riot you know full well that’s exactly what it is. They tend to use media outrage as an excuse to release all their pent-up energy from sitting on their asses all day getting stoned/drunk/stoned and drunk. How does a one-time police incident in Minnesota even have anything to do with what goes on out here? It’s a convenient excuse.

    I was at a buddy’s last night and we were watching the shit hit the fan on channel 2/24. Laffs galore watching bunches of Portlanders/Portlander wannabes with nothing better to do with their pathetic, meaningless lives. Ya shur, ya betcha. (See, it’s OK for me to talk like that because my heritage is in the midwest.)

    Like early 2017 all over again. The only difference is there’s no more clear FM 800 MHz trunk system with police traffic to monitor since they converted it to (encrypted) packet a couple years ago to deny public accountability.

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