Milo Yiannopoulos's wings get clipped

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    If you were disappointed that Bill Maher brought Milo Yiannopoulos onto his HBO show “Real Time” last week, Mr. Maher is not especially bothered.

    In a telephone interview on Tuesday night, Mr. Maher batted back criticism of the booking by arguing that the appearance of Mr. Yiannopoulos actually helped expose the incendiary right-wing personality’s views to a wider audience and hasten his sudden downfall.

    Mr. Yiannopoulos’s collapse was set in motion Sunday when a conservative group called the Reagan Battalion resurfaced a 2016 interview in which he endorsed sexual relations with boys as young as 13. Mr. Yiannopoulos — known for a history of offensive remarks about Muslims, Jews, transgender people and other groups, and as a ringleader in a notorious incident of online harassment — lost a speaking slot at the Conservative Political Action Conference and a book deal with Simon & Schuster, and then said on Tuesday that he was resigning as a senior editor from Breitbart News.

    First off, Milo is gay. He shouldn’t be a right winger. Kind of like a Jew supporting Hitler’s policies. Or Ms Jenner support for Trump after he takes away rights of the transgendered.

    But just imagine if this kind of shit came from a liberal? Why is there so much crossover between conservatism and pedophilia?


    This guy is a joke. He is only out for publicity, and his opinions are only set to draw controversy. He doesn’t remotely represent gay people, and he is the Howard Stern of “shock politics”. He is, and should be, ignored. And except for this post, I will start that immediately.


    Milo has been getting increasing press lately…been reading about him and his views…a dichotomy of sorts being gay and flaunting it but loving Trump and all his conservative ideology. He’s very crass in his talks to make his points but he is a very good communicator…talks to fast for me and uses words/phrases that this baby boomer is outa sync with.

    >>a 2016 interview in which he endorsed sexual relations with boys as young as 13
    Read the piece and came away thinking he was talking more about his abuse as a child than anything.


    Milo gives being Gay and bad name! I have never heard anything this disgusting, Gay or Straight. I am glad he was given the boot. As much as I cannot stand him, I am glad Bill had him on the show. It does show at least some on the Right are down right horrible. Hey, it might help the Dem’s take back the Senate in 2018.

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