Mike and Amy out?

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    Anyone know what’s going on at the Wolf? Mike and Amy are off the webpage?


    From the Mike & Amy Facebook page:
    Hi! We sure appreciate the questions regarding our absence from the radio. And we are sorry we have not responded until now. We couldn’t because of legal stuff.

    At some point we will make a video or something and say goodbye properly, but for now all we can say is that we are no longer going to be with you in the morning.

    It is sad, it sucks and it is hard because we feel so grateful for the support you have always given us. It means so much to both of us.

    The reasons for this are complicated and we cannot say why one way or another because we agreed not to. But you can bet it had SOMETHING to do with Amy, rehab, and/or her ongoing theft of office supplies. 😉

    We learned a lot about a lot of you in twenty years and we had so much fun. There were ups and downs, but that is the way it is and we were always grateful to be able to go through them with you each day.

    We are not sure what will happen with this page day to day, but we know we will have some announcements you may want to see, so we will keep it going (and by we, I mean Amy. This is the first thing I have posted in who knows when) and we will keep checking in if you ever want to connect.

    For now, all we can say to you is thank you.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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