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    3000 selections is a pretty deep library compared to the shitty 60-100 selection rotations that most of the big-money corporate FMs limit themselves to. Even Muzak’s “Foreground Music One” format includes only around 500 selections these days (no thanks to Soundexchange) which for what it is is quite paltry compared to what it was just a few years ago (if that makes any sense*) but is still pretty huge compared to late 2010s Big Media radio.

    * This will not be on the exam.


    I commend MeTV if it can successfully rotate 3,000 songs without alienating listeners. In the 1990s, I volunteered at a university radio station that boasted about how much music was in its library. In my recollection, they claimed something insane like 3,000 CDs and 30,000 LPs. However, that music had been accumulated over a period of over two decades. Most of it just sat on the shelves and was never used on the air. There were many, many old LPs that sounded extremely dated from the perspective of the station’s focus on contemporary music. There were also a variety of really obscure or novelty acts that would have been considered “crap.” Did anyone here know that the man who claimed to bend spoons with his mind, Uri Geller, made an album? More isn’t always better.

    Even though we largely stuck to playing the most audience-accessible material from our library, students still routinely complained that the station sucked because its programming approach was too slapdash and not sufficiently accessible.


    As absurd as this sounds, I stand before you today to say that when Uri Geller was a guest on KKEY, he told people that he was going to bend keys and keys that were not previously bent, including mine, were bent, while Geller was there and returned to not being bent, after he left! I absolutely did not believe it before it happened and still wonder what actually occurred. Soon after that, The Amazing Randy was on to debunk Geller and was unsuccessful.

Viewing 3 posts - 31 through 33 (of 33 total)
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