Merry Christmas Everyone

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    I got a chance to tune KBPS in AM Stereo last night. Hoping they do the Christmas Card again this year. I will be here to listen.

    Been a really tough year. The startup I am helping to build looks like it is on the way to being a viable business. Lots of travel and adventures. Toughest gig ever, but we all are having fun.

    Anyway, listening last night got me to thinking about our journey. We live in very interesting times. We have all seen amazing change multiple times in our lives and it is not over!

    I hope this finds all of you happy, healthy, living, loving and enjoying life. I am, despite many challenges.

    The politics are not pretty. I also hope you all look around at the good, and there is plenty of good despite what you may see or hear out there, latch on to it, amplify it, and make damn sure to keep perspective.

    Under all that shit, we are people, and we don’t need much, hope for better, want better, and can get along when it counts. Ever think about when it counts?

    I do.

    It always counts. There is a lot of money being spent to somehow convince us otherwise. Black Friday? Skipped it. Don’t need it. All those dealz? Pffft. Who cares?

    I picked up a few fun things for little Pooky, who is three. The rest was made, cooked, or expressed.

    You got yours, I got mine, and we are all here to laugh, love, play, do, build, explore. Perspective. It is a gift. Perhaps the most valuable one.

    Your friend KSKD.



    As I like to tell my student interns, “Happy whatever you do, or don’t celebrate.”



    Yes. Exactly Randy.

    Lol,great, happy, floppy all over the place Snoopy animations! Like the tune. New performance of it for me. Treat.



    Doug, and all my friends in here, Merry Christmas/Happy Hanukkah/Happy Kwanzaa/happy however you celebrate (or don’t).

    It’s been a challenging but rewarding year here. I’m one year back in school now, can’t wait until I’m helping and being of service to others in a way that is more self-fulfilling than asking for here or to go. It’s another year with my lovely bride (finally got that one right!), and we just bought a house a couple weeks back and moved my mother down from Spokane. No more worries about her living alone.

    May 2019 be blessed for everyone. I’d love to see ya put down our differences in this time of great, hypercharged political strife and come together, as one, for the betterment of all. That’s my one wish.

    My love to you all, as I consider so many of you friends.




    Nice! Where did you get a house?

    Congrats on what you got right. Worth a lot 😀

    I should be in town more this year. Visited a lot of States! Have almost seen them all now.

    Up for a meetup anytime.



    Missing – Saint Helens. It’s a little further out than Scappoose for me, but my wife teaches here, and we got a lot more house for a lot less money than we would have anywhere near Portland. Plus, we pay half the property taxes!

    I’d love a meet up.



    Nice change of pace thread.

    I, too, wish this group a Merry Christmas, or however you celebrate the holiday season.

    Wife and I celebrated 30 years of marriage this past April.

    Our daughter married this past weekend to her Trinidadian boyfriend. Small ceremony in our house…lots of family and friends.

    Also, the band I’m in, HomeBrew, recorded an original song that I penned, under the encouragement of Michael Allen Harrison, who heard the song during a live performance over a year ago and told me that it needed to be recorded. If you want to listen:

    May 2019 be a good year of health, work and play. Be good to yourselves and let kindness lead you throughout your days.

    Peace to all.



    Thank you, Chris.

    I have nothing but respect for my friend Dan Packard who has kept this site alive.

    I withdrew from political discussion earlier this year. I’m glad I did. The writing is on the wall, however.

    One term.



    Merry non-political Christmas thread everybody! Presents are the (groan…) reason for the season!

    heard the song during a live performance over a year ago and told me that it needed to be recorded. If you want to listen:

    AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!! MY EARS!!!!! Why so over-compressed? You know, there’s nothing wrong with peaks and dynamic range….



    Hey Chris, Mrs KSKD and I passed 30 a couple years ago.

    I look back at amazing and often challenging times! Having someone in our corner no matter what makes all the difference in the world!

    Congrats and may you have many more!



    Thanks, Doug. You’ve been a part of this little community for years and it’s still great that you participate. We have changed over the years, gotten older, seen children grow up, been as divisive as ever…but yet, we remain.

    This little corner of the internet has been a reason for me to keep a computer.



    As have you.

    Man, we’ve seen radio change dramatically! I should probably put this on the radio side, but my rental car radio sample has seen the rise, and relative dissapperance of HD Radio, just as many predicted.

    At it’s peak, I was getting one in every few cars. Got several chances to give it a good chance. Honestly, it did better than I expected. There were times when I flat out enjoyed the experience. But, great radios do almost as well, and the big shift was smartphones.

    For me, lack of suitable programming pretty much killed radio, but as a curio sometimes. Every so often, I get a chance to listen late night drive, and that’s as fun as it always was, given a modest AM radio to play with. (in cars, that was very difficult to find for a while, and now somewhat improved)

    Podcasts are awesome. Mostly, I use Stitcher and a little app called Podcast Addict. Free / being where I have wi-fi happens enough to make the experience transparent.

    Ditched I Heart long ago. I do still see some people using it though! Amazing really.

    I sure wish we would have seen moves to make AM more podcast friendly. So much programming out there. I remain convinced a whole lot of it could be aired and would be listened to. Today, it’s hard to keep up! I’ve about 20 that I listen to. Retrocomputing got on the bandwagon big. Those are well produced and a ton of fun.

    It seems I am not the only one who won’t let the 8 bit age go. This year, finally, has seen the near completion of a micro-processor, really microcontroller I’ve been a part of since it’s conception some 12 years ago now. The thing is as good as we all thought it would be, and amazingly has arrived somewhat competitive, despite the long design time. Rev A chips are almost completely functional too. That shit almost never happens.

    Here in front of me is real silicon. I plan on making a little bench type computer out of these and hopefully can get it into a kit. Should be fun. More takers than I ever thought are out there now too. Funny how things shift and change.

    My current gig, 3D printing / additive manufacturing is on a big upswing. The field has been alive for some 30 years, but recent patent expirations have opened major parts of it to more players. It’s a great time to be doing something really new. (and the source of my travels this year)

    …and politics.

    Flat out, many things I hold dear are on the table. It’s painful, but the younger players are there and we are going to see a pretty damn big shift before too long. 2016 marks the start of all that, with 2020 being a key inflection point. It’s either going to go and grow, or we are in for a period of relative instability. Nobody knows which.

    (And if they think they do? I would not give it much weight)

    And that’s a source of friction here I know, but I absolutely refuse to take it personally, or even get too angry at people right now. We’ve been in a paradigm for over 40 years that is going to be very difficult to shake.

    But, it will shake. No doubt about that. I do doubt the dominant direction though. Anyone’s game at present. Scary thought.

    Having talked to a freaking ton of people all over the country now, and from a very wide range of demographics and socioeconomics, I thought I might feel old, but I do not. For me, these things are pretty well aligned with my own politics, which I discovered right here, talking it through.

    No, I feel quite good. We are long overdue for some basic national questions to be readdressed. As that happens, and as some people age out, new ones age in, the impact of that last 40 years is under referendum. Good.

    For me, the biggest realization was just how much fear, blame and shame are employed. Not good. And a thing I completely reject. Most are going to have to do that, and will have to do that because of the changes to come.

    Whether they go well or super badly will depend partially on that fear, blame and shame. If it’s dominant, we are gonna struggle hard. Ultra hard. Facism may well rule the day for a time. Not looking forward to that, but then again, I’ve got plans either way.

    Mrs and I have talked all that shit through and we just don’t need much. If it’s gonna go badly, I’ve got plenty of skills. We can pick up, go somewhere that isn’t going to be a PITA and live it out, loving, playing, doing.

    Getting out of the country again recently made it’s impact too. We are young Chris. We are facing some things older cultures have faced down a few times.

    Truth is, we are very likely to be in the streets before too long. If so? That’s good too. I actually hope to see it, because it will mean we are having a more real, honest, political dialog, and where that happens, one cannot escape the ugly regression out there. Way too damn many of us struggle for no reason other than ignorance and greed.

    I don’t think that is sustainable at all. We shall see. It could be. Depressing if so, and the source of a lot of instability too. Younger generations are not going to live well under the current direction.

    Lots more to discuss. Perhaps when people can do that, sans the fear, blame and shame part. We shall see about that too. I’m quite happy to show up, do what I have always done, and that is write with no fear, raw, honest, real. Where that makes sense, great. Where it doesn’t, I’ve got plenty to do.

    Kids are out of the house, save for my youngest who really is having a hard time of things. I have had to get help as he’s beyond me. Real mess.

    But, I have two granddaughters and they are fantastic! I may end up mostly raising one. Ugh. Didn’t really have that in the plan, but if it must be, then those plans I talked about are already layed down. I can play this all much differently, and just might!

    Otherwise, Mrs and I have things we want to do, places to go, people to see.

    What I can say is we do live in very interesting times! It sure as fuck is not dull! I worried about that. Ha! Fat fucking chance of that.

    Please accept my best to you and yours. Maybe, one day, in a meetup we can actually meet! I may just have to swing by and offer coffee. 😀



    Here’s the hard truth on fear, blame and shame.

    We are either going to seek mutual understanding and respect and then figure out votes to come to that end, or we are not.

    I am on the seek understanding to mutual, public good side of things and am pretty much not going to step away from any of it.

    What has been done is done. No re-dos.

    But, anything is possible in politics. The future has yet to be decided, and it’s those votes, those ideas that will matter more.

    We cannot get at the really good stuff without first having a basis for that to all happen. That is a basic change in my politics, long overdue. I went about a decade too long the old way.

    The up and coming people get this way more than my generation and earlier ones do. And we are entering the time where we see it play out, as they become the biggest generation, and start to take power.

    Little things, like presenting as who they are as opposed to presenting a facade like so many of us did and were pressured to do. Valuing who people really are, what they know, why they do what they do is everything now.

    The more of us who get that, the better all of this rough time ahead will go, in my view.


    Dan Packard

    Season best to everyone! I hope this time finds you being able to slow down a little and contemplate the finer things in life with friends and family. And I like what KSKD said earlier.

    . . . I also hope you all look around at the good, and there is plenty of good despite what you may see or hear out there, latch on to it, amplify it, and make damn sure to keep perspective.

    We can make the world a better place!



    t seems I am not the only one who won’t let the 8 bit age go. This year, finally, has

    Well, admitting you have a problem is the first and most important step in the recovery process. You’ve just taken the first step, so all the rest will fall into place one day at a time.

    You can do it, brother! I’m pulling for you! We’re all in this together.

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