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    I tried to do some phone checking on our CPs for TV translators here in the Astoria area. I got voice mail on several, but one I got a real person at Watch TV in Portland. They have a CP for ch 28.1 out here. They tested out here in the 90’s in analog with a shopping channel for a couple months, but I have not seen any other activity since. They applied and received a CP to switch from analog to digital a couple years back, so I figured they may do something with the translator. The person I spoke with did not have any definite answers, but recently discussions were going on regarding what programming would go on 28. So maybe we will get something else out here. With digital it has been a landslide of new TV channels. Going from 3 analog a few years ago to now 14! There are also CPs for 4,5,15, 36, 38, and 51. 42 3ABN tested a few years ago in analog, but never came on. Their CP is now missing from the FCC site, so probably dead, but I would guess the translator and all is still up there at Megler, so maybe someone else could apply for it. There is an app for 24. With the 24 app, who knows where that might go, with the changes as it is not a CP and 51 may be moved to a lower channel, but we may get more TV now, especially with the fiber line running from the Portland West hills out to Megler. No loss of signal any longer either. We are keeping our fingers crossed that we may get 32 out here in time, now that they do not need a boost, as we have fiber. Time will tell I guess. But all of this great OTA TV is wonderful.

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