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    An Awesome woman, and some would say an inspiration to all.

    Jeffrey Kopp

    That was rude.


    You are the perfect Trump surrogate, dork.


    C’mon ed, you have to admit, there is a lot of truth in that picture.


    You wouldn’t know truth if it bit you in the ass.


    I debated for a quick moment about even bothering to respond to this.

    Like basically everything Dork posts, it’s purely troll bait. He’s incapable of conducting informed and reasoned discourse and displays a level of gleeful ignorance I associate with lower order primates flinging poo at the bars of a zoo.

    Having offered that bit of editorializing an framing, here’s my real reaction:

    That’s awesome, Dork. Good work. I (genuinely) hope you’re the kind of person who both thinks that’s amusing and is likely to share with all of your friends in as many social media channels as possible. Please, have at it. That, and more!

    Why would I be congratulatory about such a thing? The answer is simple. The Dork and the liked minded (a term I’m using loosely here, of course) are accidentally helping to elect Hillary Clinton.

    I predicted, seemingly eons ago thought it was actually only last Fall, that whomever The Republican nominee ended up being was going to have a time and a half dealing with Hillary Clinton for a whole host of reasons. Including, and specific to this analysis, that the core supporters of the party would be unable to help themselves from engaging in personal attacks including rampant misogyny and likely ageism.

    Such attacks are only amusing to those predisposed to engage in such things to begin with, (i.e. wing nut, white men) and are deeply troubling to a plurality of the electorate and a super majority of women. Yes, including women who might otherwise be inclined to vote Republican.

    It plays well with the core, the kind of people that think Fox is news and that Rush is right, and is voter kryptonite to everyone else. I predict that when all of the dust settles you’re going to see historic levels of female support for Hillary Clinton; further engaged by the type of mouth breathing attacks The GOP is incapable of restraining themselves from.

    Keep the good work, pal!


    I don’t think her age and gender mean anything to most Republicans.

    That cartoon doesn’t serve us that well, I agree. It detracts from the main criticisms that she’s a liar, a grifter, a phony, and an opportunist who lives a very privileged and lavish lifestyle because she married Bill Clinton, who paved the way to all her political successes and financial gain through speaking fees to big banks as well as access to perks and cash through their “foundation.”

    If women are as smart as I think they are, I don’t see them supporting Hillary because she is a woman or because of a nasty cartoon. I think there are many women who have the common sense to see that being a woman doesn’t excuse Hillary from putting national secrets at risk and putting herself above rules and the law to protect her own secrets and interests, and then lying to the American people about it.

    Hillary is a liar. A proven fact.

    And calling Trump supporters “mouth breathers” is doing in reverse what you think that cartoon is doing. Condescension and the idea that liberals are elite, special, smart, etc. is not going to work to your benefit.

    Andy Brown

    “I don’t think her age and gender mean anything to most Republicans.”

    Wrong. Her gender means everything to the party of gynophobia, racism, homophobia and stupidity. Her age escapes scrutiny only because the GOP’s excuse for a candidate is only 16 months younger. Had the GOP candidate been 5 years or more younger, then you can bet your rural Republican undereducated ass the Republicans would jump on age.
    Your statement is stupid, period.

    “If women are as smart as I think they are, I don’t see them supporting Hillary because she is a woman”

    She is not only a woman, ace, she is an experienced politician that knows how to get things done unlike trump whom only knows how to make money by cheating others. He calls that ‘making deals.’ Ha. Boy does the donald know how to set the hook on you mindless right wing morons and reel you in like a flounder or what? If you think donald could ever win the female vote in any state, you are so out of touch that further discussion is futile. The results will bare this all out, so let us know how you like your crow cooked.

    While I have your attention, today’s Reuters/Ipsos poll has Hillary +5. Another poll released today has Hillar +15 in California.


    Here’s the problem with your thesis, Pope Bacon.

    Democrats attack Donald Trump for the things Donald Trump actually says and does. He’s a serial lying, bigoted, blustering, ignorant, thin skinned bully with no credible or actionable ideas of any kind. He’s a slogan in a red hat.

    Wing nuts cannot seemingly help attacking Hillary for how she looks and how she sounds.

    It’s going to blow up in their face.

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