Meet John Millar

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    John Millar

    John Millar was owner and founder of Avalon Carpet Tile & Flooring.

    John Millar, who supplied marble to the Trump’s Taj-Mahal was owed $3.9 million by Donald Trump.

    As he was walking into a meeting with contractors to share strategies, landscaper Herman Caucci asked him what he planned to do: Stick it out, or take cash at a discount?

    “I don’t know, Herman, I need the money,” Caucci recalls Millar responding before the March 1990 meeting. “We could lose everything.”

    Court documents suggest he got about 30 cents on the dollar over the next year. Millar is deceased.

    Millar had to lay off workers, shut down his business Avalon Commercial, close many of his retail stores and borrow from friends to make ends meet, according to court documents and Millar’s lawyers and former employees.

    In 1996, John Millar filed for personal bankruptcy.


    Thanks for this. Gonna distribute it to hoping to sway votes away from Gary Johnson.

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