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    What would Donald Trump be like as a client for your small company?

    “I sent a bill. It wasn’t paid,” said architect Andrew Tesoro, whose small firm was hired by Trump to design the clubhouse for a Trump golf course.

    After having his work applauded by Trump himself, according to Tesoro, Trump’s people offered him about a third of what he was owed. He reluctantly accepted.

    That wasn’t paid either, he says. When Tesoro finally met with Trump, Trump bullied him with a “take-it or leave-it” offer of just half the already-agreed-upon lower amount. “Mr. Trump’s attorney said that if I were to sue the Trump organization, I would probably get that money, but he made very clear to me that it was his job to make sure that it took me so long and so much money that I was probably wise to accept this very meager sum of money. … It almost put me out of business.”

    “Because I was the little guy, he was winning and wanted to keep winning,” said Tesoro of Trump. “His definition of winning is making sure the other guy loses, and that way of doing business is just not very fair to the little guy.”


    In all seriousness, Hillary needs to make this stuff as known as possible.


    In all seriousness Hillary has burned every last chance of getting the presidency. She is so Unliked after the e mail scandal. I truly believe this latest scandal with Debbie Wasserman has singlehandedly given the presidency to trump. The Bernie sander’s camp feel betrayed and they are pissed off. Do you honestly think they are going to forget about this and vote for Hillary? I don’t think so.


    And those unicorns are going to teach you how to fart glitter, too.


    The Bernie sander’s camp feel betrayed and they are pissed off.

    The pissed off betrayed portion of the Bernie camp is only 10% of his supporters and shrinking as more Trump Maleficence is brought to light.

    While loud, vocal and given lots of press, the 10% isn’t enough.

    In Clinton’s March to Nomination, Many Democrats Changed Their Minds

    On most issues, Sanders primary supporters further from GOP voters than Clinton backers

    Despite the Bernie-or-bust contingent, 90% of Bernie Sanders’ core supporters now back Clinton


    How do Bernie Sanders’ donors feel?

    Hillary and the DNC and with their rigged system knew they were flushing millions of dollars down the drain. Is that nice?

    What proof do you have that these anecdotes are true? We haven’t heard the other side of the story. At this point, I lament that we lost Andrew Tesoro’s vote, but disenfranchised Bernie supporters will more than make up for it.


    Sorry if that brings a tear to your eye.

    Be sure to pray hard for the “babies”!


    What rigged system are you talking about?

    Hillary won fair and square, and by a rather large margin.

    If you want to talk about rigging elections, look no further than voter ID laws.

    Andy Brown

    dork’s and F&Bacon’s posts exhibit true fear of the pending reality of President Hillary Clinton. They can deny it all they want, but fear is like dog shit, get close enough and you can’t help but smell it. The DNC is only at day 2 and dork is calling the election based on his personal feeling and nothing else. You see dork, you can’t just read articles you like and then assume them to be true. The only other person around here that does that is Pope Bacon.

    F&Bacon posts that no facts are real if he doesn’t want them to be. What’s even more annoying is you can present facts but then he goes silent . . . crickets . . . in his hope the thread will sink off the page and no one will remember he didn’t answer the key questions.

    You two are nothing but typical right wing fools with barely an iota of intellect combined between. You have fallen for the biggest scam politician since Plunkitt of Tammany Hall.

    Both dork and F&Bacon are all excited about the polls post RNC, a false and dangerous precipice to base anything on. Two weeks after the end of the DNC we can look at the polls and compare them to the numbers from two weeks ago and have a good idea of the net change. That would be a logical and more statistically sound discussion, but the right wing blood in you two seems to have drained every ounce of rational thought.

    Meanwhile, the big blue wall of electoral votes overshadows all this insignificant crap that dork keeps posting and Pope Bacon has totally lost his ability to make any sense at all.

    There really is no significant reason to respond to them if you have anything else to do.

    You both remind me of Ted Nugent. dork finds pro donald articles and posts them up but can’t answer a single question or provide a single fact to back up his conclusions, for example when he writes “Hillary has burned every last chance of getting the presidency. She is so Unliked after the e mail scandal” dork seems to overlook that donald’s negatives are still way higher then Hillary’s and both dork and Pope Bacon are reveling in the post convention bounce numbers after one convention. That’s as absurd as thinking that in a baseball game the first team to bat gets some runs and concluding the game is over. And Bacon asking for proof of anecdotes when the facts are common knowledge and have been documented many times in the courts every time donald cheats workers and subcontractors.

    You two buffoons are going to be eating some heavy crow come November.


    And the cycle will repeat in 2020;


    When people talk about the election or the system being rigged, as is happening in some of these threads, that implies to me that somebody is cheating; the rules are not being followed. I believe that the way our system works, the dice has been cast, and Clinton is our future President, but the rules have been followed. The people claiming malfeasance are tin foil hat wearers because they have not been able to prove said rigging (say, by stuffing ballot boxes or intimidating people from voting).

    I further predict that:

    1) 3-5% of of voters will write in Bernie Sanders on their ballots. This won’t be enough to win him any electoral votes.
    2) 8-10% will write in the name of one of the other Republican candidates on their ballots. These will serve solely as symbolic protest votes.
    3) 1-2% will vote Johnson/Weld (this year’s Libertarian ticket). This won’t be enough to win any electoral votes.
    4) No Clinton electoral college delegates will vote differently.
    5) No Trump electoral college delegates will vote differently.


    “This reply was modified 10 hours, 57 minutes ago by Alfredo_T. Reason: The tin foil hat wearers need a mirror held up to themselves”



    As per usual, it’s just a combination of lies and self deception.

    All the emails show is that some members of the DNC and DWS had a Clinton bias.

    Granted, that was wrong. Without question. And, metaphorically at least, heads should roll.

    That said, the system was not “rigged”. Everyone had a chance to vote for whomever they wanted to during the Democratic primaries and Hillary Clinton won by every empirical measure. More total votes, more delegates, more super delegates, more total states won, etc.

    The “rigged” cry is only being utilized by a small number of utterly lunatic left Bernie people; whom were not going to accept any outcome other than a Bernie victory regardless. And, of course, the GOP who find it a politically convenient, if untrue, charge to pile onto their “Hillary Clinton is corrupt” messaging.

    The facts don’t matter to either camp.

    As to the latter, they clearly would rather not spend any time asking why exactly Vladimir Putin and Russia would love to have Donald Trump as president.

    Hint: It’s not because they’re rooting for America.

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