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    Make millions, and say what they tell you to say: FOX, MSNBC, CNN, et al.


    Make a pittance, and say what you want: VICE, blogs, other indie, smaller scale media.

    Not sure where AlJazzera lands in there. I’ve not followed them much, and I sure don’t know what they pay. Maybe one of you do.

    Interesting isn’t it?

    I’ve been a fan of VICE for a while now. A lot of the reporting is raw, as is the writing. It’s frank, relevant, and often crosses taboos.


    I think AlJazeera America is great. They did an in-depth article on Native American tribal disenrollment last year, with the emphasis on our family, which is in the process of being disenrolled from the Grand Ronde Tribe. They did a great job, and it was balanced.


    A story that has been ignored by local media. Why?


    In 2013 This American Life did a story about it.

    I’d not heard of VICE before.
    I’ll check it out.


    VICE has some quite interesting and edgy documentaries about fringe subjects, many that are quite uncomfortable to watch. Some examples are: a film about the world’s scariest drug, which is used by criminals in Columbia, a film about Uganda’s moonshine problem and a film about Brandon Barthop, and the “Drunken Glory Movement,” to name a few.


    PBS NewsHour is where I’m parked these days.


    My primary GoTo news sources;


    Vox is great for breaking news items into individual components and explaining. Kind of like getting news in bullet points but with the ability to drill down.

    For Opinion based news;

    Mother Jones

    And just for fun;

    Catholic News Service


    I have to admit I am losing patience with the major cable nets. I used to like CNN because they seemed to be centered somewhere between Fox and MSNBC. But in the last couple of years, they have resorted to sticking with “breaking news” way too long, repeating information constantly. The lost airliner, and now even today with the Baltimore story. Perhaps this is garnering better ratings, but as a viewer it is so irritating to keep hearing the same info over and over without much context. Then, over on Fox, it seems to be all about anti-Hillary. Again and again. Same with Rush on the radio. Enough already. What a blowhard. I may take Chris’s advice and start paying more attention to PBS.


    @ DuxRule re: “A story that has been ignored by local media. Why?”

    OPB/NPR did a great story on us, this whole topic would make a great documentary film. Full of intrigue, dirty politics, greed, twists and turns and unbelievable legal and tribal decisions. My family (66 descendents of Chief Tumulth’s and his first wife Susan) is waiting for the tribal judge’s decision and currently under a gag order. Spirit Mountain Casino and the Confederated Tribes are currently fighting other big problems as well as disenrollment; the new Cowlitz Casino is rolling full speed ahead despite legal fights, we just lost millions with a failed recycled cup manufacturing company in WA called Microgreen, and the CTGR tribal Council is losing support for many other issues as well. It’s a mess.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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