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    First, this is a good look at what the Sanders campaign is actually doing:

    You can find an event here:

    The core team behind Sanders has been operating on a strategy and vision realized in late 2016. Failure isn’t in that vision, only work to change. The media really has not recognized that fact, and a lot of it has to do with the fact that Sanders isn’t going to be paying them massive amounts of money. The rest of it has to do with the basic threat to their political income.

    To them, and many of the other candidates, it’s all about the money. Even Warren, who is playing a nice sleight of hand with her “no big money” primary gimmick. What she actually is doing is using past big money to fund her primary, and will commit to the same in the general, all of which is a fancy, donate and matching funds type strategy.

    That core team kept in touch with the 44 percent of delegates Bernie won in 2016, as well as the volunteers.

    Each political opportunity means working to win as well as working to continue to lead the discussion and build the movement to advance the top issues defining the struggle a majority of Americans experience today.

    That’s happening bottom up.

    Sanders is nearing one million individual donors. This is massive! Not contributions, there are almost 3 million of those. DONORS.

    A core part of the vision is bringing the roughly 40 percent of in active voters into the action by presenting them with things to vote for.

    The ground game is massive, already up and running in both early and key States. Others are still buying media ADS and taking tours in the Hamptons.

    You will see the staff discussions ebb and flow. The campaign is not about them, and hasn’t been for a long time now. It’s about the movement of people getting after better.

    That’s thousands of people advancing this campaign every day.

    All you are seeing in those “disarray” stories is overblown drama, same as was done for the campaign staff wage discussion earlier. Non issue.

    I will be frank here and point out the other Dem candidates have nothing even close. Seriously. Nothing.

    Most of them will be building off whatever got them the nom, should they get the nom.

    Bernie has all that running and more today, well in advance of anyone else.


    This is a non private link.


    Totally off topic, but thanks Missing (and) Vit for adding new life to a “dead” part of this site. I got tired of it about 18 months ago, but as we get closer to another important election, let’s discuss.


    I don’t blame you. Sometimes a break is good. I took one myself, only checking in from time to time.

    Important, definitely *interesting* election times ahead for sure!

    At times, rhetoric here has been quite ugly. Maybe now I should say what I said then, It’s OK. I know, respect and trust you all. We’ve been around for a long time. No worries. I’ve got plenty thick skin.

    Andy Brown

    Over the last 6 months, Sanders has lost ground. About 8%. Biden remains right where he was. Warren has gained considerably, over 13%.


    I doubt that. Warren copying his campaign is interesting to watch, and given media support, a worry.

    That is pretty real. Like last election, this one is an establishment referendum election.

    Economic failure coupled with endless war is why.

    None of that will go away, until ordinary people see real gains. Long overdue too.

    What is not being reported much is the absolutely huge Sanders ground game. In Iowa, just this last week, some 20k homes were canvassed along with lots of phone work.

    Of course that kind of thing is not valuable to media. But, it works very well.

    Other candidates are just now ramping up.

    Warren will see an influx of Kamila people as they see she is off the list now. Biden basically doesn’t have anything but a party push and media buys.

    He did not age as well as others too. The Biden I remember is not here today. He may forget he is running. Joke, but one rooted in real concern. I don’t think he has it anymore.

    Nobody else has both a million individual donors (near 3 million donations, many recurring), and a million plus volunteer org either.

    Like you say Andy, it is early. Sanders will take it all the way and there is no money source to call to stop things. He is running because we want it, period.

    None of the others have that degree of agency, nor base of power. All of the other Dems need the same big money preventing long overdue economic reform too. That is rough.

    And watch Trump. He will do similar things. Take it to the people, run against media and the usual players.

    Establishment referendum elections tend to favor these sorts of things.

    It is going to be another amazing time! For progressives, these are the best politics of our lives. No joke.

    It will be run for all its worth, and the massive change in the national dialog is already paying off.

    Good times ahead. It is not every day we see meaningful, plausible attempts to break away from post New Deal politics like this!

    Of course, I am all in. There was never a question. I did not write all I did here for shits and giggles.

    Now, one more thing that works extremely well in canvass and phone work:

    Those people who say nothing else matters but beating Trump, also say:

    Feeding your kids does not matter
    Seeing a doctor does not matter
    Having a home does not matter
    The world burning does not matter

    You get the idea.

    Follow that with, the real, solid way to defeat Trump is to run on what actually does matter!

    One guy, Bernie, is doing exactly that, and has Warren copying him like a fangirl too.

    End with join the millions of us taking it right to the streets.

    Those conversations are going on everywhere right now. They are very good conversations.


    Win the fucking election, then talk policy.

    “It is going to be another amazing time! For progressives, these are the best politics of our lives. No joke.”

    Surely you’re joking. Progressives like you have taken it in the sack thanks to Trump. Just the SCOTUS alone sets us back decades. Never mind all the other damage to just about everything on the list of things you care about.


    No, talk policy from day one. In that, communicate clearly what people are voting, organizing, donating for.

    Notice the significant change in the national dialog?

    That’s us. And it works.

    No joke. Each cycle through, whether it is campaigns for office, or issue and policy campaigns, the number of people involved grows.

    Right now, it is roughly the size, maybe a bit larger than peak 2016. And early!

    Americans are super hungry for policy discussions, while the likes of Vox are writing about how selfies are critical to the Warren campaign. LOL

    They are hungry for that, because the level of need and pain accumulating as a result of increasing cost and risk exposure is unacceptable to very large and growing numbers of people.

    All of that is where the base of power comes from, by the way. It is a base of small money, and legitimacy that can compete with the usual money in politics out there today. It can compete because it is representative.


    So here is what this comes down to:

    Either one believes in the party, it’s leadership, and all that, or not.

    I don’t. We have decades of economic failure for all but a minority of Americans.

    Bernie does not, nor do those in the movement to reform.

    Flat out, we get to make our case, and do not need to ask anyone. And it is a GREAT case! By far the best policy platform out there, and we know that too.

    (Which is why ground game, people to people politics are being used to such great effect. Talking with people, not at them, works wonders when it comes to finding common ground and common motivation to act.)

    That means your, “win, then talk” gets dismissed as unnecessary. The game is to talk and win on the strength of the platform and its benefit to ordinary people.

    As we make this case, the policy discussion bends our way as more and more Americans see change as possible and better for them than what the status quo politics are.

    As I have written more than a few times, welcome to Democracy. This is exactly how it works, and why it works the way it does. We get to do what we are doing, and are doing it on our own dime too.

    Your move slick.

    At what point do you actually quit being a major league dick?

    Asking for a friend 😀


    I’ll stop being a major league dick when people like you quit damaging the chance we have to remove Trump from office because you’re sucked into the Bernie cult.

    Remember, 77K voters in 3 states just like you are why we have Trump.



    Running the same old formula during an establishment referendum time is damage!

    I want to win, and warmed over Clinton is unlikely to do that.

    And I want it to count. Warmed over Clinton is definitely nothing to do that.

    Ok, so you are gonna be a dick. No worries.

    I have always liked how you own that kind of thing. Dead serious.

    You should also know I mean every word and have zero worries. A nicer conversation would great, but isn’t required.

    Like I said, your move.

    …or better, we watch it play out some and see whether something shakes out that can help.

    I will leave with an obvious point, and remember when I said I care exactly as much as you do?

    Well, when struggling Americans looking for a seat at the policy table to improve their lot is some how damaging to the party claiming to represent them, and who needs and expects their votes, it is obvious how much caring is happening.

    Maybe reconsidering that would do more to defeat Trump than dickish does.

    Dickish is not exactly a stellar GOTV tactic.

    Just saying. 😀


    Nope. We have Trump because Clinton spent over a billion, while sending cardboard, life sized cutouts to those 77k mind you, had every advantage and just could not bring herself to do the work.

    Lost to an idiot carnival Barker, who she herself, along with her husband goaded into running, then fluffed up as an easy mark.

    There is no getting around it.

    Blaming powerless people, of no means, for the failings of overly powerful people expecting a coronation, is well beneath you.

    And, yes. Dickish.

    It would be awesome to watch you go and say that to them. I would pay to watch.


    Trump is no “idiot.” He knows what he’s doing. And unlike most politicians of both major parties, he keeps his promises to the best of his ability.

    I wonder what would be so great now had we had our “Madam President” instead of President Trump, who is presiding over a real recovery, one of our best economies ever, and with unemployment at a low across all demographics.

    There has to be a more compelling reason to vote against Trump than Russian hoaxes and calling him names.


    Okie Dokie F&B. Your mental illness in what is now a years long string of banishment should put you on a watch list.


    KSKD: Yes, you damage the chances of defeating Trump. You’re already telegraphing a burn the house down playbook. Bernie or 4 more years of Trump. You made this choice in 2016 and it sounds like you’re on par to do it again in 2020. Saying you voted for Hillary isn’t good enough. You and your Bernie Bots shat all over her, encouraged third party or no votes at all. Never Hillary! Forever Trump??

    There is no need to shit on any Democrat nominee at this point and the fact you’re already putting down Warren is telling.

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