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    On July 15, 1947 Jack B. Bladine & Philip N. Bladine, a partnership doing business as McMinnville Broadcasting Co. applied for a construction permit to build an AM station on 1260 K.C., with the power of 1 K.W. daytime only. Transmitter would be an RCA BTA-1L. Jack B. Bladine was President & also Publisher of McMinnville’s “Telephone-Register” newspaper. The company co-Owner was younger brother Philip N. Bladine, also associated with the newspaper. Father, Lars Bladine purchased the newspaper in 1928.

    Originally in 1946 McMinnville Broadcasting Co. applied for a construction permit for an FM station (Class A) on 94.3 M.C., with the power of 396 watts, which was a standard amount of power for FM stations at the time. On July 15, 1947 the application was dismissed by the FCC: “Program analysis was not received and a discrepancy in geographic coordinates.” By then the Bladine brothers had done more research and found that West Coast FM growth did not bear out and they were already planning their station to be on the AM band.

    On September 9, 1948 the FCC granted the construction permit. Call letters KMCM were assigned, standing for city of license, McMinnville OR. On December 21, 1948 the FCC granted studio & transmitter location on Lafayette Ave. and a transmitter change to a 1KW Western Electric 443A-1. On January 28, 1949 ground was broken, when work began on the tower radials. Copper wire was buried 10 inches deep and extending out 200 feet from the base, every three degrees. 120 in all. By the end of February 1949 a 210 foot tower had been erected by C.H. Fisher & Son of Portland. On February 24, 1949 KMCM applied to the FCC to change hours of operation from daytime to unlimited and install an additional tower for directional night use with the power of 1KW day & night.

    On February 28, 1949 licensee name changed to Jack B. Bladine & Philip N. Bladine, doing business as Yamhill Broadcasters. On March 31, 1949 studio building forms were poured next to the tower at 2163 Lafayette Ave. in McMinnville. The exterior of the building was done in natural cedar siding with the pylon painted green. The inside had decorative mahogany trim. The 1,600 square foot building consisted of a lobby, business office, manager’s office, spacious 15 x 22 foot control room, two studios and a teletype room. A work room was used to store records and transcriptions. The control room had two-speed turntables for both transcriptions and 78 RPM records. The turntables were also equipped to spin the new long playing records. The building was built by “Clete” Gell Building & Remodeling. KMCM estimated construction cost was $27,500.

    On June 11, 1949 KMCM tested it’s new Western Electric 443A-1 transmitter for the first time at 5:15am. Then on Saturday June 18, 1949 at 11:00am KMCM began operation when McMinnville Mayor, Rudy H. Windeshar threw the switch. A one hour inaugural program was broadcast from the stage of “The Mack Theater” (510 N.E. 3rd St.) and was viewed by an audience. Local dignitaries had been invited from every community in Yamhill County. KMCM staff were introduced by Lou Gillette. Music was provided by Stephen D. “Steve” Paietta (formerly on KGW; later on CBS Radio) & his Orchestra with vocals by Brad Reynolds. KMCM’s first newscast was broadcast by Gilbert Tilbury directly from the stage. One of the stories reported was the winning float entries in the Phil Sheridan parade.

    KMCM had 9 employees, with 35 year old Louis F. “Lou” Gillette (formerly on KPQ, KHQ-KGA, KOIN, KALE/KPOJ AM-FM) Station Manager; Gilbert L. Tilbury, News Director; Bruce Brown (Telephone-Register, Sports Editor), Sports Director; Glasco P. Branson (formerly KELA C.M.) Commercial Manager & announcer; George L. “Skip” Hathaway (formerly KYUM C.E., KTAR) Chief Engineer; Phyllis Bladine (Jack’s daughter, eldest of 3 children, now Phyllis Anusich) receptionist-bookkeeper; 25 year old, Ivan Smith, operator-announcer; Eugene K. Kilgore (formerly on KRUL) operator-announcer. The sound of KMCM was heard through a Western Electric console. The station was equipped with the Associated Press wire service and an “Echo-tape” reel to reel recorder. The format was local block & syndicated programming.

    KMCM utilized “Capitol Records Transcription Program Service”, which featured 15 minute syndicated programs such as: “My Serenade” 9-9:15am; “Rhythm Ranch” 10:15-10:30am; “Tex Ritter’s Music Corral” 12:45-1pm; “Sunset & Vine” 1:30-1:45pm; “Lullaby In Rhythm” 1:45-2pm; “The Jan Garber Show” 6:15-6:30pm; “The Eddie LaMarr Show” 7:20-7:30pm; “Music From Hollywood” 7:30-8pm. From “Teleways” syndication: “Chuckwagon Jamboree” 7-7:15am; From “Brown Radio Productions” syndication: “Hospitality Time” 12:30-12:45pm; From “Cardinal” syndication: “Sleepy Joe” 5:45-6pm Monday & Wednesday; From “American Cancer Society” syndication: “Morton Gould & His Orch. 5:45-6pm Tuesday & Thursday. Other national transcription programs carried were: “Hawaiian Echoes” 8:30-8:45am; “Plantation House Party” 7-7:15pm. Weekends included: “Southland Spirituals” 8:45-9am & “Voice of The Army” 10:15-10:30am. The Lang-Worth Transcribed Music Library Service was also utilized.

    Local programming included: “Alarm Clock Club” 6am; “News” 6:15am; “Alarm Clock Club” 6:20am; “News” 6:50-7am; “News” 8-8:05am; “Something For The Ladies” 9:15am, “Northwest News” 10-10:05am “Bargain Bulletins” 11am; “Newberg On The Air” 11:05am; “Sheridan On The Air” 11:30am; “Amity On The Air” 11:45am, “Noon News”; “Farmers Exchange” 12:15-12:30pm; “News” 2-2:15pm; “Yamhill County Today” 3pm; “Music For You” 3:10-3:30pm; “News” 4pm; “1260 Time” 4:10-4:45pm; “News” 6-6:15pm; “Bruce Brown & Sports From The Sidelines” 6:30pm; “Easy Listening” 6:45-7pm; “Kilgore Auction Time” with host Eugene Kilgore 7:15-7:20pm; “News” 8:15-8:30pm; “Swing Time” 8:30-9pm sign off.

    Saturday’s featured “4-H Club On The Air” 9-9:15am & “Hayloft Jamboree” featuring Jack Baker’s Southern Tennesseans, The 20-30 Four & more with host “Old Slim” (aka Lou Gillette), 7-8pm from remote locations like Eagles Hall. KMCM operated 6:00am to sunset. By June 22, 1949 KMCM had listener reception reports “Heard loud and clear” in Tillamook & Delake (now part of Lincoln City). Also heard as for south as North Bend and north to Seattle and east to Maupin. On June 30, 1949 the FCC granted KMCM 1KW directional night power approval. On July 26, 1949 KMCM was granted its first license. By September 1949 KMCM slogan: Always good listening.

    By September 1949 KMCM station sign off times became earlier as the sunsets now traveled into Fall. The stations new night directional tower array was not ready for operation. On September 30, 1949 the FCC denied KMCM’s request to operate at night with 1KW non-directional during the month of October to broadcast football games. The stations directional array couldn’t be built any faster. By October 1949 “Melody Corral” hosted by Old Slim (aka Lou Gillette) was on weekday mornings, 7:15 to 8:00am, featuring records from Western’s top artists, like The Sons of The Pioneers.

    On November 4, 1949 KMCM began 1KW directional night operation with an additional tower added. KMCM operation expanded 6:00am to 10:30pm weekly, Blaine Hanks (fomerly on KSLM) was added to the air staff. These transcription programs from began from “Mutual” syndication: “Checkerboard Jamboree” with host Eddie Arnold, presented by Yamhill County Feed & Hatchery 6:45-7pm & “Blackstone The Magic Detective” 8-8:15pm. New local night programs were: “O’Malley’s Football Forecast 6:30-6:45pm; “Get Rich Quick” 9-9:30pm with music, fun & prizes! A new personality “Brother Bill’s Old Record Attic” 9:30-10:15pm. Host, Billy J. Benson (later on KJR) featured “collector’s items to delight the most avid record fan”. “Bruce Brown & Sports From The Sidelines” 10:15-10:25pm “Evening Edition News” 10:25-10:30pm sign off. On February 6, 1950 KMCM gained a sister station when KJFJ Webster City, Iowa began operation.

    On March 1, 1950 KMCM joined KBS (Keystone Broadcasting System, founded in 1941). On June 9, 1950 Lou Gillette recorded an interview with Mrs. Paul Trent for KMCM News about the “flying saucer” her husband photographed a month earlier. KMCM’s newspaper owner the “Telephone-Register” had just published the pictures that day on its front page. The story was picked up nationwide. On August 1, 1950 KMCM licensee name changed to Yamhill Broadcasters, Inc.

    On October 2, 1950 KMCM affiliated with the Liberty Network (Liberty Broadcasting System, founded in 1947 by Gordon B. McLendon. LBS studios were at flagship KLIF Dallas TX). LBS was primarily a sports network with some newscasts and entertainment programs but was growing fast with 300+ affiliates. At this time LBS was the 3rd largest radio network. By December 1950 Homer F. Rohse was News Director; Dudley Gaylord, Farm Director & Sports Director; Betty Barton, Women’s Director & Milton “Milt” Muir, Chief Engineer. Former C.E., Skip Hathaway moved to KUGN as Chief Engineer 1951-73 (later KATR CE, KASH CE, KQDQ CE). By September 1951 KMCM slogan: Yamhill County’s listening habit.

    By November 1951 KMCM had added these syndicated transcription programs: From “CBS” syndication: “The Lenny Herman Quintet” 8:15-8:30pm Thursday; “The David Rose Show” 8:15-8:30pm Friday; “The Cavalcade of Music” 8-8:30pm Sunday; From “Lang-Worth” syndication: “The Bert Hirsch Trio” 11-11:25am; “The Airline Trio” 1-1:30pm; “Cote Glee Club” 6:15-6:30pm; “Blue Barron & His Orch.” 6:30-7pm; From “Army/Air Force” syndication: “Proudly We Hail” 7-7:30pm; “Stars On Parade” 8:15-8:30pm Tuesday; From “Cardinal” syndication: “Uncle Remus” 5:45-6pm; From “Spiritual Mobilization” syndication: “The Freedom Story” 6:15-6:30pm Sunday; From Broadcasters Program Syndicate: “Home Sweet Home” 6:30-6:35pm; From “Mutual” syndication: “Checkerboard Jamboree” 8-9pm Saturday; From “General Electric” syndication: “Excursions In Science” 8:15-8:30pm Wednesday; From “Works International” syndication: “Turning Points” 9-9:15pm; From “The Treasury Dept.” syndication: “Guest Star” 9:15-9:30pm Tuesday; From “Navy” syndication: “Adventure Is Your Heritage” 9:15-9:30pm Thursday; From “The Jesuits” syndication: “The Sacred Heart Program” 9:30-9:45pm.

    Local programming included: “Top of The Morning” 6-6:30am; “First Edition News” 7am; “The Weather Report” 7:10am; “Melody Corral” with host Old Slim, 7:15am; “News” 8-8:05am; “Morning Devotions” 8:45am; “Morning Melodies” 9am; “Morning Varieties” 9:30am; “Home Education News” 10:30am; “Music With Sparkle” 10:45am; “Yesteryear Music” 11am; “According To Record” 11:30am; “Midday Reveries” 11:35am; “Noon News Extra” 12pm; “Darigold Extra” 12:15pm; “Market Reports” 12:30pm; “Rural News” 12:45pm; “Melody Matinee” 1pm; “Western Favorites” 5:15-5:30pm; “Evening Education News” 6-6:15pm; “Evening Melodies” 6:35pm; “Sports Edition” 6:45pm; “Your Neighbor’s” 7pm; “Melody Club” 7:30-8pm; “Meet The Band” 8:30-9pm; “Music Request” 9:30pm; “News” 9:45pm; “Music Request” 10-10:30pm sign off.

    Saturdays featured: “4-H News” 12:45-1pm. Sundays: “Music For Sunday” 7:30am (sign on); “News” 7:55am; “Church of Christ” 8-8:15am; “Waltz Time” 8:30-9am; “Pipes Melody” 10-10:30am; “First Baptist Church” 11:25; “News” 12pm; “Community Chapel” 12:30-1pm; “Sunday Matinee” 1:30; “Concert Hour” 3pm; “Sunday Matinee” 4-5pm & 5:15pm; “First Christian Church” 6-6:15pm; “Favorite Albums” 7:30-8pm; “News” 9:45pm; “Music by Request” 10-10:30pm sign off.

    By December 1951 Blaine T. Hanks (later on KOIN AM/FM & KRBM GM) was Program Director & Dudley Gaylord was Sports Director solely. By early 1952 LBS was the nations 2nd largest radio network with 458 affiliates. By May 1952 William Anderson was a KMCM operator-announcer. On May 16, 1952 The LBS Radio Network folded. By December 1952 Ivan A. Smith was Program Director & Dudley Gaylord was once again Farm Director & Sports Director. In December 1952 KMCM affiliated with The Beaver Sports Network.

    On February 12, 1953 the owners of KMCM & “Telephone-Register” merged newly acquired newspaper the “News-Reporter” forming the “News-Register”. By May 1953 Glasco P. Branson was KMCM’s G.M., News Director & Commercial Manager. Former G.M., Lou Gillette moved to ABC Hollywood Studios, later KJR ND. On June 5, 1954 it was reported KMCM had opened a sales office on the south end of Newberg. In June 1954 Craig E. Singletary (formerly on KBPS, AFRS Fairbanks) joined KMCM as Sports Director (Mac Hi football-basketball), newscaster at noon & 6pm, plus sales accountant. By December 1954 Jack Adkins was Chief Engineer & Leslie L. “Les” Cunningham (later KCIV founder & GM) Program Director. Former P.D., Ivan Smith would move on to KWRC, KXL ND, KPTV ND, KGW-TV Asst. ND, KREM-TV ND, KGW-TV News Producer, retired 6-5-80. KMCM slogan: Willamette Valley’s favorite radio station.

    In May 1955 Glasco P. Branson took on Program Director dutes, as well as G.M. & Commercial Manager when Les Cunningham left to become the first PD at new station KPLK Dallas. By December 1955 Craig E. Singletary was News Director & Sports Director with Edwin L. “Ed” Nuhring, Chief Engineer. In September 1956 Craig Singletary began broadcasting Linfield College football games for the next 10 years. In the November 17, 1956 Billboard Mag. VOX JOX column: Gary Aldridge, youngest deejay at KMCM has started a new show featuring a panel discussion of new record releases by local high school students. By December 1956 Craig E. Singletary had added Program Director to his other titles, as News Director & Sports Director.

    On January 17, 1957 KMCM President, Jack B. Bladine died of a sudden stroke at age 52. Jack’s untimely death meant the Bladine team was now one. Philip Bladine had to balance publishing a newspaper and over seeing a radio station. By March 1957 KMCM operated 6:00am to 10:00pm weekly. By February 1958 KMCM broadcast 6:00am to 8:00pm weekly. Effective May 28, 1958 FCC records showed Philip N. Bladine was now listed as President of Yamhill Broadcasters, Inc. By July 1958 Glasco P. Branson was G.M. & Commercial Manager; Craig E. Singletary, Program Director & News Director. On September 3, 1958 KMCM changed hours of operation from “Unlimited” to “Specified” hours: Monday thru Saturday 6:30am to 6:30pm & Sunday’s 7:30am to 6:30pm. Now with two years since Jack Bladine’s death, brother Philip decided to fully concentrate on publishing the “News-Register.” KMCM was for sale.

    On July 23, 1959 KMCM was purchased by Yamhill Radio Co. (Gerald? “Jerry” Carr, President, a silent partner, who owned a Yogurt dairy in San Francisco. John Courcier, Vice-President, had been manager of a radio consulting company in San Francisco and previously worked in publicity, advertising & production in Hollywood) for $80,000. (FCC Granted: 9-30-59; Effective: 10-6-59). On October 1, 1959 Yamhill Radio Co. took control of KMCM and John Courcier become General Manager. With this change Larry D. Lanz became Program Director; Craig E. Singletary, Director of Operations & Glasco P. Branson, Commercial Manager. In December 1959 a call slogan was introduced “Kay-Mac” Radio 1260, always the best in listening. In 1960 the Kay-Mac air staff inluded: “The Singletary Affair” with Craig Singletary 6-9am, followed by John Courcier 9am to ? In September 1960 Craig Singletary joined Linfield faculty full-time and “The Singletary Affair” was reduced an hour, 6-8am.

    In Spring 1961 Craig E. Singletary became Asst. General Manager (later KSLC Founder). By August 1961 Gary Hamilton (later KOIN-TV SD) was Program Director & Robert Lewis, Chief Engineer. On September 1, 1961 KMCM President, Jerry Carr opened KCIN Victorville, CA where he was President as well. By June 1962 the Kay-Mac air staff included: Gary C. (believed to be Gary Hamilton) 6:30-9am; Marv Ryum, 9-noon; “Newsreel” with Bill Powell, noon-12:30; Marv Ryum, (formerly on KLIN) 1-3pm & Larry Lanz, 3-6:30pm. KMCM format was M.O.R. (Middle of The Road). KMCM slogan: The most happy sound. By September 1962 Larry D. Lanz was G.M, Program Director & Chief Engineer; Gary Hamilton, News Director & William S. Powell, Commercial Manager. [Bill was former Editor of the McMinnville Telephone-Register newspaper in the late 1940’s & early 1950’s. He purchased the famous UFO photos for printing in the paper from the Trent family on 5-11-50. Bill is father of Peter Powell. see Oct. 1967]. In January 1963 KMCM began the program “News of Linfield” hosted by Tom Messecar & John Hakanson from Linfeld College’s carrier current station KLIN.

    On April 1, 1963 KMCM was sold to 25 year old Ray A. Fields for $100,000. (FCC Granted: 3-29-63; Effective: 4-1-63). Licensee “Ray Andrew Fields” (formerly on KRKS, KRCK, KSPR, KTWO-TV, KPAS) who was President & G.M. (father of Josh Fields. see Sept 1985) Larry D. Lanz continued as Program Director; Tom Butler, Commercial Manager. KMCM dropped it’s liaison with KBS. On September 9, 1963 KMCM gave FCC notification of its new Collins 20V-3 transmitter in operation effective 9-6-63. The original Western Electric 443A-1 transmitter was then used as a back-up auxiliary. By October 1963 Craig E. Singletary (KLIN founder & later KSLC founder) was back as Sports Director again & Beverly Sohrweid, Traffic Manager. Also on Kay-Mac were Marv Ryum (later with KOAC) & Whitey Coker (formerly on KWIL SD, KNPT, later KISN ND). Ray Fields: “I remember that one of the jocks before I got there use to cook grilled cheese sandwiches on the tubes of the transcription recording amp. You could see the melted stuff on the tubes.”

    On October 29, 1963 KMCM held an open house for listeners to view its expanded studios, new control room & transmitter at 2163 Lafayette Ave. In December 1963 Robert “Bob” Rathman became Chief Engineer. In July 1964 Bud Charles became News Director (formerly on KEX). On July 2, 1965 KMCM asked the FCC for authorization to broadcast until 10:00pm. Authorization was granted. In September 1964 Danny Lee was doing weekends. In September 1965 Eleanor Mitchell (of the Flying M Ranch Mitchell family) became News Director.

    On January 5, 1966 KMCM was authorized to operate until 10:00pm for additional 90 days, granted 1-7-66. In September 1966 Richard “Dick” W. Bacon became Sports Director. The Kay-Mac air staff included: Dick Bacon, 6:30-9am; Ray Fields, 9-noon; “The Noon News” with Ralph Keyser & Larry Lanz, noon-1pm; Larry Lanz, 1-3pm; Zane Williams, 3-5pm & Ralph Keyser (formerly KFGR FD, KBND, KLBM, KBCH CE, KOOS) 5-6:30pm. On December 21, 1966 KMCM changed hours of operation from “Specified” to “Unlimited.” FCC had accepted on applied date and granted 2-1-67.

    In January 1967 KMCM switched to a Top 40 format. Hours of operation expanded 6:30am to 10:00pm Sunday through Thursday & 6:30 to midnight Friday & Saturdays. Ray A. Fields became President, G.M. & Program Director. By January 1967 Peter Marland (later aka Peter Marland-Jones or P.M.J. on KEX, KROW, KKEY & KVAN) was DJing “The Road Runner Show” 3:00-6:30pm. By April 1967 Jay Van Dyke was News Director & Sports Director; Bill Barger, Chief Engineer; Robert “Bob” Williams, Sales Manager & Buzz Hill (formerly on KEDO, KLOG, KUMU, later on KASH, aka Bryan Roberts on KISN, aka Buzz Hill on KJRB & KPOK) was on 5:30pm to 10pm. In May 1967 The 1260 air staff included: “The Clock Watcher Show” with Ray Fields & Jay Van Dyke, news, 6:30-9am; Mike White, 9-noon; Bill Barger, noon-3; Ralph Keyser, 3-6:30pm & Peter Marland (later on aka Peter Marland-Jones on KKEY, KEX, KKEY, KROW PD & KVAN) 6:30-10pm. His slogan “Listen to P.M.”

    By October 1967 an almost entirely new KMCM air staff: Peter Powell (son of Bill Powell. see Sept 1962), Ralph Keyser, Terry Wilson & Bill Ogden. In late 1967 Jerry Dimmitt (formerly on KBVM Lancaster PD, KUTY, KGIL, KOOS) became Commercial Manager. On December 21, 1967 KMCM was granted a PSA (Pre-Sunrise Authority) of 790 watts. On January 1, 1968 KMCM became a charter affiliate of the “American Information Radio Network” abc’s new on the hour service. In 1968 Jerry Dimmitt began doing morning drive. (later on KLIQ AM/FM, KKEY, KAYO, KYXI, KTNT, KMO, KAAR, KKEY, KXL, KKEY PD, KVAN-1550, KXYQ). By October 1968 Tim “T.J. Elliott” was on 5:30pm to 10pm.

    On October 29, 1968 KMCM was sold to Norjud Broadcasting, Inc. (Judith Irene “Judy” Aldred, President & co-Treasurer with father, Theodore H. Johanson, Vice-President & co-Treasurer) for $97,500. (FCC Granted 10-29-68; Effective: 11-15-68). Judy’s husband, 38 year old Norman P. “Norm” Aldred (formerly on CKSO, CHCH(TV), CFRN-TV, CFPL-TV, CJSP, WTOL(TV), CKWW PD, CKGM, WTCN(TV), KROC ND/KROC-TV ND) became General Manager, Program Director & Commercial Manager, while Judy (formerly on WTOL(TV) also became the Promotions Manager & Grant Fickert, Chief Engineer. KMCM’s switched back to a “Middle of The Road” format and began “The Morning Mayor” program with Norm Aldred. T.J. Elliott was switched to evenings to midnight sign off. In addition KMCM dropped the news service supplied by The News-Register and began using AP exclusively. This caused friction between the newspaper. On November 4, 1968 KMCM reduced its Pre-Sunrise Authority from 790 watts to 500 watts.

    On November 18, 1968 Charles “Chuck” McKeen (formerly KROC NE/KROC-TV NE) became News Director & Sports Director. In addition Chuck wrote & voiced a daily editorial and did a Saturday shift 9-noon. KMCM slogans: “When you hear it, it’s news. When you read it, it’s history.” (Not popular with The News-Register) and “Tall towers of Yamhill County”. On January 27, 1969 KMCM heard that families were cut off because of heavy snow in the High Heaven & Peavine Ridge area. Some hadn’t been heard from since Christmas. KMCM rented a helicopter. Chuck McKeen and a KMCM salesman were part of the team. They made several attempts at landing in deep mountain drifts, finally succeeding. Chuck remembers: “We landed in deep snow and the copter started tilting forward. The pilot hollered to get out and I went out that door fast, and turned around and snapped a photo of our sales guy getting out.. the chopper was tilted forward and it didn’t take me long to realize my getting out meant I was not safe…but the pilot got the thing under control and levelled off. It was interesting.” Later KMCM turned the helicopter into an emergency transportation vehicle.

    In January 1969 KMCM began weekday remote broadcasts from “Bowman’s Restaurant” (400 E. 1st St.) in Newberg with host Chuck McKeen. Tim Elliott also hosted the Bowman’s remote later. In Summer 1969 Warren Weise (formerly on WKBT(TV) & KROC-TV) began doing 10-noon and Ian Nelson (later on KROW) afternoon drive. In August 1969 Melodee Purvis “1968 Oregon Dairy Princess” at age 19 began a weekday interview show at 10am.

    In September 1969 Dick Bacon was sports announcer for Wildcats & Grizzlies games with Chuck McKeen doing color. By October 1969 Jim Hardy was Chief Engineer. On November 15, 1969 KMCM broadcast live the Linfield – Univ. of Hawaii football game from Honolulu using the Early Bird Satellite. By December 1969 Norm Aldred was General Manager & Commercial Manager; Ed Smith, Chief Engineer. In March 1970 Harry Girtman (later aka H. David Allen, KROW PD & KRKT MD) became Program Director. KMCM had no on air slogan, although letterhead stated: “Sounds like fun”.

    In September 1970 Chuck McKeen (later on KVAN-1480) took over as sports announcer for Wildcats & Grizzlies games with most of the color by Jim Ross. By October 1970 Edward “Ed” Smith was Chief Engineer. KMCM slogan: “Happy Day Radio.” By October 1971 KMCM’s format was M.O.R. with some Country-Western. Norman P. Aldred was General Manager; Timothy J. Elliott, Program Director & Bart Tolleson, Sales Manager & Blair Moss sales accountant. By October 1972 KMCM’s format was entirely Country-Western. Gene Page, Program Director; Jeffery C. “Jeff” Davis, Music Director & Ed Owens, Chief Engineer. KMCM call slogan: More Country Music. In 1973 Jerry Robertson became News Director.

    Also in 1973 Norm Aldred founded Northwest Radio Network, Inc. It would offer Agricultural programming to other Oregon stations through the KMCM flagship. In April 1973 Tom O’Brien (formerly on KGAY, aka Tom Ross on KWRC; later aka Bruce Bjorkman on KCCS, aka Scott Preston on KSLM, KYNG, KWRC, KBZY, WMMZ GSM, KBZY, aka Bruce Bjorkman, Mr. BBQ on KXL) began 7 to midnight Sundays. Marc Rossmann (son of KPAM/KPFM owner Wally Rossmann) was afternoons or middays.

    On May 6, 1973 former KMCM Program Director & News Director, Gary Hamilton was critically burned at his home in Dayton, sustained burns over 80 per cent of his body. On May 23, 1973 Gary Hamilton died at age 35 of his burns at the University of Oregon Medical School in Portland. Gary had replaced Johnny Carpenter in 1970 as KOIN-TV Sports Director. By September 1973 Stan Ohl was KMCM Program Director; Don Lee, Music Director; Wally Keller, Chief Engineer; Warren Pomeroy, Sales Manager & Sandy Rhodes, Promotions Manager. In September 1973 Dave Paull (formerly on KJIB, aka Paul Dawson KACI ND) became News Director (later on KUIK, KOIN, KGW ND, KCNR & KXL).

    By February 1974 19 year old Jeffery C. “Jeff” Davis was back (from KROW) as Program Director, becoming Oregon’s youngest P.D. Jeff was also KMCM Chief Engineer. By November 1974 Michael R. “Mike” Kolb was Music Director; Philip “Phil” Pratt, News Director & Larry Ward, Sales Manager & Sports Director. The KMCM air staff included: Norm Aldred “The Morning Mayor” with Steve Young, 5am to 9am; Marv Ingram, mid-days; Jeff Davis, afternoon drive & Mike Kolb, evenings. In 1975 Paul Arca (later on KASH/KSND), Brian Bishop (later on KRKT, KASH ND, KBOY & KRWQ ND) & Ken Paul (later KRKT PD) all joined the KMCM air staff. In Summer 1976 Paula Gunness (later on KASH/KSND, KVAL news anchor & KATU) was a KMCM Newscaster. In 1976 KMCM opened an additional window street studio in Newberg at: 600 East 1st St. where DJ’s did midday & afternoon shows. This lasted just a few months.

    By November 1976 KMCM’s format was Country & M.O.R. with Ken Paul (later on KRKT) as Program Director; Jeffery C. “Jeff” Davis, Music Director (later on KRKT CE, KPAM-FM, KWJJ PM, KJIB/KWJJ-FM OM/PD, KYXI, KSGO OM/PD, KGON/KJR, KDBX, KWJJ-FM OM/PD & KFIS/KPDQ-AM/FM PM); Pat Helberg (later on KVAL & KOIN-TV) News Director; Randy Rist, Chief Engineer & Bernard Locullci, Promotions Manager. In early 1977 KMCM switched to an Adult Contemporary format and expanded it’s broadcast day 6:00am to 2:00am. Also in 1977 Norjud Broadcasting, Inc. was reorganized with Norman P. Aldred as President. In Fall 1977 ABC Radio cancelled it’s contract with KMCM. The station lost it’s “Information” Network affiliation. Scuttlebutt was, KMCM had played local spots during network commercial time. The station then became an affiliate of the Mutual Broadcasting System shortly after, using their on the hour feed.

    By November 1977 Larry Ward was General Manager; Jack Berry (formerly KUGN AM/FM PD, KPAY PD) Program Director; Rod Lewis, Music Director; Ron Ross, News Director; Ed Olmstead, Chief Engineer; Larry Miller, Sales Manager & Bernie Craig, Promotions Manager. By Fall 1978 Cathy Helie was Office Manager; Ron Romain, Program Director & Chief Engineer, hiring Jim Maass (formerly with KLIQ & KBZY) for evenings 6-midnight in Fall. Also beginning in Fall 1978 was the program “Bears Bulletin.” This was a short series of recorded shows produced by McMinnville High School coach Perry Stubberfield and hosted by his students. By November 1978 Jack Barry was General Manager; Scott Martin, Music Director; Dave Hansen, Sports Announcer & Rich Mac, Promotions Manager. KMCM slogan: The only station you’ll ever need.

    Effective July 1, 1979 KMCM became KCYX (Granted: 6-4-79). Mr. Aldred stated, the calls were changed “to repair damage” done from the former G.M. “running the station into the ground!” KCYX meaning: County of Yamhill eXchange. Call slogan: K-siX. Reflecting part of the dial position (1260KHz). The call slogan was dropped shortly there after. KCYX jingle package was called “Someplace Special – MOR” by T.M. Productions, Inc. (Sent to KCYX on 6-15-79). Slogans: “Someplace Special KCYX.” “The Spirit of Oregon.” Broadcast hours were shortened 6:00am to midnight. Norm Aldred (later on KMFY, KZZY GM, WTMJ, Ordained Priest) was now President, General Manager & Program Director. Kay Egle (formerly on KGW-TV) began a talk show “Something Special” mornings, 9-10am

    By November 1979 Kay Egle was News Director; William “Bill” Strong, Music Director; Ed Olmstead returned as Chief Engineer; Jackie Fields-Wind (former wife of Ray Fields, who was former KMCM owner. see Apr 1963. And mother of Josh Fields. see Sept 1985) Sales Manager; Michael “Mike” Seely, Promotions Manager. In January 1980 Jim Maass (later aka Jim “The Big Ragu” Maass on KGW APD, aka Jim Ryan on KAAR, aka Jim Maass on KVAN-1550) returned as “Captain Jim” on the new 7-12am show “Night-Flight To Midnight” playing Top 40 music. In February 1980 Michael R. “Mike” Kolb (formerly KMCM MD, KFOG, KPEN PM) returned, becoming Program Director and hiring Craig Foster as a weekender.

    On March 3, 1980 MBS & KCYX debuted the hour long “Mutual Radio Theater” weeknights 10-11pm: Monday’s “Western Theater” hosted by Lorne Greene; Tuesday’s “Comedy Theater” hosted by Andy Griffith; Wednesday’s “Mystery Theater” hosted by Vincent Price; Thursday’s “Romance Theater” hosted by Cicely Tyson & Friday’s “Adventure Theater” hosted by Leonard Nimoy. In May 1980 KCYX dropped it’s Top 40 music evenings and returned to Adult Contemporary as other day parts. Mark Hokit (formerly with KWRC & KSLM/KSKD) weekends. Ken & Becky Harmes, Sunday mornings.

    On May 30, 1980 KCYX was sold to Radio 1260, Inc. (Merrill “Deane” Johnson & wife Kathleen J. “Kathie” Johnson, 66.66%; Vera T. Frederick, 23.33%; Delwin Peterson & wife Marilyn Peterson, 10.01%) for $475,000. (FCC Granted: 5-21-80; Effective: 6-1-80). The land continued to be owned by the Aldred’s. Deane Johnson (formerly on KSIB, KJAN CE, KNIM CE, KDSN, KCIM, KANS CE, KOOO PD/CE, KWMT PD, KOMA PD, WTIX PD, WKYC PD, KOIL AM/FM PD, KDWB GM/PD, KKJO Exe.VP&GM) became President & General Manager; Kathie Johnson, General Sales Manager; Son, Michael Johnson (formerly with KKJO, later with KEX/KKRZ) was Chief Engineer & Craig Foster, Music Director. Added slogans: “The new KCYX.” “Yamhill County’s KCYX.”

    In September 1980 Steve Kenyon became Sports Director. The KCYX air staff included mornings with Mike Kolb & Brian Edwards (formerly on KSLC) with Kay Egle & Deane Johnson, news & occasionally Steve Kenyon, sports 6-9am; “Open Line” with Kay Egle 9-10am; Tom Shannon, 10-3pm; Jim Sayers (later aka Jim Bickel on KXL, KING, KXLY PD) 3-7pm; Craig Foster 7-12am. “Mutual Radio Theater” was on 10-11pm. Weekends: Steve Kenyon (formerly on KAGO??), Chris Scherp. Bill Ashenden (later with KEX/KQFM, KYTE/KRCK, KKRZ GM/SM, KXL GSM) was added to the sales staff. Here are some 1980 KCYX pictures courtesy of Deane Johnson:

    On January 1, 1981 Steve Kenyon moved 7-12am weeknights. On July 19, 1981 KCYX saluted the American trucker when KGO’s Al “Jazzbeaux” Collins visited during his “Live On The I-5” excursion which began in Vancouver, B.C. Jazzbeaux was being chauffeured in a tractor-trailer rig. He broadcast 2 to 4pm on KCYX with Mike Kolb hosting and taking calls from listeners. On August 20, 1981 KCYX became one of a handful of Oregon stations to use a satellite dish for network news. Mutual installed the $6,000. dish free, even before Portland’s distribution dish. (Westar I Satellite).

    In January 1982 Brian S. Edwards (formerly on KSLC) became Program Director. By February 1982 Fred Owen was doing Saturday mornings & Mike Campbell was on the air staff. Also in 1982 Paul Tilton (later on KGON, KXYQ-FM, KUPL, KSGO, KMJK-FM, aka Johnny Walker on KLCX, aka Paul Tilton on KJNO PD, KTKU PD, KTWI/KTWS PD, KKLR, KGON) began weekends 6am to noon. In June 1982 Steve D. Kenyon became Program Director as well as S.D. & mornings 6-9am. By then Jeff Allen (later on KPDQ) was added to middays 10-3pm.

    On September 6, 1982 KCYX dedicated it’s newly rebuilt “Studio A”. By November 1982 Deane Johnson was President; Kathleen Johnson, G.M. & General Sales Manager; DeeDee Harrington, News Director. In December 1982 Michael Jack Kirby (formerly on KBOO, KKSN, KWIP, KKSN, later KAAR PD, KYTE, KXYQ-FM, KKRZ, KISM MD, KFFM PD, aka M.J. on KXJM, aka Michael Kirby on KXL) began weekends. In February-March 1983 Tod Butterfield (formerly on KSLC, KAST) began weekends and then in June 1983 began weeknights 7-12am.

    In April 1983 KCYX entered into an agreement with Jerry J. Williams (aka Jerry L. Foy) based at 7524 S.E. Foster Rd. in Portland for a coupon-book promotion called the “KCYX Shopping Spree.” The coupon-books offered reduced prices or free goods from Portland merchants and were sold by telephone solicitors and advertised on TV commercials. DJ’s were often asked by callers if the promotion was connected to KCYX and if it was legitimate because of how the promotion was being handled. Jocks were caught between this! Were instructed to not comment after some of us were truthful and this got back to the “KCYX Shopping Spree” people.

    In August 1983 Ben Gutierrez (formerly KSLC ND) & Chris Taylor (formerly on KGW, KWRS PD, KPAM-1410, KWIP; simultaneously on KCNR AM/FM) began as weekenders. In Fall 1983 Dean Norton (formerly KWRC PD) became News Director. In January 1984 KCYX News Director, Dean Norton died. Ben Gutierrez, Acting News Director. In February 1984 Al Schwartz became News Director & Brad Eaton (formerly on KLIQ AM/FM, KVAS ND, KKEY, later on KXL, KAYO, KPAM-860, KING AM/FM) became Public Affairs Director for “Open Line” 9-11am.

    In Fall 1984 Steve Kenyon (later on KEX) became Station Manager as well as Sports Director. Also by this time Deane Johnson (later SpaceCom, Pres.; MetroCities Communications. Pres.) was President & G.M. again & Kathie Johnson, General Sales Manager. In October 1984 Ben Z. Gutierrez became News Director. The KCYX line-up: Steve Kenyon & Ben Gutierrez, news 6-9am; Brad Eaton “Open Line” 9-11am; Chris Taylor 11-3pm; Jim Patterson 3-7pm; Tod Butterfield (later on KDOV, KMCQ) 7-12am. Weekends: Craig Foster (later aka Craig Adams on KAAR, KKSN AM/FM & KLTH) Sat. & Sun. 7-12am. In late 1984 Chris Taylor (later on KCNR AM/FM, KGRV, KROR, KCNR/KKLI, KPDQ AM/FM PM, KKRZ, KMXI, KDBX, KPAM-860, KYSJ) became Program Director.

    In Spring 1985 Jim Patterson (later KMJK-FM sales) became Program Director and continued doing afternoon drive. Also in 1985 Scott Roberts (later on KCNR) joined the air staff. In September 1985 Josh Fields (son of KMCM owner Ray Fields. see Apr 1963 & Jackie Fields-Wind, former KCYX S.D. see Nov 1979) began Sunday mornings, in addition to engineering & producing the Spanish language program “The Latino Spirit of Yamhill County” (Espiritu Latino del Condao Yamhill) which was hosted by Ruben Contreras, Sr., Isabel Montemayor & Felix Zamora. Josh Fields also KCYX’s “News Hound” helped Ben Gutierrez hunt down local news stories.

    In February 1986 Marty Lanser (formerly KWWW PSD, KNCW MD, KHSN, KBDF, KSHR, KNCW PD, KCDA-FM, KLCK PD & co-owner) began hosting the “Open Line” talk show. The KCYX line-up: Steve Kenyon & Ben Gutierrez, news 6-9am; Marty Lanser “Open Line” 9-11am; Mike Thomas 11-3pm; Kerry O’Donnell 3-7pm; Andy Tripp 7-12am. Weekenders included Josh Fields, Bryan Wolf, John Prevedello (formerly on KSLC; later KUGN, KZEL & KEZI GM), Jeff Templeton (formerly aka J.T. Scott on KOHI) 12-6pm Sundays & Chris Cunningham, sales. Then in March 1986 the schedule changed to: Steve Kenyon & Ben Gutierrez, news 6-9am; Ben Gutierrez “Open Line” 9-11am; Kerry O’Donnell 11-3pm; Marty Lancer 3-7pm; Andy Tripp 7-12am.

    In April 1986 Tom Lockyear began afternoon news on KCYX. In May 1986 Don Rogers began weekends. In July 1986 Tom Lockyear moved to disc jockey evenings 7-12am. In September 1986 Don Rogers took over middays 11-3pm. By November 1986 Ben Z. Gutierrez became Music Director as well as News Director. Josh Fields had moved to weekend afternoons & Paige Wallace (formerly on KSLC, later KXL Pro.D, KATU, KIRO-TV, KOIN-TV, KGW-TV) began Sunday mornings.

    In April 1987 The Oregon Justice Dept., Fraud Unit fined KCYX $3,250 stemming from the radio stations connection with Jerry J. Williams (aka Jerry L. Foy) and his “KCYX Shopping Spree” coupon-books. For his part Jerry was fined $1,500. Both parties signed a “consent decree” not admitting breaking the law but agreeing to pay the fines. Jerry went on to pull the same scam in Spokane WA. in 1997 using the fictitious call letters K-WIN.

    In May 1987 Steve Kenyon moved to KAGO and was replaced by Steve Gaffney (later on KBCH/KCRF) mornings 6-9am. By June 1987 Josh Fields had moved to full-time mid-days, in addition to doing news & sports for Marty Lanser’s afternoon show. In June 1987 John Pundt (later KNPT/KYTE sales, KOOS/KTEE/KBDN/KJMX GM) began in sales. In late June 1987 Dan Hyatt began weekends.

    On July 31, 1987 KCYX was sold to Matrix Media, Inc. (Michael S. “Mike” Symons, President) for $681,812. Matrix Media also owned KBCH & KCRF (FM) Lincoln City. In August 1987 Bryan Walker (KBCH/KCRF CE) became Chief Engineer. Josh Fields temporarily took middays 11-3pm & John G. Hugill (formerly on KWIP, KAAR PD, KKRZ APM) became Production Director. Ray Nelson & Ray Nelson Jr. weekends. In September 1987 Steve Kenyon (formerly KAGO GSM) returned. Glenn Nobel (formerly on KAGO, simultaneously on KSLC) and Mark Lacy joined the air staff weekends. In September Dan Hyatt (later on KYJC) was placed in the midday slot.

    On September 25, 1987 KCYX changed format to Adult Contemporary & Talk, 24 hours daily, when it became Portland’s affiliate for “The Larry King Show”. KUPL had dropped the show in Spring 1987. KCYX began the King show live at 12:06am to 2am with a tape delay 2:06am to 5am. Now with a much larger audience listening in the station’s fringe, KCYX was being bombarded from Northern listeners wanting the station to increase power and begin the King show at an earlier hour. In October 1987 Gregg K. Clapper (former KTVA anchorman, co-owned KHSN/KOOS(FM), KENI AM/FM Pres./GM, KBCN/KINQ(FM) Pres., KVOK Pres., later on KKGT, KTLK & KPAM PD) became General Manager; Rich Patterson (formerly on KEX/KQFM, KIQY & simultaneously at KKRZ with KCYX) Program Director.

    By October 1987 the KCYX air staff included: Steve Kenyon & Ben Gutierrez, news 5-9am; “Open Line” with Ben Gutierrez 9-11am; Rich Patterson 11-3pm; Marty Lanser 3-7pm; John Hugill (later on KMJK-FM, KKSN, KKSN-FM PM, KLTH CD) 7-12am; Larry King 2-5am. Weekends included: Chris Sargent (formerly on KBPS. later on KACI, KQEN, KSND, KXYQ-FM, KRSB, KTMT, KZZE, KKJJ/KIFS PD, KYGO-FM, KEJO/KLOO/KLOO-FM/KRKT/KTHH Dir. of Prog., KIFS/KLDZ/KMED/KRWQ/KZZE Dir. of Prog., KDUK/KFLY/KODZ/KPNW Dir. of Prog., WBTU PD, KFBW/KLTH/KEX/KPOJ PD) 6-noon Sundays. On November 16, 1987 KCYX moved the beginning of “The Larry King Show” to 9:06pm live to 2am and repeating 2:06am to 5am.

    On November 30, 1987 KCYX’s Larry King domination ended when KXL picked up the show, beginning the program at 11:06pm. KCYX listeners still heard Larry two hours before KXL. By December 1987 Steve Heldt (formerly on KSLC PM, SD & PD) was doing the Sunday morning shift.

    In January 1988 Jon Scot (formerly on KZOZ, later on KKRZ/KEX, KKSN-FM) became Production Director; K.C. McCormick (formerly on KSLM) became Public Affairs Director & KCYX cancelled the “Open Line” talk show. The air staff line-up included: Steve Kenyon & Ben Gutierrez, news 5-10am (except Mondays 5-8am because of Steve’s sales meeting); Marty Lanser (later KOSO APD, KQOD, KUYL PD, KWSX) 10-3pm (except Mondays 8-3pm); Rich Patterson 3-6pm; K.C. McCormick 6-9pm; Steve Heldt 6-9pm (Fridays only); Larry King 9pm-5am. Matthew “Matt” Green (formerly with KGW/KINK, KKCW CE; later with KGON, WBOS, KWJJ AM/FM, KBBT/KUPL-FM/KKJZ, KGON, KICE/KXIX/KMGX/KSJJ CE, KCMD/KUPL-FM/KUFO-FM, KBAM/KEDO/KLYK/KPPK-KELA/KMNT-KACI AM/FM/KMSW-KIHR/KCGB) became Chief Engineer along with sisters KBCH & KCRF.

    In Spring 1988 Warren Franklin (formerly on KAPS, KBAM, KVAS PD, KSLM, KGAL, KTDO, KVAN-1550 PD/MD, KYKN) became General Manager & General Sales Manager (later KBZY VP). Also by this time KCYX had moved Larry King to an 8:06pm starting time and ended the program at 2am. From 2-5am music was played with Mark Lacy In Summer 1988 Lauren Engel began weekends. In Fall 1988 Cindy Starr began weekends.

    By December 1988 Rich Patterson (later KEX APD/MD & KPAM-860) was Program Director & Music Director; Ben Z. Gutierrez (later on KHVH, KHNR ND, KITV, KGMB-TV weatherman) News Director; Tom Lockyear, Promotions Manager & James “Al” Boyd (formerly KBND PD, KTIX PD ND & CE, KGAL OM, KGAR/KVAN CE, KSLM CE, KEJO CE) Chief Engineer (later with KBCH/KYTE/KCRF/KNCU CE, KYTT/KYSJ CE, KDCQ CE, KWBY CE, KBZY CE, KCKX CE,KWIP CE, KXPC CE, KMCQ CE, KUIK CE) Contract Chief Engineer. In Spring 1989 Dick Saint(e) (formerly aka Dick Middleton on KLOO, KFLY, KBZY, aka Dick Saint on KISN, KGB, KFRC, KRLA, KHJ, WLS, KIIS, WCFL, KWJJ, KEX, later on KFMS) joind the air staff. In January 1990 Glenn Nobel returned (formerly on KAGO, KLAD) and began morning drive. By February 1990 Sean Foy was doing 3-6pm. In March 1990 Glenn Nobel became Program Director.

    On May 14, 1990 Thomas Huntsberger, trustee of the bankrupt estate of Matrix Media, Inc. sold KCYX to Eugene businessmen Larry R. Bohnsack for $120,000. On May 16, 1990 KCYX suspended operations and left the air for 50 days. On June 20, 1990 calls were changed to KLYC which stood for: Leading Yamhill County. This slogan was not used on air.

    On July 6, 1990 KLYC signed on the air at 5:00pm. Steve Kenyon (later on KUMA) to became Operations Manager & Program Director; Jon Warren (later on KEJO, KUIK) News Director; Glenn Nobel (formerly KSLC GM&CE, KWBY, later on KRKT-FM PD, KXL-FM, KUPL-FM, KEKB PD, KRWQ VP/OM, KMNT OM, KRKT PD, KLOO-FM OM, KFLY/KEJO/KLOO OM/PD) Production Director; K.C. McCormick (later aka K.C. Caldwell on KGON & KTWI/KTWS) Promotions & Public Affairs Director. KLYC format was “a blend of Adult Favorites, Light Country and Easy Listening Jazz”. KLYC operated 5am to midnight and became an affiliate of CNN Radio. The Mutual Network affiliation was dropped.

    KLYC schedule was: Agriculture programming 5-6am; Steve Kenyon & K.C. McCormick 6-9am.; K.C. McCormick 9-12pm; Midday News 12-1pm; Glenn Nobel 1-7pm; 7-12am. Weekend programming included: Jazz Saturday nights; Spanish Sunday mornings and Country music the rest of Sunday. KLYC slogan: The best is always here on 1260. On October 2, 1990 the FCC approved the license transfer to Bohnsack Strategies, Inc. (Larry R. Bohnsack, President & G.M.). By this time Tim King was News Director.

    In 1991 Eve Fuller (formerly with KGMB-TV, KQMQ, KKON/KOAS, KHBC-TV ND, KMVI ND) joined the KLYC staff. Also in 1991 Lori Raab (later on KBND & KTVZ) became News Director. By January 1991 Jim Sanders was General Sales Manager and format was listed as Adult Contemorary & Country. 199? Andy West (later on KSJJ, KFIS/KPDQ AM/FM OM/PD) joined the air staff. In 199? Mark Lacy (later on KWJJ-FM) took over mornings when Steve Kenyon left. By December 1992 John Gillis (former KUIK Owner?) was Operations Manager & General Sales Manager; David B. Bensch, Program Director and format was listed as Adult Contemporary & Oldies.

    In Summer 1993 KLYC studios moved to a warehouse at 1975 Calvin Court, N.E. The old KLYC studios would later become “The Prayer Chapel of St. Francis of Assisi.” In Fall 1993 Lars Patrick (formerly on KZFN, KOMW, KTBR) began afternoons as well as sales. Neil Robinson was doing mornings. By December 1993 Eve Fuller was News Director. In 1994 Lars Patrick became Program Director. On March 10, 1994 KLYC moved it’s transmitter site to 10027 Warmington Rd., S.E. During the move, one of the 1949 towers snapped and had to be replaced with a used one, origin unknown. Directional night power was reduced from 1kw to 850 watts.

    In August 1994 Steve Lindsley (formerly KFIR ND-SD-PM, KQEN ND, KPIC-TV, KPVI-TV, KQEN/KRSB ND, KYRE, KXL, KQEN ND, KKMX OM; later KYKN, KUIK, KOHI, KEX, KPAM, KQEN, KMED, KEX) was Sports Director & afternoon drive. In 1995 Mark Marshall (formerly aka Mark Hokit on KWBY, KCKX, KYKN) was Sports Director. By November 1996 Kevin Weeks was News Director. KLYC slogans: “We’re Yamhill County’s Choice.” “We’ve got the entertainment you want, and the information you need.” “Your radio for Yamhill County.” “Your station for Yamhill County’s favorite music.” “Your community connection.”

    In Spring 1997 John D. Meissner (formerly aka Duke Blazer on KARO/KAAR; aka John Meissner on KLOG, KCYX, KOHU; aka Art Stanly on KAAR; aka John Meissner on KLOG, KOHI, KLIQ, KQRR, KERR, KNLF, KUKN, KBLG, KYYA; later on KMAS ND, WNBZ SD, WYZY, KMHK, KCTR, KBYZ, KLXX, KACL, WMEL OM, KROR, KXPN, KHAS, KKPR) became News Director. By November 1997 Phillip Bohnsack (owner relation?) was News Director. By November 1998 Mark Marshall (later on KOTK/KWJJ, KXL, KUIK, KBZY) was Vice-President of Programming & Tim Riley (formerly on KUIK; later KOTK ND, KCMD ND, KUFO-FM ND) News Director.

    In Fall or Winter 2001-02 the Collins 20V-3 transmitter failed and was replaced with a new “Broadcast Electronics” BE AM 1A. By November 1999 Scott Simmons was Vice-President of Programming & Asst. Music Director. Also Aaron Andrews, Music Director. In March 2000 Eve Fuller returned as Program Director & News Director. On May 16, 2000 Larry Bohnsack ran for State Representative, 29th District and narrowly lost the election. Also in 2000 Brian Eriksen (formerly on KYKN, KFAT, KLOO, KPNW, KRVM, KVAN, KUIK, KEX, KXYQ PM, KHPN, KRKT, KCCS) became Sports Director and began co-hosting with Eve Fuller, the Morning Show. In 2001 KLYC changed format to Oldies exclusively. On September 24, 2002 the FCC denied Bolnsack Strategies, Inc. a request for a waver of the late payment penalty concerning the FY2001 regulatory fees due for KLYC.

    By December 2004 Mr. Bohnsack’s wife Laurel J. “Stella” Bohnsack was Public Affairs Director. In 2005 Larry R. Bohnsack became Program Director as well as President & G.M.; Laurel “Stella” Bohnsack, Operations Manager & Eve Fuller, News Director. By October 2007 Laurel “Stella” Bohnsack was Operations Manager & Eve Fuller News Director & Music Director. KLYC slogans: “Radio for Yamhill County.” “1260 KLYC, playing the songs you want to hear.” On April 16, 2008 KMCM co-founder Philip N. Bladine died at age 89. In 2009 format was listed as Oldies.

    On April 3, 2011 KLYC owner for 21 years Larry R. Bohnsack died at age 62 in Newberg. On April 17, 2011 Rev. Norman P. Aldred, former KMCM & KCYX owner 1968-80 died at age 80 in Newberg. On October 26, 2011 Laurel J. “Stella” Bohnsack, became President of Bohnsack Strategies, Inc. On March 31, 2012 KLYC affiliated with “NBC Radio” at 9:00pm, after “CNN Radio” ended its radio network service at 8:00pm P.S.T.

    On August 16, 2012 Richard “Dick” Mason (formerly KZOZ ND, KDON, KKDJ ND, KXOA; aka Gene Richards on KCBS; aka Dick Mason KKUS Owner, KKAL PD, KXTY PD, KYNS/KXTZ ND, KPRL ND) entered into an LMA to buy KLYC for $180,000. On Thursday March 14, 2013 Dick Mason announced his departure to KLYC personnel in what he titled the “Ultimate Update” memo:

    “I am leaving KLYC, effective Friday, March 15, 2013. After more than seven months, the proposed transfer is terminating. The issue is the existence of profound technical problems which plague the station because of years of neglect. KLYC is in violations of at least six FCC Regulations. (This is from KLYC’s Chief Engineer, James Boyd.) I offered to pay for half of the repairs, but for the past seven months, I have met with obstacles, delays, refusals and refutations. Today, (Thursday) I am removing the equipment I purchased for KLYC. I am turning in my keys Friday. I regret that we couldn’t make it work. I put a lot of time, energy and money into KLYC.

    Best of luck to you all.


    Dick Mason”

    On Monday March 18, 2013 Stella Bohnsack announced KLYC would cease operation on Friday March 22, 2013 at 12:60pm (a salute to its frequency). On that date and time, the last song played was “End of The Line” by The Traveling Wilburys. KLYC’s transmitter was turned off at 1:35pm. On April 2, 2013 KLYC filed an FCC notification of suspension of operations requesting a 180-day Silent Special Temporary Authorization.

    On June 21, 2013 it was announced David W. “Dave” Adams (formerly KBND ND; simultaneously on KGAL) and wife Norma (Hergistad) Adams (employed at: Haugeberg, Reuter, Gowell, Fredricks & Higgins law firm) had signed an offer to purchase KLYC assets for $50,000. for a later LMA on 5-7-13. On June 25, 2013 the FCC granted KLYC an STA (Special Temporary Authority). Night power was reduced from 850 watts directional to 212 watts non-directional through 12-22-13. On June 27, 2013 KLYC began testing music at about 10:45am. (Dave Adams’ Celebrate Life Media, LLC)

    On June 28, 2013 KLYC signed back on the air at 1:00pm with a live public celebration broadcast from Granary District. On July 1, 2 & 3, 2013 day power was reduced from 1kw to 100 watts while KLYC’s towers were painted. On July 2, 2013 KLYC affiliated with the CBS Radio Network, dropped on July 3rd. Affliliated with NBC News on July 6, 2013, dropped as well a few days later. On July 27, 2013 Kathleen J. “Kathie” Johnson former KCYX Co-Owner, 1980-87 & General Manager, 1982-84 & General Sales Manager, 1982-87 died at age 72 in Omaha, NE. On July 29, 2013 KLYC affiliated with ABC News. On January 14, 2014 KLYC was granted a license.

    Special Thanks to the following individuals who helped make this radio history more complete: Judy Aldred, Norm Aldred, Bill Ashenden, Kyle Bailey, Bruce Bjorkman, Jeb Bladine, James Boyd, Tod Butterfield, K.C. Caldwell, Ruben Contreras Jr., Jeff Davis, Jerry Dimmitt, Brad Eaton, Kay Egle, Brian Eriksen, Josh Fields, Ray Fields, Craig Foster, Eve Fuller, Harry Girtman, Gary Grossman, Ben Gutierrez, Steve Heldt, Buzz Hill, Deane Johnson, Mike Johnson, Steve Kenyon, Michael Jack Kirby, Mike Kolb, Marty Lanser, Steve Lindsley, Jim Maass, Tim Marsh, Chuck McKeen, John Meissner, Glenn Nobel, Rich Patterson, Dave Paull, James Richardson, Tim Riley, Chris Sargent, Craig Singletary, Chris Taylor, Steve Taylor, Paul Tilton, Paige Wallace & Lars Ward.

    References: Billboard Magazine, Broadcasting Yearbook(s),, McMinnville News-Register, McMinnville Public Library, Oregon Historical Society Library, The Oregonian & The Spokesman-Review.

    The first history of 1260 was originally posted on January 12, 2002 & updated on January 15, 2006.


    I don’t know how you keep coming up with this stuff but congratulations again! Just a couple of things: You mentioned Les Cunningham. That’s the guy(or at least his namesake)who started KCIV in 1968, from a mountaintop overlooking The Dalles. At the time I visited the station, he was living there with his 99 year-old mother and had one other employee, a salesman. Other than that, he WAS the entire station. He ran Classical music from morning to night from turntables and there were no cart machines. All spots were live and he did this for umpteen years until selling what would become KMCQ. Secondly, you lost me about pre-sunrise authority on a station that was 1KW directional at night. Oh and what’s the story on Liberty being the second largest network? I would’ve thought they were behind NBC, CBS, ABC and Mutual, pretty much in that order.


    Great addition to the history about Les Cunningham. I’ve made a note of it.

    The pre-sunrise authority was issued by the FCC so you’ll have to take it up with them.

    When LBS network folded, Mutual had the most affiliates. You have to remember this don’t mean MBS was the number one network. Mutual was on less powerful stations so it took more affiliates to cover the same regions as the big three.


    “The pre-sunrise authority was issued by the FCC so youโ€™ll have to take it up with them.” That’s a great idea! I’ll call them right now and if I’m lucky, maybe I can talk to the guy who issued it. He probably still works there. ๐Ÿ™‚

    “When LBS network folded, Mutual had the most affiliates. You have to remember this donโ€™t mean MBS was the number one network. Mutual was on less powerful stations so it took more affiliates to cover the same regions as the big three.” Under that reasoning, K-Love must be the #1 network. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Dan Packard

    I had never heard of LBS either. Great stuff Craig!


    I was hoping you’d challenge me on “K-Love”. I think it’s actually Calvary Chapel but K-Love is funnier. ๐Ÿ™‚

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