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    Andy Brown

    {Edit add} after sucking in Pope Bacon

    {In recent years, many people believe that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s sole purpose in life was to obstruct President Obama.

    In 2010, McConnell stated that “the single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president.”

    Six years later, that goal hasn’t worked out so well for the legacies of Majority Leader and his colleagues, but they did manage to accomplish very little else in the interim.

    In spite of McConjob’s lackluster performance, he did manage to regain his seat two years ago even though it was without a mandate or an endorsement from either of Kentucky’s biggest newspapers (see below) and relied heavily on the result of questionable gerrymandering.}


    McConnell Reeling After 2 Biggest Newspapers In Kentucky Endorse Alison Lundergan Grimes

    In strong editorials, the two largest newspapers in Kentucky have both endorsed Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes over Sen. Mitch McConnell in the Kentucky Senate election.

    The Lexington Herald-Leader’s editorial board wrote,

    “McConnell does have power. He commands a perpetual-motion money machine; dollars flow in, favors flow out.

    The problem is how McConnell uses his power. He has repeatedly hurt the country to advance his political strategy.

    McConnell has sabotaged jobs and transportation bills, even as Kentucky’s unemployment exceeds the nation’s and an Interstate 75 bridge crumbles over the Ohio River. He blocked tax credits for companies that move jobs back to this country while preserving breaks for those that move jobs overseas. He opposed extending unemployment benefits, while bemoaning the “jobless” recovery. He brags about resolving crises that he helped create.”

    The Senate may never recover from the bitter paralysis McConnell has inflicted through record filibusters that allow his minority to rule by obstruction.

    The C-J editorial board wrote,

    “More discouraging — and most important to voters — is that he appears lacking a vision for Kentucky or the country as a whole. Rather, his decades-long drive to increase his power and political standing has resulted in this campaign based on his boast that if he is re-elected and Republicans win a Senate majority, he would become Senate majority leader. Some voters believe Kentucky will benefit from keeping Mr. McConnell in such a national leadership position, but we believe that alone is not a reason for giving him another term.”

    Both of the endorsements of Grimes are particularly stinging for McConnell because they represent a rejection of his strategy that was designed to make the Kentucky election all about President Obama. The editorial boards made it clear that in their view, this contest is a referendum on Sen. McConnell. The incumbent’s naked lust for personal political power has been the motivating force behind his campaign.

    McConnell has no agenda for Kentucky. The thirty-year incumbent has no plans to do anything for the state. Kentucky is nothing more than the vehicle that Mitch McConnell is using in his quest to become Senate Majority Leader. The two endorsements cut right to the heart of the matter. Kentucky has a chance to elect a candidate who has a vision for the future of her state. At age 72, Sen. McConnell’s only visions are of himself as Majority Leader.


    In spite of this devastating news, I boldly predict McConnell will hold onto his seat in November.

    Andy Brown

    Ha ha. Sucked you in. He’s not even up for reelection so his seat is secure. The information is from 2014. All just to prove you don’t really have a clue, don’t really follow politics that closely, don’t read to comprehend but rather read to respond . . . without doing any fact checking. You are just a partisan hack with almost as much of a one issue mindset as Herb and do not really understand (or possibly reject) the facts. You are a dolt.

    However, although his ‘seat’ is not in jeopardy, his position as Senate Majority Leader is highly likely to end come November.


    LOL, nice try for save.

    Andy Brown

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