Maybe I'm not a Christian after all

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    I may have to reconsider and take back all that I’ve been saying. This article has changed my outlook.


    If true Chris, it’s not that you would have abandoned Christianity, but rather Christianity that would have abandoned you.


    Broadway, why should his article not be shared? It is thought-provoking and is not insulting to Christians, it is insulting “so-called” Christians who have come off the rails.


    When someone proclaims to me they are “Christian”, I automatically downgrade their being. I would prefer as a person to not be intorduced such wild assumptions.

    As an Agnostic, it’s super annoying to hear someone talk about their “religion” and how they are better for it. Like you’re the first person to figure it all out! I personally see it as mental illness for some, but for others, it’s more dangerous.


    Chris Taylor, maybe you are a good guy regardless of your religion? Why discount yourself?


    Vit – First off, thanks for the kind words, I think.

    I’m being facetious in my posting of this article. The article is also tongue & cheek, to an extent. John and others like him, give words to those of us who believe our faith has been hijacked by the likes of those in the GOP. It’s a mockery of something many of us of faith hold dear, but don’t flaunt or assume others will agree with what we believe.

    I’m not surprised by Broadway’s link. As a matter of fact, I sorta knew he would come back with something negative.

    John brings forth some good places to have dialogue without the “mental illness.” He’s a thinking Christian, just like the Rev. Jim Wallis, Fr. Richard Rohr and others.

    Don’t worry Vit, I’ve not abandoned my faith, however, I did abandon the GOP back in 2004 due to the same hijacking and mocking of my faith.


    After reading the article, some observations:

    Chris and the author: Christ-like

    Broadway, Huckabee, Rev. Dollar et al: Christians



    Probably the highest compliment I’ve ever received on this board and extra meaningful coming from you.

    I know we’ve had our moments on pdxradio, but you have got my utmost respect for the work you do for the LGBTQ community.

    Thanks. I truly mean it.


    The faith has been bastardized Chris.

    Edselehr is right about it. While your natural, good inclinations have kept you centered on the core ideas, good ideas, many of your peers took an authoritarian path.

    That path is dominant today, and it centers on personal affirmation and discrimination and war to the end goal of dominion.

    ISIS is at least perfectly honest about this. The sea of authoritarian Christians out there have similar goals, but would never admit it openly.

    You are who you are, and in this struggle, take some pride in that who you are trumps this need to dominate others and bludgeon them with the good book.

    You are better than them, and don’t even need to be told. Remember that. It matters, and I’ve seen that in you the whole time my friend.


    “Christian, Stop Sharing John Pavlovitz’s Articles”

    Strikes me as being similar to;

    “Christian, Stop paying any attention to that pesky science stuff”

    We must shun that which challenges us.
    I sign of weak faith if you ask me.


    Totally. If the basics of the faith cannot hold given modest critical dialog, it’s a waste anyway.


    Thanks, Chris.


    It is also telling that Broadway is urging Christians not to share the article — as if he cannot trust Christians to make up their own minds about things.

    Don’t you trust your fellow Christians, Broadway?


    When you are dead, you don’t know that you are dead. It’s really only a problem for others.

    It’s the same when you are stupid.


    Chris. Of course you are. To me, you are the real deal. Not those phonies out there. Don’t doubt your faith! Just those corrupters of it.

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