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    Here we go again. They are saying 7 dead and 20 injured with the shooter in custody.


    The President’s speech a few mome T’s ago was powerful, emotional stuff. This is happening too often, he declared. We need to change our gun laws. But he also said, “I can hear the Republicans’ PR statements now.” with their insistence that the 2nd Amendment bans any gun control law, we can’t do a thing to change the norm. The full text of that section reads:
    “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

    Now how can that wording ban gun control laws? The R’s insist that it can not be interpreted in any other way. I think it can be parsed in another way, because it refers to local militia (ie local police/National Guard), not civilian gun use/possession. But the R’s say no. So, the result is a political Berlin Wall.


    Update: 13 confirmed dead, don’t know if that includes the shooter (who has also been declared dead).

    Either America has to get of its collective ass and pass some gun control laws with teeth, or we should just shrug our shoulders and admit that we are cool with these kind of mass shootings every few months. Because it seems like we are.


    And it will only get worse as more and more guns go into circulation.

    We should worry less about ISIS and more about American gun owners.


    The Douglas County Sheriff fought the White House on gun contol legislation after Newtown.


    Far as I’m concerned — if nothing changed after Sandy Hook – what in the hell would it take? This just makes me sad. Hope any NRA members checking in sleep well tonight. And I say that knowing my son (a former marine) is one. Couldn’t be more proud of him – we just choose to disagree about this matter. I have a gun at home – just one. Colt 38 – just a little guy. All I need.


    Question: if the security was armed could this have prevented some fatalities? This is not a leading question as I really don’t know the answer but at this level of security probably not.


    The shootings were in one classroom only. Armed security probably wouldn’t have made a difference.


    Latest was 10 dead and 7 or 8 wounded. The 26 year old the shooter was killed too. Really terrible.


    I have noticed that the media is totally forgetting the Springfield shootings of 19 98 which occurred just about 100 miles north of Roseburg. So this is not unique in this part of Oregon. While they are different episodes the argument that this could never happen in this part of the country is false unfortunately.

    darth talon

    Sadly, there’s no quick easy fix to this problem. But before we pointing fingers, placing the blame and play politics. Let’s take some time to morn those that were killed and injured in the shooting.

    But I also want to say this. Just like the Clackamas Town Mall shooting. There were fools on radio and in the press saying that if they were there with their pistol. That they would have shot the shooter and ended it.

    As a combat veteran that has been shot at and shot in battle. Shooting a person that’s going to be shooting back at you is a different story then shooting at cut out paper targets at the shooting range.

    My biggest fears in a shooting is not the active shooter or the police. May biggest fear is that person that is legally carrying a weapon. And they get delusions of grandeur that they’re Chuck Norris. And they’re going to take out the active shooter.


    We are the only modern society that endures these types of shootings. The issue is not mental illness. Every country on earth has mentally ill people. The issue is access to guns, especially high powered automatic weapons. Stats prove this beyond belief. The United States has an issue with guns, and that issue is easy access.


    Yup, as edselehr said, we’re cool with it. Next.


    13 kids confirmed dead? Good Grief. Something major needs to be done with our gun laws and mental illness. Obama needs to get off his ass and put a plan together because this is going to continue to happen. It will not end. How many more youth need to die before enough is enough.School’s are no longer safe and it just a matter of time until it happens again. Maybe mandatory metal detectors at all schools? The sad part is with every shooting, there is another mentally ill student out there who is watching this on the news and getting ready to do a shooting himself.
    Whatever happend to the day where a student would get pissed off at another student and they would meet at the school parking lot to battle it out WITH THEIR FISTS.


    Dork, Obama today said: ““This Is a Political Choice That We Make to Allow This to Happen”

    Obama HAS gotten off his ass. But the people have spoken. No gun control. What do you want him to do? Issue an executive order disbanding the NRA?

    Do you vote? No? You’re part of the problem. Ever vote for someone who supports the NRA? Yup, still part of the problem.

    Change starts in the voting booth.

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