Mary Tyler Moore Dead at 80

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    Mary Tyler Moore has died at age 80. She had been hospitalized in Connecticut for a few days for various health problems, including diabetes.


    (picturing MTM about to break into a cry) “Oh…Rob!”

    (Same, for younger viewers) “Oh…Mr. Grant!”



    I didn’t realize she was 80. I just always think of her as that pretty 30 year old news producer at WJM. The MTM Show was one of my favorite sitcoms of all-time. Of course she was not only known as a sitcom star, but also was nominated for Best Actress in 1980’s “Ordinary People”, a movie that took away that years Best Picture Oscar.


    I hate spunk. 🙂


    Haha, the “Spunk” scene is being played over and over today, and for good reason, it was a memorable scene from season 1.

    What I really like about the MTM show was how she seemed to get even better as a comedy player over the years. Terrific timing, just a sly and deliberate way of providing the punch line. This, combined with her natural beauty, made up a 1-2 combo that has not been equaled since.

    I feel like I grew up with her, so the loss is somewhat profound. I’m glad she is getting all the attention she deserves on her passing.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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