Margie and Carl out at KPAM?


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    They appear to have been disappeared.


    Carl Wolfson posted about this on his Facebook Page.

    Carl Wolfson with Michael Herrington and Margie Boulé.
    19 hrs ·

    “Margie and Carl” had its final broadcast on KPAM this afternoon.

    We are beyond sad that it ended, but extremely proud of the show. In the words of my first program director, Michael Dirkx, it was “interesting, entertaining and relevant.” I owe all of my broadcasting career to Mike.

    KPAM does not subscribe to Arbitron, so there were no ratings, but the response from fans via emails, calls and Facebook was overwhelmingly positive. I also brought over two of my most loyal advertisers, Liberty Coin & Currency and Morel Ink. I am so grateful to them.

    Over the past two years, Margie Boulé has always been there for KPAM – filling in when Dave Anderson, and then Mark Mason, got sick. I joined the station in October. We leveraged our talents and enthusiasm to produce the very best afternoon drive broadcast. We helped raise near-record sums for Operation Santa and represented KPAM at public events with class.

    I loved working with Margie, our producer Michael Herrington and assistant producer Oso Fresh. We had gelled into an amazing team!

    Margie is an Oregon treasure. She and I share nearly the exact values – in politics, journalism, the arts and life. I will miss our daily fun!

    Michael is one of the smartest and funniest people I have ever met, and I hope our paths cross again. He has a bright future in radio.

    Oso, whom I knew from Clear Channel, was always on top of things and added sass and sizzle to the show.

    We had 100% support from our program director, Alisha Ralph Saunders, and general sales manager, Jeanne Winter. They had big plans for the show, and I have so much respect for them.

    It was also an honor to work with an exceptional news team, including Christine Alexander (my on-air partner for two years at KPOJ), Charlie Maxton, KC Cowan, John Windus, Jeff Mitchell and our sports pal, Ron Callan.

    The reason for our cancellation came down to company finances. And I am not at liberty to say more. I am grateful to Pamplin Media Group for welcoming me into their family.

    Gary Thill can tell you how much I loved this job. I cherished every one of my 87 broadcasts (yes, I still count!). Margie and I felt we had a wonderful home there.

    But life often throws you curve balls. And then life goes on.

    Actually, I’m more concerned about Tux’s health than about losing this job!

    It was comforting to come home to a loving husband tonight. I am most grateful for that.

    I will be exploring a political podcast and more writing. God knows – the resistance against Trump needs every ounce of our souls.


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