Marcus Declares !

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    Marcus M. heading for the NFL. Call it the Matt Barkley effect at work? Probably a good move for him. Guess he’ll soon have dreams (nightmares?) of NFL linebackers coming after him. His Heisman won’t help much once he’s playing with the big boys.


    Question is where will he land? #1 unlikely. FSU’s Winston will probably go higher. However, depending on team’s needs, Marcus should be in the top 10.


    He’ll go first to the Philly Eagles. You heard it here first. 🙂


    If he didn’t declare, we’d be taking bets this fall on which game he’d get injured in.


    The next few weeks will also show where each of these guys will go, whether or not they throw at the Combine, Wunderlichs, etc. If some of the measurables don’t come in right, or goes off the chart, then the order could flip. Pre-draft deals could also be a factor on where someone gets picked. I think Tampa Bay will definitely dial in on Winston, because that will put butts in seats. 2-5 also need QB’s, and depending on the desperation of any one team, someone might try to move up or down. Just as long as he doesn’t end up in J-ville. That would be an early death.


    Mariota goes #1. Winston falls to the second round. NFL teams are picky on character.


    Winston won’t fall to the second round. His NFL-ready skillset is too enticing.

    Skep, Marcus on the Eagles would be fantastic, but I don’t think Chip has the pieces and picks in place enough to move up from the 19th spot to get him. They would have to make a Saints-like trade (for the rights to Ricky Williams), as Marcus will be well sought after.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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