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    This from All Access:

    Marconi Straps On The Cans At RadioBuzz101

    Webcaster RADIOBUZZ101.COM welcomes MARCONI for the late afternoon shift. MARCONI comes most recently from KINK/PORTLAND, where he was Morning Co-Host. He also spent time at KNRK and KUFO.

    “MARCONI has a great internet presence, a great understanding of the format as a left-coaster and a passion for the format as we all do, we’re all excited to be on the same team with him and look forward to awesome radio and relevant topical info that will appeal to everyone,” said PD RON OSBOURNE.


    And if this gig doesn’t work out, he’ll strap on the cans at Burgerville.


    “Would you like that in a meal?” (Replacing the old “Do you want fries with that?)

    The worst, and perhaps best upsell question in fast food today. First, if I wanted a “meal”, I wouldn’t be at Burgerville. Second, if I wanted the meal combo I would have asked for it. Third, a meal is NOT a fatty burger, fries,and a sugary Coke. This post is not a slam at Burgerville, (I actually like their food), but a slam at most fast food outlets.

    Sorry, this post is about Marconi, but I easily get de-railed by any fast food mention. 🙂

    Andy Brown

    Stick a fork in Marconi, he’s done. The sooner he looks for a real job, the better off he’s gonna be.


    Marconi was done 10 years ago. Does Nick Berg’s head remind anyone of what a jerk this guy is?

    Ha, ha, ha while a head gets severed.

    There are just some things that should mark an end to someone’s career. How he’s continued is beyond me.


    So, where the heck is radio buzz 101?


    It’s not on any radio. It is online only (see Craig’s original post).

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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