'Make America White Again'

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    Note for accuracy: He’s (the candidate) registered as an independent. However, from the story:

    Tyler’s billboard is inspired by presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again,” a slogan many have already interpreted to have racist undertones. The bombastic billionaire’s anti-immigrant rhetoric has attracted the support of other hate-mongering figures like former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard David Duke.

    Tyler explicitly named Trump as an influence for his campaign message in a post on his web site, which has been taken down.

    “Clearly we are in uncharted waters, in that there has never been a candidacy like this in modern political history. Of great significance, as well, is the reality of the Trump phenomenon and the manner in which he has loosened up the overall spectrum of political discourse.” Tyler wrote, according to News Channel 9.

    According to Dork and others, Trump is not racist. (Ignoring his string of incontestably racist statements.)

    Apparently Trump is just #1 with racists. That’s a big difference, right?


    I heard that racists also like chocolate ice cream.

    Uh oh…

    It’s also very pathetic to make some kind of issue about a sign that lasted five minutes but that’s what race baiters do.


    It doesn’t bother you that he put it up in the first place, AND that he said he was inspired by your candidate?

    Of course it doesn’t!
    What am I saying?


    He was inspired by “Make America Great Again.”

    It’s a nice slogan. In the twisted mind of whoever put up the sign, it was cool to insert “white” in place of “great.”

    There is nothing racist about the slogan “Make America Great Again” and that a racist borrowed it doesn’t mean anything more than racists liking clean water or chocolate ice cream.

    Yes it would bother me to see a sign like that and I would call for it’s removal, but that’s already happened.

    Can you name a policy that Trump wants to implement which is racist?


    Leave it to you to leap to the defense of a racist moron from Tennessee who (completely by coincidence, of course) happens to be a huge fan of Donald Trump.

    As I see it, there are really only two ways to look at your kind of inanity:

    • You are actually, deeply, clueless. You actually believe there’s no racist component to either the GOP in general or Donald Trump supporters specifically. You’re just not that smart. In other words, you’re Dork. Or,
    • You know very well that’s the case, but for reasons perhaps ranging from trolling to being a simple contrarian to perhaps some kind of emotional affliction, enjoy playing that role.

    If it’s the former, that kind of ignorance is beyond my abilities to contend with. There’s so much fact based, inarguable evidence about the racial components of both the GOP’s overall electoral strategy and Donald Trump’s own long ranging history of uttering racist and bigoted speech that any claim to the contrary simply makes you look like a dolt. Either by accident or design, that’s a level of delusion that would challenge a special needs counselor.

    If it’s the latter, and I believe it’s the latter, you’re just being (yet again) an intellectually dishonest turd.

    Trump doesn’t actually have any policies. He has a collection of sound bites, slogans, superlatives, and rambling word salad answers. The few proposals of any kind he’s made even a fleeting attempt to provide specifics for have been widely derided by experts as completely idiotic.


    In what way did I defend the racist who erected that sign? Quote please.

    If Trump doesn’t have any policies then he has no racist policies.

    I have heard him say he wants to stop illegal immigration. Fine, that’s not racist. He wants to keep America safe from terrorists. That’s not racist either. He seems to be opposed to NAFTA and free trade and I think in that case he’s barking up the wrong tree, but it’s not racist. No American citizen needs to fear they will be treated unjustly because of their race if Trump is elected.

    Sorry, I don’t see any racism. You’re going to have to be specific. Your personal attacks are a waste of time and space and give the appearance you don’t have the goods to back up your assertions.

    I still think Trump is going to win, and I also predict he will carry a surprising percentage of the black vote.


    The latter indeed.

    One of the characteristics of a racist is that they think they’re not.


    Drat- You beat me to it Vit. Nice catch.


    So you must think you ARE a racist Vitalogy?

    Because if you think you’re not, then you’re exhibiting a characteristic of a racist.

    I don’t “think” I’m not a racist. I “know” I am not. But being called one by a Liberal is the price one pays for being a Republican. Some Liberals seem to like playing the race card and dealing it from the bottom of the deck, and I think that’s as disgusting as racism.

    That was a racist sign posted by a racist. It’s indefensible. We’re in agreement on that point.

    “Make America Great Again” is a political slogan and something good to aspire to. There is nothing racist about it. I hope we could agree about that as well.


    I’ll go out on a limb and predict that Tyler will not be elected.


    ““Make America Great Again” is a political slogan and something good to aspire to. There is nothing racist about it.”

    Perhaps you need to trim those ear hairs, so you can pick up the dog whistle. Besides, the slogan is factually incorrect. America is still great, never quit being great. It’s another lie that TD has to promulgate to try and get people to listen to his line.


    Exactly, well put, Dux.

    It’s the same type of dog whistling doggerel that McCain/Palin trotted out during the last full blown GOP circus in 2008.

    As you may recall, that was “America first”. The (not so subtle) undercurrent being, others are not putting America first. You know, because Democrats are secretly America hating, communist, Islamic terrorism sympathizing, godless heathens.


    America is not as great as it was or could be. That’s how I see it in light of socially unjust laws and an economy shackled by government interference and inefficiency.

    What is appealing to white racists in that slogan? What if the slogan were “Change.”? I can imagine those who see a racist hiding behind every tree could have big issues with that one, except that their guy came up with it. What about “Putting People First”? Bill Clinton was very shrewd; sending a coded message to the white guys bitterly clinging to their guns and bibles. They understood he meant WHITE people. White racists probably gave him the edge in that election.

    If Trump is elected in what way will white racists benefit? In what way will Blacks and/or Asians be disadvantaged?

    Andy Brown

    “America is not as great as it was”

    America is greater than it ever was.

    “or could be.”

    That’s because there are too many folks like you impeding its progress.

    “That’s how I see it in light of socially unjust laws”

    Socially unjust? Hardly. Move to Iraq or Syria for a while and then you just might understand what social injustice really is. Just because you hold great disappointment in the fact that is not a “Christian nation” and you can’t have your concepts of right or wrong as the scales of justice is just too bad.

    “an economy shackled by government interference and inefficiency.”

    The economy is in far better shape then when Bush handed it off 8 years ago or haven’t you been paying attention? Probably not. In fact, the current administration had done a remarkable job fixing the problems that conservative politics created. Fortunately, the long nightmare of Republican fuck ups is about to end.

    “If Trump is elected in what way will . . .”

    Not going to happen. Get used to that. Have you looked at the Vegas odds? Polling averages? Polling trends? There is nothing and no one other then the GOP lie machine saying otherwise.

    In addition to being an idiot, you are a fool. Clinton’s lead in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Florida keeps increasing. Trump’s negatives keep increasing, too. Top GOP leaders are not voting for Trump and every day a new prominent GOP leader comes out for Hillary.

    You need to come up to reality, ace. Your opinions count for nothing. Nada. Naught. Zero. Bupkus.

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